Friday, 27 November 2015

Shampoo & Set Please and don't forget my Claws!

Hi Woofers!

We are all back again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma!

Where to begin? At the beginning I think!

The beginning was at six fifteen when Old Two Legs fell out of bed and left Holly and me in charge, two woofers in charge of the bed, this is the life!

The ferrets were still asleep 'cos it was still dark and they don't do any activity in the dark, except wander down to the Poo Tray every so often!

It was quite mild outside so May and April had their harnesses fitted and off we went.

As soon as we were out of the car, May wanted a wee and April wanted to get into the bag!

Off we went down the path to the Sea Wall. On the way we met a couple of Woofers we sometimes see, one was on a lead 'cos he always wants to run away but the other just bounds about being silly!

This morning he spotted the ferrets in OTL's arms, 'Hey!' he says 'I just fancy a bit of Ferret on Toast for me breakfast, all covered with bacon fat!'

The ferrets snuggled deeper down into OTL's arms!

Mmm Ferret on Toast?
Well, I wasn't having that, they may be a nuisance sometimes but they are our ferrets and as such they are seen as being close to getting Honorary Woofer Status which equates to being family, and no one messes with our family!

Leave our ferrets alone mush or I'll rip yer ears off!
He said he was sorry and was only joking but I think I may have left an impression on him!

No One messes with us!

Up the path we met up with The Lads who were in the middle of doing some mugging, so, that was it, Holly and I were straight in and got a nibble each before heading off to the beach with the ferrets.

Come on, get in line, form a queue!
Down on the beach we saw that the Half Boat was still there! It had been hiding under the water when the tide came in!

Fooled Ya!
Being a bit warmer today, Miss April ran almost all the way back to the car, so that was one up for OTL!

We didn't go back home, instead we headed off to the Parlour for our Wash and a Splosh. You would not believe the noise that hair drier makes and us woofers are held in a contraption that stops us from running away, it's torture!

I won't bore you with the details but put it this way, we were pleased when OTL came to pick us up!

OK, we did look good and OK, we did sniff like a pair of Tarts but we were pleased to leave there!

We headed off to the beach for a walk before heading home.

Back home Fred & Wilma have been out of their cage and have been exploring the house while OTL tried to keep a watch on them!

Wilma is doing a 'May' and is climbing all over the Page 3 Girls cage hunting ferret!

Come out, come out!
Now, what is she? Poley, Coloured or Polecat Ferret?

Mr Fred was more interested in swimming in the crate full of Ping Pong Balls, he said climbing is too dangerous!

I don't do Climbing!
We are expecting some Lambs Heart tonight so it can't be all bad!

Tomorrow The Missus is off to her Glue & Glitter thing up at the Village Hall, so we will be stretched out on the sofa eating nibbles and watching the F1 racing!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma


  1. Oooooohhh you lucky things, you had a lay in, my mum made me get up at 3.30 ......... well I did get some scoff so it weren't all bad. Wot a cheeky woofer, ferrets on toast, I'd left an impression with me teef on im. Good for you Daisy, telling him off. I see you were one of the first in the queue for the nibbles with the boys, why was Holly chops at the back? Is she feeling alright? I know wot you mean about the dryer at the parlours, I make my mum stay with me when I go, if I suffer, she can suffer with me! Have you found any good super sniffs to roll in yet to get rid of the parlour pong? Wilma looks lovely wot ever she is ........... fancy her climbing on the page 3 girls cage, she's living dangerously. Fred looks like the sporting type to me, that's probably why he's in with all the balls, I bet he has good header skills. Good to hear you've got good scoff tonight, I should think so after being half drown at the parlour, then baked with a blow dryer, then sprayed with stinky perfume. I've had a bit of a lazy day today, the weather has been horrible, I needed to catch up on some beauty sleep as well. Have a good evening all, don't forget to give OTL's skinny wallet some hugs, it must be feeling pretty poorly after this week. Give Mrs TM some sniffy snugs from me and hope she enjoys her glue flinging tomorrow. Perhaps if she took Nipper along the ladies could help him with his manners or glue his teef together. Love, licks, wags and sniffy snugs from little (and still pongy) Arch xxxxxxxx

  2. We went to the pier at Eastbourne to look for your half boat, no wonder we could not find it, you had not lost it! On my I-pad and it plays up so I won't say too much but all read carefully, hope the lambs heart was good, all posh and smelly, Archie misses you, love to you all, xxxxxx x

  3. But Daisy...what about the raw meat? Was it stashed or scoffed? The suspense is killing me! x