Sunday, 8 November 2015

The Day After!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss May and Miss April here and we survived!

Holly got us all up in bed and cuddled up and the Firework Party started up, it sounded like they were starting a war! Bangs, Whizzing and Whoosh's went on for hours!

Well, it seemed like hours!

We were all cuddled up and Holly was snuggled under Old Two Legs arm and right against his side and although the noise was terrible, she wasn't shaking like she normally does!

And lindajayne , Holly has never done Work Experience, she says it all come naturally!

OTL got a Pizza last night so we both got some of those Salami slices off the top!

We went to bed early but as it is Sunday, we managed an extra hour in bed!

Today we took Miss May and Miss April down to the beach instead of Snowflake, mainly because Snowflake wanted to stay in bed, lazy ferret!

Down on the beach April found a Whizz Bang that had gone off last night and was left on the sand.

Hey! There's a Whizz Bang here!
Holly told her to 'Leave it Alone' 'cos you never know if it has got any Whizz or even Bang left in it!

The tide was in and that means the rocks and sea weed were covered, so both May and April decided to have a wee on the beach instead!

Well, I'll have my wee here!
 There were loads of woofers all over the place this morning, OTL and Holly had to keep a careful watch in case any of them decided to play 'Chase the Ferret'! 

Don't worry, I've got both eyes on them!
 Back home OTL spent ages cleaning the ferret houses, and changing all the bedding and blankets and hanging hammocks!

Then it was up to The Missus to get them all washed. Which is OK but the drying is the problem, no sun and no balmy breezes to dry the stuff, so it is all hung on the metal rack and left on the landing to catch the hot air from the heating system.

TM reckons it will take a couple of days to fully dry it all.

It's a good job OTL has spare bedding for both houses!

Snowflake came out with us at lunchtime, just for a change it wasn't raining but it was dark and grey and quite dismal!

Not that it worried us 'cos Snowflake joined in a game of 'Chase' along the beach. It was then that we heard a load of barking, the sort that means two or more woofers were having a Big Disagreement'!

OK, my turn to chase you!
Snowflake couldn't see anything so Holly and I kept an eye open in case the woofing headed our way!

No, I don't see anything yet!
Snowflake didn't hang about and soon was well down the grass path and heading back to the car!

Mmmm, I sniff Weasel!
 Back home we all settled down to a relaxing afternoon, except for OTL, he had some manufacturing for an 'Export Order' that came in to the office late on Friday.

You just can't do enough for a good customer!

Let's hope all the Whizz Bangs have finished and we can get back to a quiet evening!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss May and Miss April.


  1. TM is having an early "Wash Day Monday", oh dear poor TM having to go down to the rocks with the washing board again, I do hope it dries a bit quicker than she expects but I understand how she feels. Allhallows had a riotous firework party by the sound of it, we have a lot around here and when we left our friends about 11 pm there were hoards of cars and pedestrians about for the three miles journey. Off to cook dinner now, pork chops if you are interested with onion sauce, hope your dinner is nice. Keep warm and hope you have a quiet evening. xxxxx

  2. I'm glad to hear that Holly wasn't shaking last night during the whizz bangs. We had lots of whizz bangs, there was some at a house by us so I went and told them to woof off. Someone opposite tonight has just started some, I think my mum is going over soon to tell them where to put the next rocket. Were the page 3 girls surprised at going down to the beach this morning? Miss Snowflake seems to be getting very fond of her lay ins, as long as I get my brekkie, I don't mind going back to bed for a lay in, my mum says a lay in does you good. Holly is very sensible to tell the page 3 girls that they shouldn't go near whizz bangs. Poor TM, all that washing, good job OTL has plenty of extra bedding for his little girls. I'm glad there were no disagreeing woofers near you girls. Poor OTL having to do work on a Sunday. Hope you all get a peaceful evening and some good muggings. Love, licks and wags from little (oops there goes my mum to tell someone to woof off) Arch xxxxxxxx

  3. Misses Snowflake, April and May are very lucky to have such a dynamic doggy duo as you and Holly standing guard and looking out for them. Glad the disagreeing doggies kept their distance - a wise move on their part.