Wednesday, 23 September 2015

A sort of Wet Wednesday!

Hi Woofers!

McDaisy, McHolly, Miss MacSnowflake, Miss MacApril and Miss MacMay here again!

Wednesday and according to Google, it's the first day of Autumn, well up here it is cloudy enough and we have had some rain as well!

We knew the rain was coming 'cos Old Two Legs had a look at the forecast for our area on the computer last night. So we arranged to get up earlier than normal so we can get our walking and wee'ing all done before the rain comes down!

We only just made it back before the first drops landed on the caravan roof!

Now, you know how much we love winding OTL up? You will be pleased to know that the 'Page 3 Girls' are joining in with the sport!

OTL likes his ferrets to be, well, 'Predictable'. He likes them to sleep in the several beds he has installed and he likes them to poo in the specially located Poo Pots that are also filled with a shovel full of cat litter. It soaks up the wee and helps to deodorise the poo!

Now, OTL does some 'Observing' and then places the poo pot where the ferrets go to poo, normally in a corner, away from the bed and food.

Since arriving, the Page 3 Girls have been pooing in one corner, then as soon as the poo pot arrives, they poo in another corner. The poo pot is moved to the new corner and for one night it is used by the girls. The next night, it's back to the other corner and nothing in the poo pot!

OTL says that when we get home, he is going to cover the bottom cage with poo pots and cat litter. What's the betting they kick the poo pots into a pile and poo around the edges?

On our run this morning, Miss MacSnowflake was first out and enjoyed a carry to the beach on OTL's shoulders, she even gave him an ear licking, after getting he nose under the 'Beenie Hat' OTL's wearing today!

Of course, I knew he had the ball in his pocket so as soon as we stepped onto the beach I was telling him to..........

Throw The Woofin' Ball!
On the way back we got really close to a Bunny but he legged it before I got to him!

Stand Still and let me bite your butt!
The next walk with MacMay and little MacApril was getting close to when the rain was due, so, Holly and I kept our eyes on the horizon to make sure we didn't get caught in the rain! Well, I don't mind swimming in water but I don't like it when it drips on your nose!

Is that rain over there?
Holly was convinced that the rain would come from a different direction, just to catch us out. So, she kept her eyes on a particularly dark cloud that was heading our way!

It looks like a rain cloud!
Lucky for us, we all got back before the rain arrived.

As we couldn't go out in the rain, it was decided to go shopping in Stranraer, well what else can you do, except fall asleep on the cushions!

It was just after one by the time we got back and OTL said we could go for a walk on the beach. He had a look in the ferret cages and the only one awake was Miss MacMay. MacSnowflake was snoring her tail off and MacApril just rolled over and went back to sleep again!

So, that was it, out came MacMay for a run. Now, Holly and I are getting over our Grumbly Tums and OTL is managing to pick up our poo in those little plastic bags.

So, there he was picking up the poo and MacMay was resting on his arm. OTL was in the process of tying the bag when MacMay decided she wanted to get down and OTL wasn't letting her get down quick enough!

So she did what any ferret would do when she wants attention, she sank her fangs into OTL!

Poor Lad, 'Oh Golly Gosh You Little Pickle' he said, or something like that!

MacMay was put down to walk as she wanted. But, when she wanted to be picked up again 'cos the stones were a bit awkward to walk on, OTL just told her to 'Be careful' and she had to walk all the way back!

Of course, out came the TCP and now the caravan stinks of the stuff!

A Ferrets Kiss?
 The Missus has plans to make another canvas thingy and has taken over the awning, so we all have to get into the caravan by the back door!

TM's Studio!
This afternoon the sun poked it's head from around the back of the clouds, so off we went to Port Logan again but this time TM came with us. As soon as we got there it started to rain again!

Ten minutes in the car and the rain stopped enough for us to go for a walk along the beach. Now this beach is big, I mean, not only long but wide as well and it has three types of sand, there is the wet stuff and then there is the dry stuff that used to be wet and then there is the very dry and powdery stuff that never gets wet! Holly loves that stuff!

Holly dancing in the Dry Stuff!
 We were off sniffing while TM and OTL walked along the waters edge. Trouble was, TM wasn't looking where she was going and ended up with wet boots!

TM getting her boots wet!
 OTL was playing with the settings on the camera and tried this 'Looking into the sun' type of photo. Which only goes to prove, you don#t always have to have the sun behind you!

Looking into the sun.
Well, we have just had some chicken and now Holly and I are off for a snooze until OTL gets fed, then we start mugging!

See you all tomorrow.


McDaisy, McHolly, Miss MacSnowflake, Miss MacApril and Miss MacMay