Wednesday, 16 December 2015

OTL gets all 'Inventive'!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma here!

Wot wonderful weather we are having here in North Kent! Old Two Legs reckons that we are getting winds coming up from the Azores and they are bringing warm winds! Holly said that she thought The Azores were something that made your butt itch!

OTL told us where the Azores were and how they had nothing to do with your butt!

We were up at our normal time and down the beach to enjoy all the sniffs that have come in on the tide.

OTL was looking at the sky and saying that it was all 'Wishy Washy' and even a Yellow Filter wouldn't do anything to improve the sky.

'Wishy Washy' yeah, like do we care when we got sniffs?
Then, he comes up with an idea to make it all 'Dramatic'!

He took off his 'Activity' sun glasses that wrap around to prevent wind blowing in his eyes. He used these glasses when he was climbing mountains. He looks a bit of a Tart but they are working by keeping drafts away from his eye!

Anyway, back to his 'Inventive' idea.

He focused up on the clouds and then before he pressed the shutter release, he put the glasses in front of the lens and....................POW!

Inventive or Wot!
Looks OK to us, and he has even got some 'Soft Focus' as well!

Next, being well chuffed with his results he started to play with the EV, that is Exposure Value that you can darken the photo if it is too bright!

So, here it is with a -1.7EV

Another 'Inventive' shot!
While OTL was messing about with his camera Holly and I had fun with the sniffs, May and April spent all the time trying to get back into their bag!

It was back home to a Chicken & Biscuits followed by a snooze under OTL's desk!

We normally go out at lunchtime for another walk but Fred and Wilma sometimes misses out 'cos they are fast asleep. OTL, being crafty, has moved our walking time to eleven thirty, just before Fred and Wilma would have gone to bed!

That means they are wide awake and ready for a run and they get a daily exercise!

Freddy Boy is not the first in the queue when 'Exercise' is mentioned and he does his very best to get cuddles rather than jogging!

When he got put down onto the beach today he did raise a point of order and asked if walking on the sand 'Obligatory'!

Is this really obligatory!
Mind you, he may not like the sand but he did have a good roll in the Sea Kale and he even let Wilma to have the first go!

I love this wash!
OTL made sure that Fred walked most of the way back to the car although there were a couple of 'Cuddles' just to keep him going!

Wilma was having a great time trotting along and she even went back to lick Fred's ear to get him moving again!

Come on Fred, shift yer tail!
 OTL has been busy this afternoon doing some manufacturing and plonking away on the computer, well, it keeps him out of trouble!

That has been our day today, we hope you have been having fun as well and Archie Babe has managed to get out of the vets with nothing more than a cuddle.

We hope he doesn't have any trouble with The Azores!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma.