Friday, 4 December 2015

Ferret fun and a trip to The Vet for Holly Dog!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma again!

It has been another mild day today, I mean, It's December, and there should be storms and snow six feet deep and rain that strips paint off the car and wind that blows all the leaves into next doors garden!

Instead, what have we got?

A Super Sunny Morning!
Miss May took full advantage and played a game of 'Bulldozers' again and this time she used some of the sea weed that comes ashore this time of the year!

Pile It UP!
On the way down to the beach in the car, Holly was sitting on Old Two Legs lap and he was stroking her around her neck and he felt a squidgy lump,just under her collar. So when we got back home he was straight onto the vet for an appointment and got one in half an hour!

They had a fiddle with it, took a Biopsy and put it on a glass slide and because they couldn't identify all of the cells, suggested that it be sent to a Pathologist for further examination. 

At a cost! OTL says he should have been a Vet or a Pathologist!

So, we expect some results back next week. The lump is 'in the skin', so that is a good thing, according to the vet.

The vet did say that Holly was 'Over Weight and was at least two kilogrammes heaver than she should be and she has got to go on a diet and loose some fat!

Oh dear, no more nibbles, no more shortbread and no more mugging, just scoff and carrots!

Lunchtime we took Fred & Wilma down to the beach. OTL put them down on the grass before we got to the beach and poor old Fred just couldn't believe that there was so much space in the world, he says that he can almost see forever!

There is just so much space!
 Down on the beach, just like Miss May, Wilma had a great game of 'Bulldozers' with the sand and the sea weed! 

That's it, Pile it high!
Then she chased OTL along the beach trying to get a lift!

Here comes a 'High Speed Ferret'
Fred was having fun as well, he found the plant on the beach and reckons it is just right for an 'Exfoliate' and spent a good five minutes rolling around in it!

This is Soooooooo Gooood it gets all the dry bits off!
Of course, The Missus was wandering about on the beach trying to look interested but as she is not into playing Bulldozers or rolling in the plants or sniffing out the Slimy Things in the sea weed, we left her to play on 'FaceAche' on her mobile phone!

Just Logging on via Southend on Sea!
We have just heard that May and Aprils Ferret Bag is on it's way and TM says she is getting a bag for Fred and Wilma but it is going to be about 50% bigger 'cos Fred is a 'Big Boy'!

So, off we go now to watch a bit of TV and woof at the dogs in the Doggy Adverts, especially the one of a Westie who gets to drive a chair on wheels and gets 'Tasty' Doggy Scoff, unlike us wot have to make do with Horrid Doggy scoff and Raw Carrots!

Yes, I am on a diet as well as Holly, not that I need to loose weight, it's just that I'm supporting Holly!

I hope she loses weight soon 'cos I think I may starve if she takes too long!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma.