Sunday, 29 November 2015

It's the Battle of the Poo Pots!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma back again!

You know, we thought that all of those nasty Whizz Bangs had finished but last night some Bozo was letting them off just before we went to bed. Holly and I gave them a good woofing but they didn't stop and we then jumped onto Old Two Legs lap for a cuddle!

They were still whizz banging when we went to bed but a cuddle with OTL made it all right and even Holly stopped shaking!

This morning, because it is Sunday, we decided to have an extra hour sleeping, except The Missus who was up early 'cos she had and 'insparation' for a card design.

I think that an extra hour in bed is better!

Down on the beach it was windy but not cold, so that means OTL got Miss April out of the bag a bit earlier and got her jogging down the grass path!

Down on the beach she got back in the bag 'cos she doesn't really like the wet sand, so OTL let her off this time!

Miss May was down on the sand with us and joining in sniffing all the sea weed and a few other smelly sniffs!

Hey! This is a Salty Sniff on the Sea Weed!
 Even when May called out to April to join us on the beach, April said she would pass on the invitation this time!

Come on, don't be a Wimp!'
 Up on the grass path she joined us in the sniffing and we found what we think is Weasel, and we followed it from one side of the path to the other!

Yes, Weasel definitely a Weasel!
Back home we went off for breakfast while OTL did the 'cage cleaning'. Now the Page 3 Girls have got it all sorted and use the Poo Pot properly and it doesn't take too long to clean their living space but Fred & Wilma's pad is something else!

They both will go down to the bottom floor and use the Pink Poo Tray, then they might use the other Poo Tray, then, Fred manages to poo between the poo pots and behind the poo pots and in between the water bowl and the poo pot!

So, OTL put a piece of cloth in the places Fred poo's and after he has had a poo, the cloth was moved, together with the poo, into the poo tray. OTL's idea was that he would recognise his sniff and carry on using the pot.

No, it didn' work 'cos he just went back to the, now clean, space and did another poo!

So, next experiment is to remove one tray, put two pieces of cloth in his pooing spots so it will be easy to clear it up tomorrow morning.

I've got a feeling Fred with pull another trick on OTL!

We will see!

Wilma has been all full of life today, dooking her way around the house and chasing OTL and Fred around and generally going a little potty!

Even when she was put back in the cage she was still charging about and rattling the cage door. So, OTL got her new harness and adjusted it to fit then dressed her and put her in the travelling cage!

Fred was fast asleep, so he was left to carry on snoozing!

On the way down to the car park, Wilma was getting a bit concerned especially as Fred wasn't with her. So, OTL had to put his finger through the cage door and tickle her chin to reassure her.

Once she was out and on the lead she was full of wonder, all this grass, all these sniffs, and, she could run around in the grass, away from OTL!

Mind you, she did some times get a bit worried and scampered back to OTL's boot and get picked up for a stroke and tickle before wriggling to get down and off she would go again!

Down on the beach she was amazed at the feel of sand between her claws but she didn't have a go at digging a hole, maybe she has never tried digging a hole?

Next time she comes out we will show her how to dig a hole!

What is a Hole?
 She was galloping up and down the beach sniffing at all the sniffs but OTL kept her away from the waves in case she got wet! Maybe when it gets warmer he will let her get her paws wet!

I've never sniffed such super sniff!
 Back home she rushed back into the cage to wake Fred up to tell him about the grass and the beach and the sand and the sniffs but Fred was just too fast asleep!

Maybe we will take him out tomorrow and introduce him to the sniffs, providing it's not pouring with rain!

We are off now to see what is for dinner, I know we got Lambs Heart but we start with OTL's plate first!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma.


  1. Sorry to hear about the bozo with the whizz bangs, aren't they a pain in the tail! I hope Holly chops wasn't too bothered by them. Oooh you are lucky, I wish my mum had got insparation this morning and gone to work without waking me up. At least I got to go back to bed for a bit when she got back home. Seems to me Miss April doesn't like getting her feet messed up ....... maybe OTL should look out for some little bootees for her, that might make her walk a bit more. I bet them weasels were long gone before Miss May came along, wot's this I hear about her trying to beat up on other furries? Now I think Fred is having OTL on, maybe he don't like his poos moved out of the cage or maybe he just likes being out so OTL can keep cleaning the inside. Wot a shame he was having a siesta and missed a walk on the beach, never mind, I bet Wilma will tell him all about it when he does wake up. Glad Wilma enjoyed her walk. Sounds like you've got some really good scoff tonight, I wonder if OTL will be getting the raw meat? I hope he gets something nice for you to mug off him. It's raining cats here, so I'm curling up and staying in the warm and dry. Have a good evening all, tell Nipper I hope he stays away from the electric fence round his cage or he'll get curly hair. Love, licks, wags and sniffs to you all, specially Mrs TM and OTL. Little Arch xxxxxxxx

  2. Were they celebrating Black Friday weekend with their whiz banging, just when you think the coast is clear they are off again, still any excuse for a cuddle with OTL and you both take it. Hope Fred is sorted out with this pooing lark soon, looks like a battle of wits between him and OTL, who will win and when, keep the reporting up to date about pooing and mince! Wilma seems to have taken to adventures on the beach, good for her, now she can join Team Godwin. It has been freezing cold and raining a lot of the time in Eastbourne this weekend, disappointing end to the last time out in the Camper Van this year. We had heating in the Vans and the School was nice and warm but it was still a great pity. xxxxxx

  3. How lovely to see Wilma out and about. Just off to read the latest instalment. xxx