Thursday, 12 November 2015

Polly is in the Poo!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss May and Miss April here!

We have been hearing that there is a storm heading towards the UK today but it will stay up north in the North West of Scotland! Which is just as well 'cos we don't want the storm down here, just imagine it, the wind blowing all the sea into big waves and crashing on the beach and there he is, Old Two Legs, trying to get a photograph!

It was bad enough his telephone making a 'Bing Bong' sound as he got an SMS saying that the  Lochaline to Fishnish ferry is on an 'Amber Alert' due to the high winds and may be cancelled!

Yeah, like we are heading for the Isle of Mull today??????!

Mind you, the sky was a bit dark this morning as we headed towards the Beach!

No Storms Thank You!
We met up with the Lads and young Polly on the way and she couldn't wait to say hello to Snowflake who she has fallen in love with!

Hello Miss Snowflake!
On the beach it was good to see that the 'Plank' had sailed off into the distance and not returned. Miss Snowflake did her normal 'Ferreting' in and under the sea weed. Then she scampered up the beach and stopped, 'I Sniff Woofers' she said, which we thought was daft 'cos Holly and I are Woofers and she was sniffing us!

'No, you Daft Doggies' she said, 'I can sniff 'Other Doggies'!

I Sniff Doggies!
We couldn't see any woofers, so we headed up to the grass path and half way up the path Young Polly appeared at the top!

Well, we had to take at least two looks to make sure!

She was covered in Medway Mud from the river!

It was amazing 'cos we have never seen her all mucky like that before. She has always been a very well kept and clean woofer, always well brushed and looking neat and tidy!

Wow! You look great!
It didn't take long for the others to arrive and it seems that it was Bryn who had been leading them all astray, but he only got his paws muddy, Polly was covered!

You know, she even had the cheek to ask OTL for a cuddle but before he could say anything, Polly got put on a lead and marched off down the path and off to home for a bath!

Wot About a Cuddle?
Holly said that if it was warmer sh might have gone for a paddle in the mud!

Yeah, Right, Old Scary Knickers in the wet, that will be the day!

Back home OTL has been worrying about Miss Snowflake 'cos she has been forgetting where she left her Poo Pots! Which is most unlike Snowflake who has always been a clean and tidy little ferret. Mind you, she is eating well and her poo is a 'Healthy Poo' as OTL says, it's just she has sort of 'Missed' the poo pot!

She is getting near to her birthday and OTL says that she could be anywhere between five and six years old. She is still full of fun and loves to play games and have a cuddle with OTL and she still climbs up onto his shoulders to lick his ear! So, we are keeping our claws crossed that it is just that she is getting old and she isn't so fast on her paws between bed and poo pot!

Lunchtime we woke the Page 3 Girls up and headed off to beach again.

This time OTL had swapped his lens over to the one with a Yellow Filter!

Scary clouds over Sheerness.
While OTL was snapping away, we all had a game on the sand 'cos the tide was right in and it had even covered the rocks!

Miss May, being deprived of a rock to wee on decided to wee on the beach instead and do it before the wave reached her!

She loves living dangerously!

It can't catch me!

April had fun sniffing around the 'Half a Boat' and even had a go at digging a hole but she wasn't going anywhere near the waters edge, another Woofer who doesn't 'do wet stuff'!

You won't catch me down there!
Holly, who is getting over the 'Grumbly Tum' was developing a 'Short Attention Span' and after having a sniff, decided to flop down to wait for the ferrets.

Why do they take so long over a sniff?
We have been told about a Two Legs who, in the early hours of the morning, decided to mow their lawn in the front of the house. Being very dark at that time in the morning, this TL decided that
getting all dressed up just to mow the grass was a waste of time, so, with a wide brimmed hat and still wearing her Jim Jams, she set about mowing the lawn and scaring everyone who looked out of their windows wondering who was making so much noise at that time in the morning!

It's a good job that OTL doesn't get ideas like that, he doesn't wear Jim Jams, scary or wot!

We're off to do some mugging now, watch out for the grass cutter in a big hat!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss May and Miss April.


  1. Yo girlies, I'm glad the storm hasn't reached you. I hope it decides to woof of and not bother coming down south. Now just look at that pretty girl Polly, now that's my type of woman, she got down and dirty ............ oh I think I'm in lurve. I'm surprised she didn't get a cuddle from OTL, he still gave me cuddles when I came to visit and fell in the mud. How come you and Holly didn't go and try out the mud bath, my mum reckons some TL's pay a lot of money for a mud bath it's supposed to be good for their skin ............. hmmmm, maybe we won't go into my mums thoughts at the moment ......... Now I was locked in my cage when that crazy TL decided to mow her lawn in her pjs .............. poor neighbours .......... what a sight!!! Anyways, I'm denying any knowledge of crazy TL's, she's not related to me. Glad to hear that Holly's grumbly tum is getting better. Now what's this with Miss Snowflake missing the poo pot, perhaps OTL should get TM to paint a little bulls eye in the bottom of the pot. Them page 3 girls had fun on the beach today, I bet that wave would have been very cold if it had caught up with Miss May. Glad to hear that you're all going to stay warm and snuggly, happy muggings to you and I hope that by tomorrow Holly's grumbly tum has gone away completely. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxxxxxx

  2. Mowers in jim jams, yes I saw about it but she didn't say how early it was. I happened to look out of our front upstairs window about 8-30 this morning and a small white car came up the road, circled and parked in front of the house opposite, the drivers door was flung open and a small slim figure wearing a white onesie with the hood up jumped out and entered the house without having to knock on the door. About 10 minutes later the onesie clad figure with hood down popped out, entered the car and drove off, all day I have been wondering "Why and who was it?"
    Lucky you are not heading for Scotland although it was nice to get the ferry report, we are hoping for good weather at the Torchlight Parade and Firework Display, camera all packed, Michael is going to try putting the camera on a light weight tripod and using it like a monopod hold it up. Then using the WiFi on his phone take pictures, will report back. What a lovely muddy Polly and so evenly covered I bet you were envious of her, I don't blame her TL for putting her on a lead. Hope Miss Snowflake soon returns to be a very fussy ferret, I expect OTL is keeping a close eye on her. Only another week to meeting you again, looking forward to it. xxxxx