Thursday, 1 October 2015

Up go the Towers!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May back with you again!

Well, what a day! We have been helping Old Two Legs to get the ferrets Tower Cages all up and running. Now everything is all assembled and clean and full of toys and such. Mind you, that doesn't stop the Page 3 Girls from doing some serious Poo Pot Kicking!

OTL is still trying to outwit them and stop them from pooing in the wrong place or from kicking the poo pot around the cage. At the moment he has resorted to using Velcro on the bottom of the pot and on the floor of the cage.

We will see the result tomorrow morning!

Down on the Sea Wall we spotted the Wormy Men back out there digging holes in the mud. It looks like they got fed up with digging off the Scottish beach and have come back to North Kent! 

The Wormy Men are Back!
Miss Snowflake is feeling better, she has been a little down over the last week or so but now she seems to be brightening up. You can tell that 'cos this morning she climbed all the way up to the top of the Page 3 Girls Tower and did a Ferret Clog Dance on the roof.

That of course drove the Page 3 Girls potty and they spent time climbing up inside and trying to hang from the ceiling!

Down on the beach she took some time to select a new Wee'ing stone 'cos her normal one had got rolled about in the high tides!

I do love a good rock!
The bit of boat that has been hanging about on the Sea Wall was getting blown by the breeze and Holly did some serious woofing 'cos she reckons it was trying to walk up the Sea Wall!

It Moved! I'm sure it moved!
Back home Snowflake had a fun rampage around the house and chased Old Two Legs around the bedroom and under the bed! She was pleased with the changes OTL had done in her cage and the sleeping places he had installed. Her favourite is still the 'Cuddle Cup' that she and Brambles used to snuggle up in. Now she has a light blanket that OTL puts over the top so she is all snug and warm!

Mind you, after she had gone back in to have a bite to eat and then off to bed, the Page 3 Girls were let out for their rampage. The first thing Miss May did was to climb up the side of Snowflakes cage and do a 'Ferret Clog Dance' on the roof but it had no effect, Snowflake was fast asleep in her Cuddle Cup and OTL had wrapped the blanket over the top of her!

Miss May was not best pleased!

Both of the Page 3 Girls then went off hunting our Dog Biscuits and hiding them under the furniture. Then it was back up to the office where OTL had got a small crate and half filled it with Ping Pong Balls.

They loved it, jumping out, then jumping in and rolling about play fighting as well! I can see there maybe some photo opportunities in the future!

Lunchtime came and off we went to the beach again. May swore she saw one of the Slimy Things that normally hide in the rocks but this time it was under the breakwater!

Come Out! I Saw You!
Of course, nothing came out, well lets face it, would you come out if there was a big hairy thing with sharp teeth sitting outside your house?

April was playing her normal game. Every time OTL crouched down to take a photo, Miss April would run up to his leg and try to climb up and get into the Ferret Bag! Sometimes OTL would let her climb in but other times he made her walk a bit further up the beach, just to give her some exercise!

The Race is on!
 Down on the Sea Wall that bit of a wrecked boat was slowly getting higher up the beach. Holly said it was 'Alive' and was looking to follow us home if we weren't careful!

........and I tell you, it Is Following us!
Both ferrets had a good look and a sniff and said that there were no signs of life and it was more than likely the wind and tide that was moving it. As the tides shrink back to normal, it will be stuck where it is until someone moves it of it sails away down the coast!

No, can't sniff anything moving at all!
Back home the girls had a rampage around the office again and spent time kicking the Ping Pong balls around. Then, they decided that it was time for bed and they both headed off to the Corner Bed, also known as The Igloo!

Now, we all know about the gland they have under their tails that can let off a stink, well, one of them let one go and the pair of them had to sleep with their heads outside the door!

Funny thing was, they both blamed each other for doing it!

Well it wasn't me, so it must have been you!
We are off to see what there is to eat, with a bit of luck OTL might have something worth mugging!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May.