Tuesday, 8 December 2015

A Day of Divas!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma here!

We have had some fun today, to begin with when we went out this morning, it was raining enough for Old Two Legs to decide to leave the camera in the car!

So, no pictures of us chasing the rabbits and May wrestling a big snake and April digging a big hole and OTL falling into it!

Instead we have been taking turns in getting photographed for the 'Christmas Card'!

It started off with May and April refusing to pose and instead they ran off and raided our biscuit bowl!

So, no pictures yet of those two!

Next Holly and me did a few poses but in the end we got fed up and refused to pose any more.

Then OTL got Fred & Wilma out and the first thing Wilma did was to run away!

I'm Off!

Of course, Fred just looked around and asked what all the fuss was about!

Now Wot?
It got close to lunchtime, so off we went to have a game on the beach.

We found out where the 'Half Boat' had gone, it had given up and was waiting by the rubbish bin!

I bin waiting here for ages!
Just for a change, the sun came out and there was blue sky all over the place!

No rain now, just sun shine!
Fred enjoyed himself, he had found a good sniff and was rolling in it for all he was worth!

This is a Super Rolling Sniff!
Then of course, they all had a roll in the sea weed 'cos it was getting close to being a bit 'Pongy' and we all know how good a sniff is when it gets 'Pongy'!

Just get a sniff of this!
Back home again and OTL was trying his best to bribe us to stay still and be photographed but we all had decided that we were not going to play ball!

We did suggest that OTL lay down on the sofa and we take a picture of him but then again, we don't think it would be very good for the Christmas Card, even if he did wear some 'Christmas Twinkle' in his beard!

We did get Nipper to do a pose but he got fed up and started to eat the sheet OTL was using for a backdrop!

Flash that one more time and I'll Eat IT!
Nipper can get a bit violent sometimes!

We are looking forward to tomorrow 'cos OTL is going to try again and maybe he will try bribing us to sit still, even if Holly is on a diet!

Bye for now.


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma.


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  2. Glad Holly is okay. Great blog post and ferret pictures. Daisy you do make me laugh. Its hard to believe Nipper is a ferocious ferret, I guess looks can be deceiving. Will look forward to seeing the results of the photo shoot tomorrow xxx PS That boat gets around a bit.

  3. Evening ladies, Fred & Nipper, I heard it was raining down your way this morning, glad the sun came out eventually. Now listen you lot, you've got to sit still for OTL to take your photos, or there's going to be a lot of disappointed TL's this year. I reckon, if your Mrs TM holds a bit of meat out then you and Holly chops will do a good pose. Maybe the page 3 girls, Fred and Wilma should pose with Nipper, cos he seems to have got posing down to a fine art and wot a handsome chap he is too, as long as he don't try to eat OTL then he's not doing too bad. Maybe OTL should just wait until the ferrets are asleep and take a shot then. I notice he didn't attempt to take a photo of Mrs TM, wouldn't she sit still either? It sounds lovely down on your beach at the moment, lots of sniffy, rolly sniffs ....... oooohhh I could go a bunch of them. My mum has brought my appointment to the vets forward so I'm off tomorrow for a check up, my mum says I been scratching a bit too much at the moment, she also says the vet will definitely suggest a diet for me, so you girls, tell me how hard this dieting lark is and I'll give the vet a big, wet, cold lick and hope to change the subject. It's about time that boat gave up trying to get out to sea, I hope the bin men come soon. Lovely pictures today, even if you weren't posing. Did Miss May win the fight with the snake? I hope OTL managed to climb out of Miss April's hole without the help of a ladder. Well my mum is calling me to go to bed so I better stop playing with her laptop now. Hope you get a bit more sun and a bit less rain tomorrow. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxxxxxx

  4. You always seem to have such fun when it rains and OTL doesn't take his camera, I think I will buy you a fishing rod for Christmas then you can really tell the tale of the one that got away! Oh that's wonderful if OTL can get all six of you to pose for the "Annual Christmas Card", I know it can't be altogether at once but I am confident that he will come up with another Cracker to grace our wall. My favourite is still the "Puppies by the Fireside", a real ahhh. So somebody stole the boat found that it didn't float and then put it by the bin, what ever happened to the waders? Nipper does look a bit docile, it will soon be time for him to join Archie you have done such an incredible job to train him. Lovely other pictures today looking forward to seeing some more. How is TM's new iron and OTL's new eye, can he see you better when you are sneaking what you shouldn't be sneaking? I am told that a cold front is heading this way from America where the temperature in Florida was 41 deg Fahrenheit in the daytime! Get your thermals out everyone. xxxxxx

  5. Daisy, me thinks it's time you got a GoPro camera and have OTLs strap it to your head. What great pics you would get of everyone's antics even OTLs!!!