Sunday, 14 February 2016

Half Way There!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Mr Freddy de Ferret!

Well, he has just called in, he has arrived at the hotel and is all set up in the room. Old Two Legs memory is getting bad and he has already forgotten all the turns and corridors he has to take to get down to the restaurant!

I hope he doesn't starve! We wouldn't want our OTL to fade away!

We have been having fun here with The Missus, you see she doesn't do the walking and cage cleaning, that is OTL's job.

Until now!

Normally OTL takes his breakfast in with the ferrets and while they have their milk, he has his rabbit food. Then there is Aprils meds and May has to have her slurp of Ferretone and a bit of Chicken Strip torn into pieces so she can hide it at the back of the drawer!

TM don't know this!

So we are in a steep learning curve and this morning TM got her breakfast around eleven thirty!

Cage cleaning was fun as well, TH was on her knees with her head in the cage when Miss May comes tearing up to her and gives her a playful nip on the arm.

TM banged her head on the cage roof!

TM called May a rude name!

Freddy is taking an interest in Wendy and has jumped onto her back and held her down by the scruff, which is a sort of ferret 'Chat Up Line'!

Wendy hasn't come into season yet but maybe Freddy can sniff something in the air!

Mind you, he has lost his 'Ferret Bits' so Wendy is safe'ish!

OTL has made arrangements to have Wendy 'Done' when she comes into season, which, according to Freddy's nose, won't be long!

Holly and I have been up at the window keeping an eye on all the cars out the front of the house and giving them the 'Hairy Eyeball' so they won't park there when OTL comes home!

Mind you, it would be nice if he had come around the corner! 

We can always get Nipper to rip the tyres off!
Holly has got a bit of a Grumbly Tum but it didn't stop her from eating all her chicken and follow it up with a nibble of a carrot!

Don't even think about it Sis!
 So, all is well and OTL has 'Landed' at the hotel and has 'Reported in'. He says that he has driven through snow and sleet and that there is snow on the hills.

Well, he can keep the snow up there until he comes home 'cos TM doesn't like driving in the snow and that would mean we just get a short walk around the farmers field!

TM has promised to take some more pictures tomorrow.

Bye bye for now!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret.


  1. Hi Daisy and Co! Very pleased to hear that OTL has got safely to his overnight stop. I hope he finds his way down to dinner and breakfast. I'm not surprised that he had sleet and snow as the big hills behind our village are totally covered in the white stuff. We even had some falling on our walk. It really sticks to the fur on my legs.
    I think TM is going to really enjoy looking after the ferrets...especially the poo pots...not!! Sorry TM but I did laugh when you banged your head. Please can you ask Freddy to stop his frisky antics; I've had enough of that with Hamish lately and he's had his gentleman bits removed too. I hope that Miss Wendy doesn't need to go to the vets to be "done" while OTL is away. I think that you are very good as car park guards. TM was very good with the camera today. Holly looks like she is beginning to enjoy those carrots. I'm sure that TM will soon get into a routine in the mornings or else she'll start having brunch at 11am.
    Well it's started snowing again and Countryfile said there'd been snow in Norfolk and possibly even London so I hope TM doesn't have to drive in the Skiddy stuff. OTL will be glad he packed his thermals; especially if he's going to be dancing around them big stones.
    Love, wags, woofs and licks from Izzy and Hamish xx xx xx xx

  2. Evening little guard woofers and furballs. Glad to hear that OTL has landed at his hotel, I'm sure if he follows his nose he'll find where the scoff is being served. I think maybe you could help Mrs TM and get her to follow OTL's daily routine, perhaps if you push her out of bed and then send her to get her breakfast and the furballs milk and other stuff, then pass her a hard hat so that she doesn't bang her head again. I'm sure Miss May thought that Mrs TM might have been planning to move into her house and thought she'd just give her a little nip to let her know it would be too small. Wayhay Freddy, you many not have all your bits but you can have a bit of fun. You might want to find a better chat up line though Freddy. Loved the pictures today, hope Holly gets over her grumbly tum, she does look cosy under the blanket though. I don't think anyone would dare to park in OTL's space with you and Holly giving them the hairy eyeball. Hope OTL enjoys the rest of his journey, I bet he's missing you all. Don't forget to guard OTL's side of the bed and snuggle up to Mrs TM and keep her warm. Take care all, looking forward to hearing tomorrows adventures. Mr Nipper said he's very willing to come down and bite the tyres of anyone who upsets his little maties. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr (let me at em) Nipper xxxxxxxx

  3. Hello there Daisy and confederates, well this is the start of something new, TM will be loosing a few pounds with all the lack of food, hard work and stress, you and Holly had better not moan at a bit of tinned scoff. As long as she has strength to open the can you will be keeping up your strength and you could always have a little shortbread it will hardly be noticed. Glad the bossman has landed at the first stop, tell him to leave the snow there where it belongs. Keep a guard on those cars so OTL can get back easily and better help TM keep an eye on those little furries and tomorrow no bumped heads or rude words in front of little ears. xxxxxx