Saturday, 23 January 2016

Naughty Wendy!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret!

Saturday, so The Missus is off to play Glue & Glitter at the village hall. That means we get to have a lazy day with Old Two Legs!

Well, we had a lazy day, OTL was cleaning out the ferret cages from top to bottom!

Good news! OTL took delivery of the set of DVDs for the Star Wars films, so we know what we will be watching tonight!

Do you think there are any Jedi Ferrets?

The weather has brightened up and it was almost warm down on the beach this morning. Both May and April had a game of Bulldozers!

The secret is to use your nose!
After that they both went of rock climbing along the Sea Wall!

Look! No Crampons!
 Holly and I were wondering why the Wormy Men were running back, but then we saw the tide coming in!

It was a close thing!

They look funny running in wellies!
We have been watching Fred and Wendy 'interacting' and it seems that Wendy is the one doing the aggressive bit, but, we did see Freddy eating a bit of a Chicken Strip that Wendy had tucked into a corner for later.

Freddy found it and was chomping away when Wendy realised what he was doing!

That was it, in she went trying to get her Chicken Strip away from Freddy.

Now, Freddy is a gentle soul and has very simple loves in his life, cuddles, sleeping and FOOD!

Wendy didn't stand a chance, every time she lunged at him, he spun around and shoved her out of the way!

She was not a Happy Ferret!

He was!

He finished it in next to no time!

Lunchtime we were a bit late in going out 'cos OTL had spent so much time 'Shoveling Poo'!

When we did get down onto the beach we kidded Wendy that the water was warm and gentle.

Off she went, marching down the beach to investigate the waves that were lapping onto the shore.

'I'm not scared of you' she called out as she marched further down the beach, until that is, the water lapped onto her paws!

I'm not scared of you!
Then she got all her paws wet and ran back up the beach saying 'That's Horrible!'

We all had a laugh, including Freddy who had got his paws wet last week!

They both had a run along the Sea Wall and even spent some time digging in the grass!

Wendy said that she had never been digging before, except in her cage but it wasn't the same as this grass!

There is so much to dig in!
Back home they were so tired in fact Wendy fell asleep in the Ferret Bag on the way home!

As soon as they got in their cage they were asleep and I don't think we will hear anything from them until tomorrow morning!

Holly and I got a treat when TM came home, we got a Rawhide Chew!

So, we are set for tonight, Star Wars, Rawhide and a comfortable sofa, what is better?

Now, we have had a meeting and have decided that Mr Nipper is best left with Archie Babe 'cos there will be a terrible kerfuffle if he came across Wendy, especially if he has any food on him!

We were going to sing Happy Birthday to Auntie Chris but she has gone away on holiday so we will have to wait until we see her again.

We are off now to watch the film, so, bye bye for now and............

Let The Force Be With You!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret.


  1. Yo girlies and Freddy, As far as the weather goes it hasn't been too bad here, spring is on it's way. Love all the pictures today, like the ones with May and April playing bulldozers. They are very brave going rock climbing. So Freddy De Ferret has decided to put his paw down firmly with Miss Wendy and not let her take back the chicken strip, well done Freddy, you've manned up to her, wot a good boy. I reckon that Miss Wendy will show a bit of respect to you now. Nipper is heartbroken that he can't come down for some fisticuffs, he's well in his place now because my boy is taking charge of his training, so he don't get away with any eating of postmen or beating up of anyone. I like the sound of your DVD's, my boy has Star Wars DVD's and we sometimes watch them. I have to cover my eyes with my paws when that big Daft Vada chap comes on, he's a bit scarey. Have a lovely time watching and chewing your chews, may the force be with you and Freddy, tell him not to turn to the dark side, like Mr Nipper. Love, licks, sniffs and wags from little Arch and Mr (nobody wants me) Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. Hello my dear friends, I've had a lovely time on my holibobs in Glasgow with 3 other little woofers just like me. There's not many of us in the UK! Hamish has been filling me in on all your adventures and I'm pleased that Freddy is finally putting Miss Wendy in her place. That bulldozing came looks great fun. Please can you tell me how to play it without the sand going up my nose as it always makes me sneeze. Tell OTL that he took some lovely photos of Miss Wendy today, especially when she was running from the waves. I bet those worry men looked funny running in their wellies, maybe they could give Miss Wendy a race next time. It sounds like Mr Nipper's training is going well with Archie's boy. Maybe like the Force is working on him. I hope you enjoy your Star Wars films. My TL'S really enjoyed the latest one at the cinema. Rawhide chews are a bonus too, much better than popcorn! Love, wags and woofs from Izzy (it's good to be home again) and Hamish (love having my girl home but now I can't get a word in on the puter) xxx

  3. I hope you enjoyed your evening, sounds good - food, film and fun, just right for a winters evening. Perhaps OTL could train those girls to bulldoze the poo in the cages instead of the sand on the beach then you could have a Poo Mountain, you know me, full of good ideas! Fred is being assertive but nicking Wendy's chicken strip, mmmm not such a good idea. Let the force be with you and I hope the films have a Doggie Standard Rating. xxxxxx