Monday, 30 November 2015

The Battle Continues!

Hi Woofers!

We're back, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma!

You know we have some right Bozo's living in our village, I mean, last night, just as we were thinking about bed, they start letting off the Whizz Bangs again! This time Holly was already sitting on Old Two Legs lap so she was 'Mid Cuddle' and tried not to take too much notice of the noise!

We are still having fun with Fred and the Poo Pots! OTL reckons it is like a game of Draughts or Checkers. As soon as OTL clears up a pile in one corner, Fred lands one in another corner, then OTL clears that one only to turn around and find Fred has done a sneaky 'Marker Poo' on top of the cloth in the other corner!

The best bit is when we turn on the lights to say 'Hello and Good Morning'! We see that the cloths are poo free and very neatly spaced, and facing the same way, a line of Fred poo's across the empty space in the middle of the cage floor!

It wasn't so cold this morning and the wind had dropped as well, so May and April spent more time on the ground having a sniff.

While we were on the beach we met up with The Lads and Poppy was still totally in love with the ferrets!

They are So Sweet!
 May and April were keeping close to OTL's legs, just in case any of the other woofers wanted to play 'Chase The Ferret'!

After they had gone, April wanted to have a run along the Sea Wall instead of the beach 'cos she says the sand and shells feel funny on her paws!

This is better and it files my claws back as well!
Back home, May and April get a run around while OTL cleans the cage and I forgot they were loose. I had left the safety of the bed and wandered into the office and noticed the cage door was open!

'Where are the ferrets'? I asked, OTL said they were 'Right behind you'! That was it, I didn't touch the ground on my way back to OTL's bed!

OK, where are they?
 Lunchtime came and it still wasn't raining,m so, OTL woke up Fred and Wilma!

Wilma was not bothered by the harness and the travelling cage 'cos she did it all yesterday but Fred was a little unsure.

Are we there yet?
When they got put down first of all they were too worried about the big open spaces that they forgot to have a wee!

First lesson of walking out, get the first wee in as soon as possible!

This is BIG!
Fred was amazed at the size of grass field and the strange sloshing sound of the sea, he thought it could be a Monster!

He really was blown over by The Beach and the sand and stones and sea shells!

This is amazing........and it's called Sand? ........Can you eat it?
Fred & Wilma had a run along The Sea Wall and then there was the Rock Wall and the Slope followed by The Stairs and then The Grass Path!

There was so much to see and sniff that Fred kept getting worried and needed to be picked up and cuddled by OTL, until he regained his composure and went back to investigating!

I never knew the world was so big!
In between sniffing and cuddles we got back to the car without meeting any woofers and Fred just couldn't stop talking about all the sniffs and just how big it all was!

I think he is going to have lots of fun on our walks, though I'm not sure what The Lads will make of a ferret nearly as big as them!

Holly and I got a treat of a teeth cleaning chew and I left my bit under the cushion and of course, Fred just had to find it and spend some time cleaning his teeth!

This is too good for woofers!
When we got back, guess what we got served up with?


Doggy Scoff!  Yuk! Yuk! YUK!

We are off to sulk and more than likely we will mug OTL tonight, his dinner sniffs good at the moment but it may get 'Caramelized', as normal, we'll just have to wait and see!

Bye for now!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma.


  1. Evening girlies and Fred, so sorry you've got a village idiot near you that doesn't know it's not whizz bang night. I hope Holly is ok, wot a good job she was on OTL's lap when it started. Now I reckon that Fred chap is having a game with OTL, wot's this about marker poos? is that something your TM can use? My mum uses markers when she's colouring in her cards ........... maybe if your TM pinched Fred's markers he would poo where he's supposed to poo. I bet you never got back to bed as quick as you did today Daisy, there was that hooligan Miss May on the prowl, you were very lucky, she might have decided you were an honorary ferret and had a go at you. I wonder if little Poppy would still want a ferret for xmas if she got too close to Miss May on her walk. We had rotten weather all day today, I've done lots of snoozing in the warm. Daisy, ask Fred is he man or mouse? There was little Wilma yesterday out for the first time in the big wide world and she didn't bat an eyelid, no today, along comes Fred and he needs cuddles cos he thinks it's so big. He needs to be looking for super rolly sniffs, you need to educate him if he wants to be an honorary woofer. My mum said him and Wilma look very pretty. So Fred also likes to help himself to a woofers chew, hmmmmm, start putting your paw down with a firm claw or before you know it, he'll be getting woofer teeth cleaning chews as much as you. Wot's this I hear about doggie scoff for your dinner??????????? Ohhhh you wait till I tell my mum, she'll be after your Mrs TM!! I hope OTL's nice smelling dinner isn't caramelized and he shares it with you. Have a lovely evening all, stay warm and cosy and I hope the village idiot doesn't let off anymore whizz bangs. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little (my lovely sniff has nearly worn off) Arch xxxxxxxx

  2. First question: Did you get served with flat dumplings made with "The Wrong Flour"?
    Lovely to see how much your new family members loved the beach and surroundings, they have some fun times ahead. Sorry about more whizz bangs, I hope they don't go on until Christmas, talking of Christmas: Second question: have you made your Christmas List for Santa Paws? Get the list in early as things sell out in the North Pole and all you may get is a job lot of tinned doggie scoff. With Fred now nicking your teeth cleaning chews you are going to have to watch out, who knows what will go next, didn't he take a fancy to your bed the other day? Lovely lot of pictures today, come up beautiful on my screen, good to see them. Tell OTL that Roland and Maureen send him and TM Christmas Greetings. xxxxxx

  3. I don't know if it's just that Fred is so big but his coat is gorgeous. It will be interesting to see how it improves under OTL's care as the others have x

  4. Both Fred & Wilma's coats are all fluffy and smooth and thick. OTL keeps kissing the tops of their heads and rubbing his nose on their necks. What ever turns you on!

  5. I am enjoying the new ferrets learning about the BIG old world outside of their cage.

    Look forward to many more walks with ALL of you!

    Hugs, Sarn xxx