Sunday, 20 December 2015

Dogs Doo Dahs TV or Wot!

Hi Woofers!

It's Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma here!

You know what?

We've had some rain today! Most unusual, especially as we were expecting sun shine and heat waves!

This morning we were late in getting up and of course missed the sunrise. Instead we got bright skies and no woofer mates to meet!

May and April were down on the beach all sort of half asleep and looking for a lift instead of a jog along the Sea Wall!

We call it 'Doing a Freddy'!

Well, if Freddy Boy can get a lift, why not me?
 Miss April was just as bad, no intention of walking and she even climbed up Old Two Legs trousers to try to get into the bag!

If it's good enough for Freddy!
 To be honest, Holly and I were a bit bored with them and instead decided to dig a big hole in the sand and maybe bury a ferret or two!

Come on, it wouldn't need to be a big hole!
In the end OTL picked them up and Holly and I didn't dig the hole!

It was just as bad at lunchtime, Fred and Wilma got down onto the beach and it started to rain! Freddy Boy did some walking, well, it was more like chasing OTL to get back into the new bag and stay dry!

Because of the rain, neither of the ferrets stayed out in the rain and really, they only got a bit of a run from the top of the hill down to the car park.

The fact that it was all down hill helped Fred to keep going!

Another thing that helped was the sight of a rain cloud chasing along the shore and heading our way!

Also known as a Squall!

Back home we all got a rub down and the ferrets headed off for bed. Holly and I were straight onto our cushions while OTL and The Missus were off to get a Christmas Prezzy for themselves, a new TV!

Now, it's not as though our TV was old but the valves inside were not as bright as they were when we first got it!

So, most of the evening and late afternoon has been spent reading the instructions and not understanding a word!

There was a computer upgrade last night and for some reason the Internet has not been working, so that is another job OTL has been working on as well!

Good fun!

So, not a lot going on but whatever has been going on has taken up too much time!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma.

PS. We had a policeman call on us asking if we knew of and ferrets called Nipper!

As if we had any idea what he was on about!

No, nothing to with us Guvnor we are only woofers!


  1. My comments don't work so another try.

  2. What a busy day for OTL, I suppose you were left guarding the house and the ferrets while Mrs TM and OTL were out buying a new tv. Sorry to hear you got caught in the rain. Those ferrets are all getting a tad lazy. OTL will have to get them a skateboard so that they can sit on it and roll along. Hmmm, now that policeman probably wanted to know who posted Nipper in a big box, the postman wasn't impressed, specially as he's now got a couple of fingers missing. My mum told him that Nipper escaped, so there is a ferret hunt going on. Luckily Nipper was asleep when they called here so they didn't know we were hiding him in the garage. My mum nearly told them about Nipper, she wasn't best pleased when he ate the tyres on her car. Right my mum is calling me, it's time for her to get ready to go to work, so, love, licks, sniffs and wags from little Arch xxxxxxxx

  3. Oh dear! Those cheeky ferrets won't keep their claws trimmed if they don't walk more. Perhaps you should say that you'll get Nipper to trim them and then you'll get Flintstones & Page 3 girls running along the sea wall. Hope TM & OTL get the TV up and running. Fingers crossed that it doesn't have surround sound or you'll have FB cars zooming out from behind the armchair! Love, wags & woofs from Izzy and Hamish xx xx xx xx

    1. That did say F1 cars until my Puter decided to change it xx