Saturday, 28 November 2015

A Saturday with Old Two Legs!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma here!

As you know, The Missus is off playing Glue Slapping today with all her mates, so that means we get some quality time with OTL!

First off, I woke him up at four to lick his ear and have a cuddle, then Holly and I went off for a search around down stairs to see if there were any nibbles left from last night!

TM was off early to open up the Village Hall while OTL had breakfast with the ferrets and Holly and I finished off our nights sleep!

Soon we were down the car park and off for a walk. Miss April didn't fancy a walk and instead got back in the bag and cuddled up to OTL's camera!

May on the other paw was quite happy to get out and join us in sniffing the sniffs along the path. Then, all of a sudden Holly says 'Where's April?'  She thought we had lost her 'cos she forgot she was back in the bag!

Where's April?
Needless to say, April was snoozing her tail off!

OTL kicked her out when we got onto the beach but she still wanted to get back in the bag. 'I just don't do Wet or Cold' she said, trying to climb up OTL's trouser leg!

We got to the Sea Wall and Poppy stuck her head over the edge to say good morning and would we put a good word in with Santa Paws 'cos she hadn't heard back if she was getting a ferret for Christmas!

Miss May said that if she misses out, we have a sweet little ferret called Nipper' who we could do a deal on!

Yeah! Nipper will be just right for you!
I think she was joking, well, I do hope she was! Can you imagine it? Christmas Morning trying to find a vet 'cos Nipper has ripped the legs off all the woofers in the house!

OTL reckons that only Archie Babe stands a chance!

Back home May got into a strop trying to get out of her cage and fight Wilma and of course Wilma was teasing May by running up the cage again!

In the end OTL had to put May into the 'Naughty Box' just to settle her down!

Now, did we tell you what happened regarding the Mince Meat? No? Well, Wilma emptied the bowl of mince and stashed it behind the hanging bed and OTL took the other bowl and put it in with the Page 3 Girls. In the morning, there were signs of some of the stashed meat being eaten, but not much and on top of that there was a strange coloured poo in the tray! OTL worked out it was Wilma who had done the poo 'cos Fred's poo is much bigger.

OTL cleared it all out and flushed it away down the Two Legs Poo Pot. Then he went back to see what the Page 3 Girls had eaten. Again, a little had gone, but not much. It looks like they have tried a bit then gone back to the Kibble they normally eat!

Success? Not sure, but we will try it again in a day or or two and see what happens. If it fails then we reckon OTL will have Cottage Pie for the next six weeks!

This afternoon we spent snoozing and watching some recorded program OTL likes watching. Tonight we will be watching the F1 Qualifying, so we will all be going Brm Brm!

OTL is off to pickup TM from the hall so we will be sitting by the widow watching for them!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma'


  1. Yo girls and Fred, sounds like you've had a lovely relaxing day today. It's nice to give your TL's some licks and snuggles in the night, I like snuggling up to my mum when she's asleep. Poor little Poppy, fancy santa paws not letting her know if he's bringing her a ferret, she'll need to know cos of getting it a cage and a bed. Now I can't stand to see a lady disappointed so, if Poppy really wants a ferret, she can have Nipper, I'm sure OTL can get Nipper trained up in time for Poppy to take delivery on Xmas day. It seems even Miss May would like to see the back of Nipper. I'm sure there will be emergency surgeries open on Xmas day, so if Nipper does happen to rip the leg off one of the woofers, there will be a vet who can just put a quick stitch in it to hold it on until they re open properly, failing that tell Poppy's TL's to get in a supply of large safety pins. Now I think OTL is getting too into poo watching ......... fancy telling everyone Fred does bigger poos than Wilma .......... I mean .......... does OTL tell the world that he does bigger poos that TM? I mean how embarrassing for poor Fred, a chap does what a chap does. Cottage pie for 2 weeks would go down well here ......... yummmmmm. I think OTL needs to call in one of them nannies from the telly for Miss May, she seems to spend a fair bit of time in the naughty box. Did you enjoy your telly watching this afternoon, me and my mum had a siesta ....... it was lovely, when she fell asleep, I snuggled right up and got comfy, I didn't mean to wake her up with my snoring though. Hope Mrs TM had a good day with her glue flinging today, bet she'll be glad to see you two waiting at the window for her, give her a nice wet lick on the nose from me. Have a good evening all, stay warm cos it's getting well cold here. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little (still Arch) Pongy xxxxxxxx

  2. Thx for the update on the raw meat Daisy. Might be an 'acquired' taste scenario x

  3. What early starts you get, I am glad you weren't where I was as I would not have been pleased to have had you with an ear lick. "Mystery of the Minced Beef" solved, glad you kept us informed of the saga, we don't like you telling us something without finding out what happened. Hope OTL likes Cottage Pie more than they like mince, I'd say more for me, let the ferrets have Nibbles. Don't give Nipper any, who knows what it would do to him, he might think mince tastes like Woofer! xxxxxx