Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Old Rockers and The Port!

Hi Woofers!

McDaisy, McHolly, Miss MacSnowflake, Mr MacBrambles, Miss MacApril and Miss MacMay back here Again!

Today has been a 'Lazy Day' , a sort of 'Finish the Little Stuff'' type of day.

Old Two Legs over slept 'cos we didn't wake him up. The ferrets had a good night and left the Poo Pot Kicking until every one was awake and up out of bed!

MacApril and MacMay are playing a game with OTL, instead of using the Poo Pot for pooing, they are using it as an arena in which to do their play fighting. The poo is done down the other end of the cage, on the floor!

OTL is trying a new trick, take out the poo pot and just leave a shovel full of cat litter on the floor, let's see what they make of that!

It was super on the beach, the tide was well out and we didn't even get a sniff of water!

We all had a good time and OTL managed to get all his chores done and the ferrets all cleaned and stored out in the awning to get some fresh air and sunshine!

Holly Dog on Guard!
After lunch we headed off to investigate the local villages and ports. We enjoyed Portpatrick and The Missus and OTL even stopped for a bite to eat and a cool drink, Holly and I got to sit in the shade and we even got served some cool water in a drinking bowl!

We explored the viewing sites and at one we could even see Northern Ireland on the horizon. Holly and I didn't want to stay there 'cos it looked a long way down to the sea!

Yeah, seen it now let's go!
There was one place that was making a terrific Booming sound. OTL said it was the sea rushing up the gap and crashing on the end wall.

We didn't like that and quickly passed by!

Boom! Boom!
There were some fishermen on the rocks but we couldn't see how they would get any fish up the rocks!

Fishing for a Fishy for a Little Dishy!
We then headed off to the harbour or as the locals call it, 'The Port'. It was very clean and pretty!

The Port
 There was a Two Legs sitting on a bench doing some water colour painting, of course, TM just had to go up and tell her how she was an artist and would use different colours and some glitter and Brusho Inks and the latest Sweet Poppy Stencil!

We were quite embarrassed 'cos we liked the painting and it looked dead good!

Two Artists and Us!
 Looking out to sea there was a flag pole and an anchor but no ship! Very strange!

Ships Away!
 Around the corner at the back of The Port, we spotted an arch over a water outlet, it could have been a stream but the arch and the gull on the other side made it look 'Interesting'!

OTL being an Artist!
We had fun laughing at the people walking around the Port, there were some motorcyclist on whacking big motorbikes. Trouble was, they were all well past retiring age!

OTL said they were 'Old Rockers', Holly said that they should all stick to rocking chairs!

Back home to grumble at the rabbits until tomorrow!

Almost forgot, Izzy, we are at the Caravan Club New England Bay site, so, can you remember where the best sniffs are?

See you tomorrow!


Hi Woofers!

McDaisy, McHolly, Miss MacSnowflake, Mr MacBrambles, Miss MacApril and Miss MacMay.