Tuesday, 3 November 2015

It's almost gone, almost!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May back again!

Well,  it's not really cold but we are getting a bit fed up with the fog! This morning it was still around but in patches and when we got to the Sea Wall we could even see the blue sky!

There was Sheerness, just where we had left it!

The fog horns had stopped so Snowflake could have a run about on the sea weed without worrying about a Big Loud Monster coming out of the fog!

Now, That's Better!
We had a look at the Fungi and so far, no one has kicked it over! It looked a bit bigger than yesterday and there were some more growing at the side of it!

Still here and a little bigger!
Back home there was work for Old Two Legs so Holly and I had a nice long snooze on our bed.

The Page 3 Girls went on a rampage and chased The Missus all over the kitchen!

OTL came down stairs and played a game of 'Tickle Your Tummy' with Miss April and she was on her back laughing her tail off as OTL gave her a tickle!

May was too interested in chasing her tail and hiding biscuits under the sofa to play with OTL!

They couldn't wait for their midday walk but right at the last half an hour before going out, they fell asleep!

Wot a soppy pair!

When we finally got them down the beach and awake, all they wanted to do was chase up the Grass Path!

Here I come for a carry!
April was trying every trick in the book to get a carry off the beach while May decided to try some Sea Weed Nuts!

OTL had to tell her they were full of air and water and they didn't taste very nice!

They look like they could taste of chicken!
In the end she decided to leave them alone and instead go looking for a juicy slug!

Whatever turns you on!

OTL had to go out this afternoon to do some deliveries and pick some stuff up, so, Holly and I decided that as we wouldn't be allowed out for a run, a warm bed was preferable to bouncy car seat!

We have been sniffing in the kitchen but still can't work out what is for dinner tonight, it's not Doggy Scoff 'cos we have seen that in the bowl this morning and we have ignored that!

Let's hope that it's not salad!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May.


  1. Evening all, so glad it wasn't as foggy down your way today, it's been clear here this morning but it looks a bit misty tonight. I bet you were glad to see across the water, glad Snowflake got to have a run without the noisy fog horns. I'm surprised your TM didn't chase May with her broom, fancy her letting her hide biscuits all round. I haven't seen them seaweed nuts, will you show me next time I come down, I might just like a taste of those. I'm surprised April doesn't try to get on your back for a lift back to the car. I went on a lovely long walk this morning, cos the last couple of days it's been foggy and I haven't seen much around. There's lots of squirrels here at the moment and they are all fat and can't run as fast as usual but my mum won't let me chase them except when they come in my garden to bury their nuts. I don't like the no smells coming from your kitchen, I hope there is some cooking going on in it or maybe a take away .......... hmmmmmm........ plawn clackers. Have a lovely evening all. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxxxxxx

  2. What a better day today now that Sheerness is back, you don't know how much you miss something until you can't see it, who would have thought Sheerness was such a place to be missed. No more big fog horns for a while so Snowflake can have a restful wee on the rocks. What did OTL get for his dinner with the salad, perhaps a nice bit of cold chicken, could be worth mugging? Those ferrets really have such cute faces (so do you and Holly) silly things wearing themselves out before going out but glad you let them go to the beach to see Sheerness. You and Holly could have a game of "find the biscuit" to see who can find more then you could get Snowflake to go in and get them out for you. I liked todays' pictures and story, always something to smile about, we had Charles and Jean visiting so I am very late on parade again. xxxxx