Wednesday, 10 February 2016

A Pile of Ferret Poo goes to waste!

Hi Woofers!

We are back again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and finally, Freddy de Ferret!

First thing this morning we were expecting a bit more sun than we actually got! Holly spotted a bit of blue sky and Miss May said she saw some blue sky!

A  Good Day?
Down on the beach May was having a great time in the Sea Kale again, mind you, I can't see the attraction my self, it sniffs of too much salt!

Can we grow one of these in the garden?
We heard some woofing in the distance but couldn't see any woofers, but that didn't stop me from doing my 'Imposing Pose'!

Me, doing 'The Pose'
It's a woofer thing to make you look all sort of big, mean and impressive!

Lunchtime, Fred and Wendy came out with us. We couldn't have a game on the beach 'cos the tide was right in and it was a Spring Tide which means it was right up the top of the beach, in fact it was sloshing against the Sea Wall!

We kept away and headed for the grass path where we all had a sniff and a roll!

Hard work this rolling about!
As we were getting closer to the car park we met up with a young woofer who had just given permission to go out in the big world after having her second injection! We all said hello and had a sniff. Except for the ferrets who stayed away 'cos OTL said that little woofers had sharp teeth!

New Woofer on the Beach!
Back home Old Two Legs was trying on his new jacket he got the last time we stopped at Gretna Green. He said it was very warm but needs a scarf to keep out the wind around his throat!

So, picture this, OTL, prancing around with his new jacket and throwing a scarf around his neck and blowing kisses at himself in the mirror!

Holly said he needs some worming tablets and a dose of Cod Liver Oil!

We were glad to hear that Nipper is getting on well with Archie Babe but we are a bit concerned that his diet seems to be lacking iron.

When he was with us he often went out and mugged a Mini Two Legs on their way to school and pinched their bike, which he ate when he got home!

OTL said that he has checked the shed and his bike is still there, rusting away through non use!

Now, did you know that ferret poo is supposed to keep rats away? Well, according to Lisa-Marie that is correct and she wanted some to try! All our ferrets said they would be pleased to contribute and set about increasing their 'Production Rate'!

The ferret food consumption has increased and the stowage bucket has been slowly getting fuller each day.

Today we hear the order has been cancelled 'cos collection clashes with Valentine's Day!

So, what's the problem? 

Right, we are off to see what is muggable and OTL is to decide what he is going to do with the ton and a half of Ferret Poo!

Bye for now!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret.


  1. Evening all, cor, I love that bit of blue sky you found. Wow, Daisy you look so lovely in that pose, if I didn't know you I might be a bit worried if I saw you posing at me like that. Right, no need to worry about Nipper, he's getting all the iron he needs, we have a scrap yard in the garage with lots of old iron, in fact, any old iron. He's been very busy today so we should also have a huge amount of ferret poo. My mum is wondering if ferret poo scares of squirrels and foxes but Nipper has done so much ferret poo and it's so heavy because of the iron content that we many need to buy a fork lift truck to lift it all, but then, Nipper would probably eat the fork lift before we carted all the ferret poo to the end of the garden. Good to see Fred and Wendy out on their roll and walk this afternoon. I hope you gave that new little woofer some hints about walking, sniffing and digging near the beach. My mum knitted a really nice pink fluffy scarf, she says OTL is welcome to borrow it when he goes away. I hope he has something muggable for tea tonight. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr (iron man) Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. Ferret Poo will get rid of foxes and squirrels but you have to throw the iron rich poo at them!

    Mind you, when it lands on a fox or squirrel there is a big 'DONG'!

    1. Ok Daisy, I'll get my mum to make a bit catapult xxx

  3. Hello, I seemed to have missed yesterday, I was too busy going to Queenborough before it sunk, a car driver flagged us down when travelling along the lower road to Queenborough, directed by our friends Pam and Garry. The man told us that it was flooded where it doesn't normally get flooded so he wondered how flooded the normally flooded bit would be. Now Michael, well he went on to see, when we got there he said it wasn't too bad but that was the bit that doesn't flood, we came to the usually flooded bit and it was deeper but then to go back meant going through that water again. Keep going it rises here, oh now it lowers and rises etc. etc. Well eventually we were through, when we arrived he removed a big twig sticking out of the front bumper and also a lot of small twigs and grassy bits. Today he took off the front grille and removed the rest of Queenborough, oh by the way we came back the long way round. After such an adventure I could not have any more excitement, hence I am here for your excitement. You had a lovely day, I read it twice, oh the picture of OTL, new jacket, pink scarf - I saw some lovely bright yellow wellies in Queenborough, I could direct him, the water has probably gone now. Nice to hear that there are new woofers around, new little friends to be taught the lay of the land with sharp teeth not for little furries though. You have a massive poo problem, I do hope OTL sorts it all out before going off and leaving TM in charge, perhaps he could take it with him and fill the doggie bins on his way up country! We did have lovely blue skies yesterday and Michael has posted a blog about the sunset, no mention of WATER! I will be back later to see what you are up to today, Thursday. xxxxxx