Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Second outing for Fred & Wilma

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma here!

Well, it's been a fun old day today, the weather has been mild and at one time we even had some sun shine!

Fred is still playing games with Old Two Legs but last night he managed to do all his poo's on two pieces of cloth, next to the Poo Pot.

Now, if OTL can get him to point his butt just a bit further to the left....................!

Fred is a real sweetheart really and when he has a cuddle with OTL he likes to give OTL a big lick on his cheek, which tickles OTL no end!

They do enjoy having a run around the house in the morning and Wilma has found out where May and April store all the Brambles Biscuits behind the book case, so that means she doesn't have to store any herself, she just eats their stash!

May and April enjoyed the run this morning and the pair of them had a contest to see who had the fluffiest tail, May won paws down!

Fluffy or Wot!
OTL had to go to the dentist today, more expense and it hurt as well!

He never learns, he should stick to Cooked Meat and Teeth Cleaning Chews, like wot us woofers do!

When he got back it was lunchtime, so Fred and Wilma were getting all excited about going out again.

We got to the car park and the sun was shining and there was just a gentle breeze, super!

OTL took us down another pathway towards the beach so the ferrets could do some exploration in the grass. Loads of sniffing and OTL said that they both looked like Grass Sharks!

Wot's a Grass Shark?
They both still need some sort of reassurance and kept coming back to OTL for a carry and a cuddle!

Mind you, down of the beach they were both in exploration mode!

First of all Wilma was doing the 'Playing Bulldozer' game by shoving her nose into the sand and sea shells and making a trench!

Is digging obligatory?
They both headed off to the sea weed to investigate, Fred sunk his teeth into the sea weed and announced that it tasted 'Funny'!

Mmmm, I won't do that again!
Holly and I explained how Brambles and Snowflake used to like walking all over the sea weed and doing a wee on the rocks.

Fred and Wilma said they would try to keep up the tradition of the 'Wee'ing Rock'

Do we have to wee on all of them?
Wilma said that she had just seen something slimy wriggle under the sea weed, so I quickly dived in to have a look but I missed it!

No, it has got away again!
Back home it was Lambs Heart, so we forgave The Missus for yesterdays muck!

Not sure what we are going to get tomorrow, OTL is off early, very early and TM has got to go with him 'cos she needs the car. We reckon she has been storing up some more Yucky Doggy Scoff to present to us!

No cuddles for her!

See you all tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma.


  1. Evening all, glad to hear you got some decent weather today. I reckon, Fred is having a laugh with OTL, maybe he just likes pooing on cloths, it must be easy to pick up if it's on a cloth so maybe Fred is very houseproud. Sorry to hear that OTL had to go to the dentist and pay for being hurt ....... that's not on. Probably a good idea that Miss May won the fluffy tail competition, she might have nibbled some of Aprils off if she hadn't won. That Wilma is very clever ......... find the stash, nibble the stash then wait for the others to put more there ....... clever girl. Glad that the Flintstones are enjoying their walks out. Daisy, be very careful when you put your nose into a pile of sea weed, you never know if the monsters underneath have sharp teeth. Did you tell Fred and Wilma they had to wee on every rock???? They'll be there all week trying. Lovely pictures today. Good to hear you got decent scoff and if you go give your TM some snuggles tonight, she might make sure you've got decent scoff tomorrow. Hope you's won't be left home alone too long tomorrow. I found a super stinky, rolly sniff today cos my fox poo sniff was wearing off. My mum didn't appreciate the work I put into getting the sniff all over and she cut bits of my fur out then washed me ............ hmmmmm, now I have to go back and roll again and the grass is very damp. Don't forget to share your teeth cleaning chew with OTL tonight after he's let you mug him for some of his scoff. Have a lovely evening all, stay warm and snuggly. Love, licks, wags and super goose poo sniffs from little Arch xxxxxxxx

  2. Fred and Wilma seem to have taken to their walks really well. They have such pretty faces although you'd best tell Fred that I said he is handsome in case he gets upset. You are very lucky to see the sunshine as we've had our raincoats on for the last week. In fact we were thinking of building an ark and collecting two of every animal as we sailed around the village. On the way round we passed the new landlady at the pub and she said that we were very welcome to pay her a visit with our TL'S. I've heard that she has a jar of doggy treats on the bar for woofers. There's a little chihuahua that lives there. I've spotted him walking his TL passed our house. I gave a woof to say hello but his head was down against the rain so he didn't look up to see me. I'll let you know when we get a chance to meet him or taste the scoff on the bar!
    What a shame that you didn't see the slippery thing slither away into the seaweed. Maybe it heard that the Flintstone were about to wee on it. Maybe OTL should put a rock & some seaweed in the poo pots so Fred learns to go in the right place.
    Little Archie , you get some good sniffs where you live. Fox and goose sounds good. We get lots of sheep, horse and cow sniffs here but the rain made it all float away.
    I expect you'll be up before the sun tomorrow if both TM & OTL are going out. Hopefully you won't be on your own for too long. Looking forward to hearing about what you get up to 'home alone' (except for 4 ferrets that is). Love, wags & licks from Izzy & Hamish. Xxxx

  3. I have halted my Christmas card writing to have a read and I find that the two comments amount to more than you have written so I shall comment on you first and then read what they said. So happy that Fred and Wilma have come to like living at the seaside already, just needing reassurance that they are safe and it is alright to play. Seaweed from the Chinese shop, which isn't really seaweed from your beach is nice but I think I would stay away from eating the Grain stuff. Misses April and May are going to have to work faster if they are going to stash away enough of your biscuits for themselves and Fred and Wilma, TM will be cutting your rations and then you two will suffer from lack of biscuit, we can't have that. It certainly was mild today and it seems that we must make the most of mild weather as well as lambs hearts with OTL going to the dentist, I see a shortage of some sort coming on.
    Hope you all find plenty of sniffs tomorrow, be good to TM, she does her best and remember that hers is the hand that feeds you. Don't fret too much tomorrow they will be back soon, perhaps they have gone to help Santa Paws shift your presents, how exciting. Off to reads your other comments and then back to the Christmas Cards. xxxxxx

  4. Smashing blog, glad to see Fred and Wilma out playing.

  5. Please tell OTL that I am loving all the photo's of your daily adventures.

    But Daisy . . . you are a spoilt girlie . . . dogs are MEANT to eat doggy scoff . . . I don't know anyone else who gets so much food specially cooked for them . . ..like lambs hearts etc. Give TM a break!

    I am biased as TM is a mate of mine . . . and I know she'd rather do glue slapping than cooking your dinner!

    Hugs, Sarn xxx