Friday, 5 February 2016

Friday is Fun Day!

Hello Woofers!

We are here again! Daisy, Holly,Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret!

We had the delivery man call with a package for Old Two Legs, a Landranger Map of the Orkney Mainland!

It is getting closer! I expect OTL will be working on dates and routes and B&B's and just what he wants to see when he gets up there!

I know he has already enquired about a B&B and had a reply, so that bit is sorted, almost!

It is going to be fun being looked after by The Missus for over a week!

I wonder what trouble we can all get into while OTL is away?

Today we had a walk on the beach and this time Miss April said she felt like a bit of fresh air, so she was in the bag with her nose sticking out the top!

She even got out for a run on the beach!

And that's when it happened...........................................OTL fell over!

He got his paws all crossed and down he went! Makes you wonder what he would do with four paws like wot we got?

OTL Can't run backwards!

Well we all laughed and poor April had to be put back in the bag 'cos she could hardly breath for laughing!

 Both Fred and Wendy were out for a midday run but instead of walking along the sea wall to help keep their claws trim, they instead went on the beach for a little 'Dig and Whizz'.

Well, in Freddie's case it was a 'Dig and Waddle'!

We were having a great time and the ferrets were enjoying a good roll in the grass when...........

Barney II goes Boo!


  1. Freddy and Wendy seem to get on together outside when there's important business like rolling to be getting on with.

    1. Although we have the occasional squeak, most of the time there is no trouble. We have often found them cuddled up in bed and of course, when out for a walk, any sniffs are shared!

  2. Yo maties down there near the sea, wot a nice day you've all had, well cept for poor OTL, hope he didn't bruise his bum when he fell over. The page 3 girls sure like that rolly plant, I must have a sniff of it when I come down next and see if I fancy a roll on it. Glad Miss April enjoyed her walk and carry. You lot are awful to laugh at OTL but I think you're right about TL's are better off not having 4 legs, don't know how they'd manage. So, who was on guard duty this afternoon? Did you and Holly chops have your noses deep in a hole? Freddy does look like he's enjoying his roll in the grass, I hope he wasn't a smelly nelly when he got home. Miss Wendy seemed more like she was getting camouflaged up, ready for a quick ambush. Really love these videos. Hope you all have a lovely evening with some muggings. Love from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx

  3. Miss April is looking so well now and how wonderful to see Miss Wendy snuggling with Freddy... mind you, I don't blame Freddy for keeping his head well outside the bed.
    I hope they all behave that well for TM when she's in charge. My mum's friends from our village moved to Orkney last summer. OTL will have to give them a wave as he lands on the ferry because they live near it. I'm sure he will have a lovely time. Our friends bought wetsuits so they could all go swimming in the sea. Do you think OTL would look good in a wetsuit?
    I really enjoyed the videos today. Poor OTL falling over his own Paws; I did try hard not to laugh but I had to titter. It was good to see you playing Dig & Whizz. You're very good at it. Freddy needs a bit more practice at the whizz part but I suppose he does have shorter legs..all the better to reach the sniff & roll plant.
    Hope you managed some good muggings tomight. You'll have to start training TM so she's ready for her spell as OTL, his poo pot duties, walks on the beach and sharing of shortbread.
    Must go now as it's teethchew time. Have a lovely day tomorrow xx

  4. That was sure one mighty roll about and Barney II crept out of nowhere, probably surprised him as much, glad it was sorted. Can't say that about OTL being sorted after forgetting which end is up and which is down. So he is planning on running off and leaving his family, well shock, horror how will you all manage, there will be enough instructions to fill Encyclopaedia Brittania so I hope you will cope. The ferrets really love that sea kale, does it have a good sniff to you and Holly? Keep that Minder of yours under control tomorrow, better take his lead. xxxxxx And x, for OTL's hurt pride!