Friday, 13 March 2015

The Weekend is Here!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here again!

Today it has been fun and Old Two Legs has been experimenting and we have all been taking part!

You see, he has been sorting out his camera box and discovered that some time ago he purchased a filter system, that is a load of glass slides that you stick in a holder that is screwed to the lens. Now, mostly it is Graduated filters that get darker as you get to the top, they called ND Grads. (Technical bit!)

Well, he discovered that he had brought a Yellow Filter!

This means that he can use his big camera and big lens for B&W pictures!

Well, it keeps him from getting under our paws!

So, here we go with the Small Camera and small lens and filter.

Holly running at a trot!
Well, we have seen that sort of thing before!

Snowflake found an old ball in the rock pool and was going to dig it out for Holly and me to chase! That was the idea but when she had a dig she found it was split and full of water!

This is looking a bit Squidgy!
Then she went off looking for the Monster but we think it was still asleep under the rocks, it was just finding the right rock!

No, not this one!
After failing to find the Monster, both ferrets decided to have a 'Ferret Around' in the grass searching for sniffs and Weasels! They found some sniffs but no Weasels, they had all gone back to bed!

Well, I reckon they've been here!
Back home Holly and I headed for our beds for a snooze while OTL cleaned out the Ferret Poo Pots.

He gets all the best jobs!

Snowflake and Brambles went on the 'Rampage', well Snowflake did but Brambles headed straight for our biscuit bowl and spent the next half an hour nibbling!

Holly said that if he keeps on eating our biscuits he might end up woofing, wagging his tail and sniffing our butts!

I must admit, lamp posts are very interesting!
Well, that was the small camera and filter, but when we went out at lunchtime it was Big Camera, Big Filter and Big Lens!

Do you think it will make my butt look big?
We headed for The Beach and found a couple of Two Legs sitting on the stones waiting for the tide to come in!

Two Bozo's waiting for the water!
Holly got the pickle in her and raced along The Sea Wall chasing the Rook who fancies a ferret but we don't think he wants it as a pet!

Go on Holly bite his tail feathers!
Of course, she didn't get him 'cos he flew off over the mud and Holly said she wasn't allowed onto the mud!

Since when did she start listening to OTL?

Finally, we headed home and OTL just couldn't resist that Hawthorn Flower and clicked away again but in B&W this time!

Hawthorn Bloom!
So, after all that experimenting with cameras and filters we have decided that there was not a great deal of difference!

So, tomorrow we hope to be back to colour and maybe a ND Grad, just for fun!

The Missus is off to another 'Master Class' up at the village hall, so, providing it's not too cold or wet, we could be up for an 'Adventure'!

Bye bye for now, we are off to do some mugging!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.