Saturday, 21 November 2015

Wot a Day!

Hi Woofers!

We've just got back home, Daisy, Holly, Miss May and Miss April,    PLUS      Fred & Wilma!

Yes!, We have been joined by a Brother and Sister Polecat Ferrets!

OTL says that he has never gone out looking for pets but it is always left to fate to lend a hand!

This time we think that and angel called Chris had a little bit of a paw in bringing Fred & Wilma and OTL together!

It's a bit late for a full report of today's excitement but as well as two more ferrets, both May and April won awards in their classes, Silver Jill and Coloured Jill. Not first prize but very close, we were told that it was only three points or two in between first and fourth place!

The Missus tried to take a picture of OTL with their certificates but she isn't very good with the big camera, still she tried!

Miss May Third and Miss April Fourth!

Finally, may we present our new family members............

Fred & Wilma, (Fred is on the left)

Going from Left to Right, Fred, OTL and Wilma!
We haven't put them on the scales yet but Fred is a big lad, OTL says he could almost put a saddle on him and ride him around the garden!

More fun and games tomorrow and by the way, Archie Babe will have a new mate soon 'cos he won a ferret at the show!

We will get some pictures for you to see tomorrow, and it's called 'Nipper'!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred and Wilma.


  1. So pleased with all the news from today, looking forward to reading all the details tomorrow. OTL does look a happy chappy with Fred and Wilma. Well done page 3 girls for getting prizes. Wot did you and Holly get? Did you get entered into the honorary ferret group? TM did well with the photograph. I'm pleased to hear that OTL has got another male voice in the house to back him up against all you wimmin. My mum said, OTL can keep Nipper cos no self respecting ferret would want to live with a smelly nelly like me ........... she's still washing me!!!!! I had four washes yesterday, more today and she still can smell my super duper sniff .......... I told you's it was good one and I ain't letting it go easily. Have a lovely evening all, hope the Flintstones settle in well at Godwin Towers. I hope you get some muggings as well tonight. Love, licks and wags to you all from little Arch xxxxxxx

  2. It was are at day all round and I kept my promise and didn't have a hot dog (rabbit curry instead), misses April and May did well and looked the biz. Archie's mum did well in the raffle even without being there so when you next come down the car boot will be full. You are so good not to broadcast the fact that you had doggie scoff for dinner because you understand that TM has been so busy today, even going out in the snow. Lucky the snow turned to rain and then to sun before it was dark, United you and Holly sat there all day under the table showing how good you are and I think you both deserve a medal. I hope Fred and Wilma settle in well and tomorrow they can have a sneak peak at the beach. xxxx and xx

  3. I'm here but very busy doing my blog XX

  4. Congratulations girls on your medals, so pleased.
    Hello Fred and Wilma, I think the camera likes you, looking forward to many more photos of you.You're both so cute. I think another bag will be on order, but it will need to be a big one. Xx

  5. Well deserved rosettes for the page three girls congratulations. I love how everyone contributed to a happy day. Daisy you and Holly deserve medals guarding the page three girls all day, OTL for getting them in tip top condition, TM doing her best David Bailey impression to record the event, Chris bringing OTL and Fred and Wilma together........ and without a doubt F & W have won the ferret lottery coming to live with you all. Looking forward to reading all about it. xxx Ps Little Arch you do make me smile! xx

  6. Well done girls. Hello Fred & Wilma. Xxx

  7. Well done girls. Hello Fred & Wilma. Xxx