Wednesday, 24 February 2016

It's So Hard being a Guard Dog!

Hello Woofers!

It's us! Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and of course Freddy 'Mr Cuddles' de Ferret!

You know, sometimes I wonder if going away for a break is all that it is cracked up to be! I mean, Old Two Legs goes away for a week and a bit and comes back to a pile of paperwork that takes two weeks to get rid off!

Holly reckons if he took all the paper and threw it in the waste bin he could get rid of it all in seconds!

He has been up at that computer all morning, mumbling away to himself and doing that 'Grumbly' sound he makes when he is doing things with the VAT return!

He had an appointment with one of his customers this morning so The Missus took us out but when we got back we found he was just taking his coat off! It seems the appointment had been put back until lunchtime!

Well, off he went while we stayed in the office guarding all the VAT forms and the ferrets hidden stash of Doggy Biscuits!

Those Doggy Biscuits drive Holly and me wild 'cos we can sniff them but can't get to them 'cos there is just too many bits of wire and stuff in the way!

After a while Holly gets into her 'Guarding' position and  before long was snoring her tail off!

Be Alert! OTL needs Lerts!
Me, on the other paw was just looking like I was sleeping but really I was keeping an eye on everything that was happening!

Got my eye on you!
 Once the morning games are over the ferrets get down to some serious snoozing and you can see by Wendy's position that there is not always enough room in the sleeping bag for both her and Freddy!

One day I'll get the pillow first!
Back comes OTL and we all settle down again, Holly doing the 'Guarding', me, hunting out the scoff the ferrets have stored behind the paper shredder machine and TM doing more craft work 'cos she feels 'Inspired'!

OTL is to get those Chorizo Sausages tonight, so Holly and I will be either side of him, helping to decide which bit tastes the best and getting samples to try!

Well, that's the main idea!

OTL tells us we have an appointment with the Poodle Parlour on Friday, we just hope that the weather is a bit warmer than it was this morning.

Six inches of frost!

OK, dinner is about to be prepared so we are off!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret!


  1. Evening all, do you know wot? I agree with Holly chops, bin the paper, sorted, job done. I see Holly uses the same guarding position as I do, the snores are just to let the burglars know there is a guard woofer on duty, cos we're not really snoozing, it's a cunning ploy. Is that a carrot I see you guarding Daisy? So, the ferrets, you and Holly and Mrs TM and OTL were all missing out on things this morning because some silly TL couldn't keep on track with his appointments, I hope OTL told him about all the things he has to do in the mornings, poo pot picking, ferret and woofer walking, ferret breakfast meetings. Poor Miss Wendy, hanging half out of the sleeping bag, never mind I'm sure she'll get in there first one day soon. Ooohhh don't mention the poodle parlour, I've got to go again in a couple of weeks, I just don't do being bathed, being dried, being brushed and combed, being trimmed ............. yukkkkkk. I hope you manage to get to do a quality control check on them new sausages. Have a good evening all. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. Hi my southern friends. 6 inches of frost sounds really thick. We had snow but it's all gone now, thank goodness as my feet were covered in white snowballs when I got home from my walk this morning. I must be A Lert too because I have the same guarding position as Holly especially when I'm guarding mum at night. I hope OTL finds a new home for his paperwork. Mum says that he can keep it in our Woodburner if he likes. Love, wags, woofs and licks from Izzy xxxxxxxx

  3. It seems a very sleepy old place Godwin Towers these days, did TM drop off to sleep in her glue and glitter pots? All that paperwork, the others have good ideas for it so all I would suggest is that OTL looks carefully in case there are any cheques hidden amongst it all. Lovely to have photos today, made me giggle and you do a clever trick asleep with one eye open. Looks like Fred is getting the pillow first and isn't being shoved out by any woman, she seems to have taken it quite well at the moment. If I find any spare lerts I shall send them straight over because you always need a few lerts about. It doesn't seem the right time to have a hair cut with all the cold, icy weather forecasts, did OTL bring you and Holly any Doris jumpers? Will we get to see the new addition to TM's wardrobe, sounds nice and warm, maybe you and Holly can have a sleeve each! Keep warm, hear from you tomorrow. xxxxxx