Monday, 7 December 2015

News on Holly's lump and TM refuses a Christmas Present!

Hi Woofers!

We are here again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma!

Well, Holly's Lump.

If you remember, Old Two Legs felt a lump on Holly's neck, so off to the vets went the pair and Holly got stabbed with a BIG Needle several time in the lump, just to get some cells for examination. We were worried in case it might be the start of a cancerous lump which would not be good news.

Well, it turns out that The Lump is Fatty Tissue and no cancer cells were found!


OTL still says that Holly has still got to loose some weight and get all slim for the summer!

Down on the beach this morning it was all Dark and Cloudy, which to us looked a bit dismal but OTL reckons it was 'Moody', well, whatever turns you on!

 Miss April managed to sneak back into the bag while May played with the waves!

Can't catch me!
 Mind you, she didn't get to find her Weeing Rock 'cos the water was right in, so she spent all the time running into the waves and running back before it got her paws wet!

You gotta be quicker than that!
We got back home to a Yucky Bowl of Doggy Scoff and the promise of a carrot if we ate it all up, yeah right, we're going to fall for that one again? I don't think so, our poo is Fluorescent Orange as it is now!

Next we were off and racing around shops and other places doing 'Important Things' which to be honest was rather boring but it managed to kill a couple of hours.

In one shop The Missus had to buy a new electric iron and OTL offered to buy it for her as a Christmas Present. TM said that if he opened his mouth a bit wider he could see the iron coming from the other end!

A bit ungrateful we thought! 

By the time we got back it was late, I mean, it was almost three fifteen when we hit the beach and of course, the first thing was a wee!

Holly reckons the sea rose two inches after we had finished!

We had a great time running up and down the beach while Fred & Wilma were playing 'Bulldozers' with the sand.

A Fantastically Fast Flying Woofer!
 Then Holly and I started to dig a really big hole and I suggested we bury OTL in it up to his neck and then we could tease him by licking the end of his nose!

OTL is deeper than this!
 In the end we gave up 'cos OTL said we had to go back to the car!

Spoil Sport!

Wilma was having fun trying to get The Missus to carry her off the beach and back to the car!

I'm a Poor Starving Ferret so far from home!
TM didn't believe her and in the end she had to walk!

So that is our day so far, Holly and I are starving hungry and Holly reckons that the sound of her stomach walls banging together as she walks is loud enough to drown out a jet engine!

Well, I got a rumbly tum but it's not as bad as Holly's!

She will just have to loose the weight!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma


  1. The best news first but don't tell Holly that loosing weight will make this fatty lump stand out more, true I's afraid but who cares the lump isn't nasty. xx
    I like the moody shot, it just shows how early you were up and about this morning before going shopping. An iron for Christmas, well I bet when TM was a little TL all she had for Christmas was an orange, a mince-pie and a new handkerchief, if she had been given a super duper top of the range electric iron (had electricity been invented then, I don't know?) she would have been over the moon. Now she is just plain ungrateful, she expects a new iron and a present, perhaps OTL should have bought her one of those museum pieces that have to be heated on the fire. So it has been a digging and weeing day again, desperate measures on the beach, I do hope the little ones know that the sea is wet, I see tears when it goes Splosh!
    Sorry about the rumbles, all in a good cause, take care of the little ones and I hope the presents start mounting up soon. Have you posed for the Year 2015 picture yet? I will get Michael to find the viewer on my I-pad so that I can see you on my little screen as well as here. xxxxxx

  2. Great news about Holly and so lovely to see all the newbies loving their walks and keeping up Snowflake's and Brambles' traditions. Love your blog Daisy x

  3. Yo girlies and Fred, wot good news about Holly's lump, maybe it will get skinny on the diet as well. I'm not looking forward to going for my check up on Thursday, my mum keeps saying the vet will say I'm a fat boy! Those rumbling tums are unpleasant, the noise even wakes you up from your snoozes. Good to see the girls and Fred having a good time on the beach. I think April has been whispering in Wilma's ear about cadging lifts back to the car. Miss May might get a surprise one day from one of the waves. Glad Fred is enjoying his time on the beach. Now how ungrateful can a Mrs TL get .......... nice, generous OTL offers to buy her a pressie and she say's naughty things to him. Love the pictures today, specially that moody morning sky. There is an upside to fluorescent poo, you can see it in the dark so you don't tread on it by mistake. I'll be happy to eat your carrots for you girls, it's the least I can do for my favourite girls. My mum says it's time for bed now, she's been a bit tired lately. So, Have a lovely, snuggly evening all. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch xxxxxxxx

  4. Yay . . . so pleased all is well with Holly Dog xxx

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