Friday, 18 December 2015

The Morning After!

Hi Woofers!
Daisy, Holly, Miss May,Miss April, Fred & Wilma back again.

Phew! What a day again! We were up late this morning 'Cos we went to bed late last night, OTL's fault!

He wasn't really with it today. This morning he took us out but forgot to take his camera! Just goes to show you that he is getting too old for late nights!

The cage cleaning was a bit slower today so the ferrets got longer to play and May and April had a super game of 'Chase' in and out of a wiggly plastic tube that OTL had draped with blankets and cushion!

It is so funny to see May waggling her tail prior to dashing down the tube to catch April!

April is super fast up and down the tubes and May has to 'Ambush' her as she come out of one and before she goes into another tube!

Lunchtime Fred and Wilma were out with us and Fred was up to his tricks again. He doesn't mind going out for a walk but it is the walking bit he has yet to realise is the 'Enjoyment' bit!

Like when we got to the first bit of open grass. OTL put him and Wilma down. Wilma was off like a shot sniffing the sniffs and generally having a fine old time.

Fred on the other paw was doing the 'Gissa Lift' bit with OTL.

I've had a little walk, can I now have a little carry?
That was how it went on for most of the walk.

When we were down on the beach he even tried to get Holly to carry him on her back. Not that it was ever going to happen but you can see he is trying!

You must be Joking!
Now Freddy Boy is a trier and he is always looking for new reasons why he should get a carry.

Today's effort was a classic!

There we were, just strolling along, having a sniff, Freddy was there with us joining in with the sniffs when we heard him cry out, 'Ouch! Oh No!'

Of course we all turned around to see what had happened and there was Fred, flat on his back going 'Ow, Ow, OW!'

What is the matter Fred? we all said together and he replied, in between sobs, 'I'm deeply hurt'!

Oh it Hurts, it really hurts!
We all got closer and again asked where did it hurt!

Very slowly he raised his paw to the sky and in a trembling voice announced that............

Look! I've bruised my claw!........I really need a carry!
You know, he seemed really put out when we all laughed!

Mind you he did get a carry a bit later when we came across a couple of small Greyhound type of dog that OTL said could be Whippets. Both had muzzles on and when they got close to OTL one tried to lunge forward to get at Fred & Wilma. OTL had already picked up the ferrets and was cuddling them in his arms, so there was no danger and the dogs couldn't bite anything anyway!

I must admit, I didn't get too close either!

So, that is today's fun and as I am typing this, Fred is flat out on his back at the bottom of the cage fast asleep.

His favourite position!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May,Miss April, Fred & Wilma.


  1. Phew Daisy, I was getting worried not hearing from you yesterday, I'm glad it's only because OTL and probably Mrs TM were out on the razzle by the sound of it. Glad to hear the page 3 girls had fun this morning, playing in the tunnel. That Fred is a trier, I had to laugh at the picture of him on his back holding up his paw, I bet you all got a shock at first and thought he was really hurt. Now, this box arrived here today ........... and it won't stop jumping up and down, my mum says she will open it when she has a full Kevlar suit and gloves, we know it's come from you all, we have a sneaky suspicion that you've all decided to re-home that Nipper chap, by the way the parcel is bouncing around, we think, we're right. My mum is going to see if she can get a cage with electric bars and an alarm that sounds if the door opens. My mum has ordered an electric cattle prod just in case whatever is in the parcel escapes and the local firearms dept are on standby. Don't worry, they will only be using tranquilizer darts. Hope you all have a lovely evening, oh and by the way, thank you so much for that beautiful picture of you and Holly chops, it's going to go on my pin up wall after xmas. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch xxxxxxxx

  2. Lovely pictures today again, that Fred is lazy but funny to see trying to get picked up over and over. Thought of you today, saw "Fluffy Cuts Doggie Parlour"' we nearly made you an appointment! Maybe you don't like the idea of being fluffy though. Does Fred like the tunnels and balls or does he prefer to sit in the wings. Did TM see the cartoon about the Shark Family sitting at their dining table, send her on Michaels Timeline it was really for you and Holly. See Archie has his card and Nipper by the sound of it, that is really funny. Please don't tell Archie we live! xxxxxx

  3. Hi Daisy and Co! Greeting from wet, soggy Cumbria. Sounds like OTL doesn't do late nights very well if he was very slow in the morning. Did he have too many sherries? May and April's tunnel game sounds like a lot of fun. Do you have Fred size tunnels too? Does he lie in the middle of a tunnel on his back and block the exit. I thought he looked so sweet lying on his back with his paw in the air. Good job you are smart enough to not be fooled by his sore claw routine. But you must give him points for trying.
    Just like Little Arch, I was getting worried when I didn't hear from you yesterday. I kept pinching the Puter from mum to check if you were there because I couldn't wait to say thank you for the wonderful photo of you and Holly. I think that green tartan blanket is just your colour. I think I'm relieved that we didn't get a bouncing box too. My mum says that she can't wait to hear what happens when Arch's mum opens the box!
    Love, wags, woofs and licks from Izzy xxxxxxxx