Saturday, 7 November 2015

Holly gets us Sorted!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss May and Miss April here again!

Old Two Legs just loves Saturdays when The Missus goes to her 'Master Classes',
 you see, he does his important jobs, like cleaning out the ferret cages and making sure Holly and I get fed and then have a game with the ferrets while Holly and I watch from the safety of the bed!

Then, after all that is done, he makes himself a cup of tea and a cheese roll and watches some of the programs that have been recorded on the TV thingy.

Today it has been The Last Kingdom, it is a story about King Alfred who fought and then made peace with the Danes and created England with just one king!

So, Holly and I enjoyed a day without the vacuum cleaner zooming around making a noise like a jet engine and the washing machine and dish washer had the day off as well!

Luxury, pure Luxury!

Last night was fun, as you know, Holly just hates the Whizz Bangs and gets all upset. Well last night they started off Banging and Whizzing and Holly and me did some woofing at them. Then TM decided to go to bed early 'cos her Anti Flu injection was taking effect and she felt like she was getting flu!

Holly went up to bed with her but as soon as TM had got in bed, Holly came down to OTL and me and woofed at us!

OTL, thinking Holly wanted a wee, opened the kitchen door and left it ajar which was good 'cos just as we had finished our wee, a big Whizz went off and we legged it back in doors in double quick time!

Holly then woofed at OTL and when he went to stroke her, she ran back towards the stairs and stopped. Then she came back near to OTL and woofed again.

OTL got the idea and turned off the TV and the lights and we all headed off to bed!

Cuddled up in bed is the best place to be when those things go off!

TM was up early this morning and took the car with all her stuff up to the village hall, that meant we had to walk up to the hall to get the car! Mind you, Miss Snowflake thought it was fun sniffing the sniffs on the way up and we passed the place where she used to live before she came to live with us!

Down on the beach the tide was in and it had covered the rocks and sea weed where Snowflake loves to 'Ferret Around' so she had to have a wee by the waters edge. Having been caught out a couple of times in the past, she was very careful to keep an eye on just how far up the beach the waves came!

Missed Me!
 That Half a Bout is still on the beach but it is slowly being destroyed by the waves and bits keep falling off and floating away. However, that doesn't stop Snowflake from investigating it at every opportunity.

Today was no exception, she had a sniff around, then looked under the edges and came up with an idea!

You know what? I reckon we could rebuild it!
 Holly and I raised out eyes to the sky, oh no, not another suggestion! Mind you, that didn't stop Snowflake from suggesting a 'Feasibility Study' !

Look, we could knit a new rope thingy with this!
 All the way back she kept on about it being a 'Good Team Building Exercise', right up to the moment when Holly asked if that included the Page 3 Girls?

I was thinking just us three and OTL's tools!
 Back home we all settled down to a lazy day and Holly and I finished off our Lambs Heart while the ferrets went to sleep after their 'Rampage'!

Lunchtime came and we headed off to the beach again but this time with May and April in the travelling cage.

When we got to the car park Holly and I jumped out of the car and headed off to the grass for a well earned wee when all of a sudden the clouds opened up and the wind blew and we got soaked!

That was it, Holly and I shot back to the car, we had finished our walk thank you!

Both ferrets dug deeper into OTL's arm so it looked like a ferret sandwich!

OTL gave in, especially as water was dripping off his trouser legs!

That was it, back home to a dry bed and a snooze!

Now, tonight there is planned a Bonfire Night at the local caravan site, so that means Whizz Bangs and other nasties, so you can bet that Holly will round us all up and get us all in bed, safely tucked up and having a cuddle until they all go away!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss May and Miss April.


  1. I'm sorry to hear the rain didn't put off the people with the whizz bangs. Holly is so sensible, rounding you all up and going to bed to have a good snuggle and drown out the noise of the whizz bangs. I hope the rain makes them just go fizz tonight and you aren't disturbed by them. That's a long walk for little ferret legs, from your house to the village hall, I bet there were loads and loads of sniffs along the way. I think Snowflake has been listening too much to Holly about boats and adventures. Sorry to hear you all got caught in the rain down by the beach at lunchtime, I wouldn't go out, I've stayed snuggled up in the dry today, my mum went walkies on her own again. Good to hear you got decent scoff today. I hope your TM feels better or she'll be just opening tins of doggie scoff, which is no good at all. Did OTL share his roll with you and Holly this morning, my mum had a chicken roll, she let me have a couple of bits of the chicken. Hope you get some more muggings this evening and plenty of snuggles. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxxxxxx

  2. Holly dog is one proper woofer! She wanted to make sure the whole Godwin pack were all safe and together in one place, during the Whizz Bang onslaught, so she rounded you all up! Clever girl! Did she do work experience herding sheep when she was younger? Hope the Misses Snowflake, April and May are still able to snooze their tails off through the noise xxx

    1. Yes, you are right lindajayne.. she has always done that,every November and New year! ... OTL knew the first time she did it that it was to make sure we would all be safe from the whizz bangs... its so sweet how she ensures I'm in bed and then she 'rounds' up the rest of the pack, OTL and Daisy... now...its great if its 9 ish or even 8 but sometimes it's 7 lol I love 'em both so much

  3. Holly is not silly and it was nice to have you all in one place snuggled up, there will still be whiz bangs around for another week, next Saturday we are going to see Ryes' torchlight procession and fireworks but that wont concern you not even with your super hearing powers. Your half boat is looking a bit tatty now, OTL was a Boy Scout so he should be able to mend the tugging ropes so that you can pull it clear of the water. Your Saturdays sound very pleasant without all the noise and TM safely at her Mater Class, we nearly popped to see TM for a cup of tea after attending the Walderslade Morrisons Church Autumn Fare but the day was so miserable that we went home and watch episodes of Downtown Abbey we had missed. Let's hope Monday is good, we have visitors for Lunch and Dinner, the Lunchtime ones haven't been here before and the Dinnertime ones are Charles and Jean. I am expecting that your Sunday Diary is going to be here now, if not I shall come back later. xxxxx