Saturday, 11 July 2015

A Day with Archie Babe!

Yo Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles and Archie Babe here!

Hasn't it been hot today!

When we got down to the beach first thing I was in for a dip as quick as a flash!

There's nothing like cooling off before breakfast!

I just Love Cool Bits!
 Straight after getting the ferrets back and their cage cleaned out we were off up to the village hall to pick Archie Babe up and back down to the beach again!

Now, I don't know why, but I thought that Archie loved water and getting wet and swimming, but it seems I was wrong, he is as excited about water as Holly is!

I don't do wet!
He wandered down to the waters edge and stopped! He just about got his paws wet and that was it, a quick retreat up the beach to where a crab was catching some rays!

I love getting a good tan!
No matter what I said, he wouldn't go in any further than his claws!

This is getting too deep for me!
I stopped trying to get him in for a swim and carried on playing 'Fetch The Bone' with Old Two Legs who had brought the rubber bone with him!

Nearly there!
I headed back to shore to find a big Husky type of woofer who was standing in the water, shaking!

'Hi!' I called over to him and asked if he wants to play 'Fetch The Bone' with me.

'No blooming fear' he says, 'I'm not going in any further, I hate the water!'

No further for e!
It seems he has to go in to where his paws are covered with water, just to please his owner who reckons that all Husky Types should love water!

I reckon that Husky would love it further up the beach!
Back home we all had some chicken and Archie shared ours and the woofed down a bowl of his Dry Biscuits and then pinched a Jumbone Chew!

That woofer sure knows how to eat!

We all enjoyed a snooze and I even let Archie Babe climb up on OTL's lap for a cuddle and a snooze!

A bit later on in the afternoon we headed back to the Sea Wall but the tide had gone out, so no swimming, just a wander along saying 'Hello' to the Two Legs and seeing if they had anything worth mugging!

A Stroke? No Way if there is nothing to eat!
Archie showed us his 'New Freiend' trick to get some food. Trouble was, he didn't check beforehand to see if there was any food to be mugged!

See, he thinks I'm his new mate!
I had to go over and tell Archie that there was no food!

Archie, he's got no food, so, No Strokes!
 We went back to sniffing the sniffs and looking for rabbits but it was too hot for them to come out for a game.

You two are dead lucky to have so many sniffs on your walk!
 Unfortunately, it was soon time for Archie Babe to head back home 'cos his Missus had finished slapping the glue and glitter around and she wanted to head home. Still, we had a great day and we are looking forward to Archie's next visit!

OTL is off tomorrow on his own to the Kent County Show to take some more pictures of the animals and TL's and maybe a visit to the ferret stand!

I wonder, will he come back with a commitment to see if Brambles and Snowflake get on with the two little Jill's?

I wonder!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.