Saturday, 6 February 2016

Busy Busy!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and not forgetting Freddy de Ferret!

What a Saturday it has been. The wind has been blowing like mad all day and there was even some rain in the air this afternoon!

Mind you, it didn't stop us from having a roll on the beach and the ferrets made the most of it as well!

Sea Kale is good for scratching your belly!

Lunchtime we dropped in to see the ladies in The Missus's Master Class. Holly and I did our 'Cute' bit but it seemed that everyone wanted to stroke the ferrets!

Freddy getting all the attention!
 Mind you, we made lots of woofing noises but it was the ferrets that got all the strokes!

Wendy getting loads of strokes!
 We got back home and found that May and April were having game of chase in the cage. OTL let them out for a run and they decided to chase the cheese in OTL's boots!

Miss May also finished off the Lactose Free milk before April could get to it!

are you sure this is cheese?
Pretty soon it was time to go and collect TM from the Master Class. Holly and I sat at the window waiting for TM and OTL to come back and when they did, we went potty!

Guess who is waiting?

OTL has finished booking all the hotels and ferries for his trip to the Orkney's next week. Looks like it could be a fun time. Let's hope he gets some good photos of the stone circles and standing stones!

He also told us that there is a distillery on the island as well, so you know where he will be going!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret.


  1. Good afternoon Daisy, Holly, and all the Godwin's.
    Can't be long today because Mum has lots of marking to do and she needs the desk so I'm typing as quickly as my little paws will let me. Loved the video, especially the low flying woofers again! Those ferrets are sure very popular with the crafty ladies. Did they come home with lots of glue and glitter on them? I keep looking at the photo of Miss May slurping the lactose-free milk and I just can't work out what is next to her. It looks like a pair of ferret legs sticking out of a hat, but I can't see a body? What happened to the rest of Miss April. Did Miss May bury Miss April's head in a hat so she could get to the milk first?
    I love the photo of you and Holly at the window. We watch from the upstairs French doors for Daddy to come home from work. I go crazy when I see his Four Wheel roller pulls up, I run downstairs, then back up to watch him come through the gate. Mum says I make an awful racket. Then Hamish joins in. He doesn't bark until Dad's through the gate as he hasn't worked out that Two Legs arrive in four wheel rollers.
    OTL's trip to the Orkney's sounds exciting. Those stone circles would have fantastic sniffs from all those druids. My dad would love that distillery. He and OTL could chat about Malt whiskey. Has OTL heard of Campbeltown distilleries? One is called Speyside, I think. That is where my day grew up so he has drunk lots of that whiskey stuff. Must go now as mum is beginning to moan at me for hogging the desk. See you tomorrow. wags, woofs, licks and love from Izzy

  2. Evening all, cor you have had a busy day. Loved the video, glad you managed to get it in. My mum thinks Freddy is a really handsome chap. Good to see the page 3 girls having fun in that Kale. Wot on earth is April doing upside down in OTL's boots? Was good to hear you got down to the master class today, I can't understand them ladies not making a big fuss of you and Holly as well as the ferrets. Good for you woofing at them to let them know you're around. Me and my mum nearly got blown away out on our walks. I managed a bit of mugging up the sweet shop this morning. I have to go to bed early tonight cos my mum is up early tomorrow to go to work. I bet OTL will miss you all when he pops up to Scotland. I know you'll miss him as well. I hope Mrs TM manages to keep you all happy while OTL is away. Make sure he goes down to the doggie shop first to get some treats and decent scoff for you. Have a lovely warm snuggly evening all and hope this wind goes away for tomorrow. Love, licks and wags from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx

    1. Oh thank you Little Arch for clearing that up. I've had another look now and I can see that 'the hat' it actually OTL's boot with Miss April sniffing at the cheese. It all makes sense now! I'm glad that you didn't get blown away today. It's been raining again up here. So I need to hurry up with that Ark. If it blows us down your way Little Arch, I'll save a special seat for you, Daisy and Holly. Make sure you get some mugging from the sweet shop to bring on the trip. love Izzy xx

    2. A space on the ark will be great, just make sure you have plenty of treats stashed safely ;) xxx

  3. Loved seeing more low flying woofers in the video today. Really pleased to see Miss April has found her sparkle again. Great photo of you and Holly at the window - ready to welcome the TL's home. Hope you got some treats for being so good. Looking forward to seeing some Orkney photo's and hearing what tricks you have got lined up for TM while OTL is away x

  4. Hello again, my favourite woofers waiting at the window, did they bring you any presents? OTL heading off to see some stones, well at least they will behave and not move about, interested to see the photos but tell him not to make it the 2016 calendar! I recognised the boot from here but no smelly vision so we have to take your woof for that regarding the cheese. Nice seeing the ladies who knew which bit to stroke and love the video especially the low flying woofer and the belly scratching. Rain here now and wind so take care tomorrow. xxxxxx

  5. Hey Daisy, I surely don't understand how you and Holly were not the center of attention with the ladies!!!No accounting for taste, huh???