Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Out with The Missus!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma back again!

And have we had some fun today!

It started off very early this morning, in fact so early that Holly and I had to be woken up!

You see, Old Two Legs had to get off to the hospital because he was booked in to have an operation on his eye. He had to be there by seven thirty and it takes an hour to get there!

So, off in the dark we went and threw him out into 'Reception' and went back to our normal place to have a walk, The Beach.

Now, because it was The Missus who was taking us, we didn't get any pictures today, so you'll have to believe us!

We started off chasing a big fox and Holly caught him and unscrewed his tail to use as a hand brush to clean the ferret cages out!

I chased and caught that Big Slimy Thing from under the Sea Weed and we chased it all the way back to the car!

TM didn't take the ferrets out for a walk but she did let them go for a rampage around the house and even managed to play some games with them!

Mind you, she is no good at 'Dooking' like wot OTL is!

A bit later on the hospital phoned TM to say that OTL could be picked up now, 'cos he is not allowed to drive, so, off she went, leaving Holly and me to enjoy a snooze before he came back.

We weren't allowed to give him a Woofers Welcome Lick, but we did woof and run around him!

Now, he is not allowed to drive, go swimming, get involved in contact sports or clean the ferrets poo pots out. So TM has some little jobbies to do in the morning!

We are not sure how long it's going to be before OTL is allowed to drive but he had better get well enough to take us out soon, even if TM has to drive!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma.


  1. Ooo an exciting time on the beach today Daisy, I bet OTL was well impressed with you and Holly when you told him all about it. Did TM catch anything? Sending very best wishes to OTL for a speedy recovery xxx
    PS I'd love to know what 'dooking' sounds like - is it a ferret chuckle noise?

  2. Well what a fishermans tale that was, I don't believe a word of it except the hospital, rampage and poo pot bit. Hope OTL is able to resume his little duties soon meanwhile be extra kind to him, no licking and make sure TM knows her place. If video can be posted and TM crafty stuff is posted how about a ferret cook, I am using the I-Pad and it wants to have c o o k but I said d o o k and if I try to correct it makes me post. Have a grand old Thursday, stay warm. xxxxxx

  3. cor Daisy, you were up early, I was still in the land of nod at that time. Glad to hear that OTL wasn't away too long. So Mrs TM is picking up the jobbies is she, I bet she'll be pleased when OTL can take over the jobbies again, does he supervise to make sure she's doing it right? That sounds like a really good fun trip to the beach this morning, I bet OTL was sorry to have missed that, see he'd have had his camera and caught it all .......... tsk that Mrs TM will have to master walking and carrying a camera. Didn't your TM let you bring the big slimey monster back in the car? I hope you've sprayed the fox tail for lodgers. My walk seems very tame compared to your one this morning. I did walk up the post office though, I had a parcel to post, it has some things for Santa Paws to deliver to my little woofer mates and their little furry friends, I hope it gets to them safely without any postmen having a nibble. Did the ferrets behave for Mrs TM and go back to their cages when she told them to. Poor OTL, not being able to go swimming or play football, I expect he's well fed up with that. Give him a super sniff snuggle from me when he's allowed to be around sniffs again. Tell that Mrs TM she's not allowed to do boxing with him. I hope his eye gets well soon. I bet your Mrs TM won't mind playing chauffer to you all until OTL can drive again. Have a lovely warm cosy evening, love, licks, wags and super sniffs to you all from little (goosey) Arch xxxxxxxx