Friday, 20 November 2015

Getting All Tarted Up for Tomorrow!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May and Miss April here!

It has been a busy day today, loads of running around and both ferrets have been to have their hair done and claws polished and loads of other stuff that needed to be done to present them as super looking ferrets for the show tomorrow!

We had a run on the beach this morning and even April was doing some 'Press Ups' on the Sea Wall!

Polly stopped to say how impressed she was with the exercise regime  and just how good they looked!

You Look Good!
 After the press ups both ferrets headed over to the bush to get a bit of exfoliation!

A Little Exfoliation
 Barney No. 2 saw them after they had finished and even he was impressed. In fact he asked which bush they used so he could try it on the way back!
You look the business Girls!
Soon we were heading back for home and saw a flock of geese heading North to the feeding grounds in Norfolk where they will be staying for the Winter.

Can't stop but best of luck for tomorrow!
Back home to a big bowl of Lambs Heart and a snooze.

OTL had to go out this afternoon so The Missus took us down the beach. She didn't bring the ferrets 'cos they were having their 'Beauty Sleep' so they would be all fresh and cuddly for the show!

When OTL finally came back we could sniff some seriously good sniffs on him, he had been to the Doggy Shop!

As well as all the normal treats, he had got Holly and me a meat filled bone! It was super! Holly and I were straight up onto our cushions and were giving it some wellie!

Good OTL, he knows how to make us happy! We may even take the bones with us tomorrow so we can have a gnaw while we are under the table!

Now, we are off to see what is for dinner and then off to bed early so we can be up early for the show!

See you all there!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May and Miss April.


  1. I can hardly wait to see these four beauties tomorrow, you have all given it serious work to be in tip top condition and you and Holly with the meat filled bones which will put a shine to your continuance. (Ask OTL what that means). The geese will have left a few behind to get the news from the "red carpet" then on Sunday they will join the others. Barney No. 2 getting advice but maybe it won't work on a curly doggie, you must keep a watch on him to see if he can improve his coat. Have a lovely sleep then you all will be extra bright eyed and bushy tailed as I expect there will be a few of your fans there tomorrow. Michael and I have booked our lunch of burger at Harrietsham, we can not be so insensitive as to have a hotdog. Night night, see you tomorrow my favourite little doggie in the whole wide world. X xxxxx

  2. Some serious preparation going on down there today. I've got all my paws crossed for tomorrow and hoping that a few rosettes come home with you. I bet all your little friends down the beach are routing for the page 3 girls. That lambs heart sounds good, is TM going to take some for you tomorrow or will you be sampling the food on sale at the show? My mum and me really hope that you all have a lovely day tomorrow and will be looking forward to hearing all about it. I did a bit of exfoliation last night before I went to bed, my mum made me have a wash when I got in, then she washed me this morning, then she washed me this afternoon, I think she's planning another wash, she reckons I came across a skunk in the garden and the sniff won't go, I'm quite pleased with it myself .......... even if she did clean my teeth as well. My mum still isn't happy with me .......... she wouldn't let me snuggle up last night and she won't let me give her kisses ........... you can never please some people can you! Anyways, I know you girlies would absolutely love my new eau de skunk sniff. Enjoy your meat filled bones. Hope you get some good muggings tonight, have a lovely evening all, but remember girls, you don't need beauty sleep, you can't improve on perfection. I'm still hoping they have a class for honorary ferrets and you two will win. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little (stinky) Arch xxxxxxxx

  3. Good luck at the show tomorrow, April & May. OTL knows how to spoil his girls. Those meaty bones will be a real treat when you're under the table. That's if there's any meat left. Hope you're taking your cosy cushions. I hope that Arch's mum gets rid of his stink soon so that he can have some cuddles soon. Have a great day tomorrow. Wags, licks and wags from Izzy xxx