Friday, 12 February 2016

Is there snow on the way? What was in the Blue Bag?

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and don't forget Freddy de Ferret!

As if we could forget Freddy Babe!

Mind you, Wendy got into a bit of a ruckus this morning with Freddy, you see, May and April have been out 'Collecting' stuff and storing it behind the bottom drawer where Old Two Legs keeps his work stuff. This morning they managed to 'Collect' some tasty stuff for eating later.

When it was Fred and Wendy's turn for a rampage around the house, Fred dived into the draw and polished off the Chicken Strips that were stored there, then he started on the brand new Doggy Teeth Cleaning Chew, which he just loves!

Wendy was under the opinion that the Chicken Strips were more than enough for Freddy and she should have first nibble at the chew.

Freddy didn't agree.

Freddy held onto the chew and every time Wendy tried to get it from him, he turned his head and used his rather well endowed butt to shove her away!

Wendy got upset and all hell broke loose!

There was crashing and squeaking and grumbling going on behind the drawer  and the whole bit of furniture was crashing about all over the place!

OTL had to take out the drawers and pull the two apart!

He found Two new Bonio Biscuits, a brand new Teeth Cleaning Chew, two bits of Rawhide chew, several Brambles Biscuits and a squeaky ball hidden there!

Holly and I had the biscuits while Freddy got half of the chew while Wendy got the other half!

The Rawhide chews were left for Holly and I to finish off after lunch!

Down on the beach there was blue sky and sunshine.

but will it stay like this?
Holly has been watching the weather reports and reckons that there could be some snow on high ground. I did point out that we were down at sea level and it shouldn't get to us but Holly said we should make preparations, like, get a shovel out of the shed and order some extra chicken and lambs hearts so we wouldn't run out of food!

Miss May was walking with us up the grass path and said that we were like the three Musketeers, you know, One for All and All for One! 

One for All.........
 OTL said he would be taking his set of Snow Chains he brought last year when he goes on Saturday, I wonder if he knows something we don't?

Lunchtime it was getting a bit colder but Wendy and Freddy got dragged out of a warm bed and marched down to the beach!

Tale of the Blue Bag!

I must admit, even I was glad when we got back in the car and then home to a warm spot under OTL's desk!

Tomorrow we will be helping OTL load everything he will need up in Orkney.
Thermal Underwear, Woolly Socks, Warm Scarf, Two Pairs of Gloves, Three Warm Hats, Two Arctic Coats, Tufty Walking Boots, Three 'Under Coats' and that is without the standard stuff like knickers, shirts, dinner suit bow tie. You know, all the normal stuff! 

Then there is all the camera stuff and not forgetting a shovel!

Almost too much for me!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and the famous Freddy de Ferret.


  1. Evening woofers and furballs, cor it was a tad cold today, we didn't have the wind like you though, we have heard that there might be snow over the weekend. I reckon you could have sold tickets for this mornings rumpus. Them little furballs are very sneaky, where do they pinch all that stash from. I bet May and April will have something to say when they find it all gone. Good job OTL intervened and gave Freddy and Wendy half each. Loved the video, poor OTL, I could see how he was getting blown about, perhaps he was getting in practice for Orkney. Now, I've had a quick run through his list of requirements and I see now woofers to keep him warm during the night on that list, I really think they are essential kit for all travels up there in the wilds. That Holly really is a forward thinker, how smart to suggest getting in extra supplies of proper grub just in case Mrs TM gets snowed in next week. I hope Mrs TM listens to such wise words. We had a very sunny day but it was so cold, I was happy to wear my fleece when I went up the shops to mug Brenda this morning. I liked the picture of Miss May trotting along beside you and Holly chops. Now me and Nipper had a bit of a rampage this afternoon while my mum was ironing, by the time she came in to see wot we were up to, I was sitting quietly on the sofa and Nipper was flying thru the air, so he got into lots of trouble. My mum said he should be a good boy like me, Nipper said he will deal with my later ...........eeeeeeeeek. Right pizza has arrived so I'm off for some mugging, love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr (I'll see you later) Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. Hi everyone. What a windy day you've had. It's been very cold up here so OTL will need all his layers in Orkney. Why does he need a dinner suit. I didn't know they had penguins in Orkney. I enjoyed watching your video; that wave was a close one! Did the blue plastic bag sniff like sea kelp because those ferrets sure liked it? I really like that photo of the 3 of you walking side by side. My mum said it was like "The good, the bad and the Ugly", I said she was very rude, especially when you had all sung such a lovely birthday song for her. So she explained about a film that has cows and boys in the west and she wasn't calling anyone ugly because she thinks you is all beautiful, wonderful woofers and fabulous ferrets.
    I'm looking forward to having my mum home all day as it is the school holibobs and so she'll have time to slap glue and glitter while I keep her company. Sometimes she let's me jump on her lap to see what she's doing and before she knows it, I hop up onto her craft table and give myself a glittery make over. For some reason, mum doesn't like it when I try to share her hobby and keeps putting me back on the floor again.
    Hamish and I have been having lots of fun running around playing tugs with our toys but it sounds like Little Arch and Mr Nipper had a lot more fun. I'm not sure how Mr (Ferrets don't have wings so shouldn't fly) Nipper felt about it but I think that Little Arch should check the padlocks on Mr Nipper's cage very carefully each night.
    We all wish OTL a safe and wonderful trip away and hope that TM has lots of tasty meals planned for you while he's away. Love, wags, woofs and licks from Izzy and Hamish xx xx xx xx

  3. Sue here using M's phone, what a day of packing wearing all those clothes going to be hard to walk let alone press the shutter. Looking forward to some good pictures, OTL enjoy and don't worry about your little family they are in same hands. What a stash behind the drawer, such fun reading it, it is raining here in Lenham after breakfast, loved everyone's comments as well, safe journey to the intrepid wanderer from me and Michael. xxxxxx. X