Friday, 19 February 2016

Missing OTL!

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and The Wunderful Freddy de Ferret!

Today has been one of those 'Oh No!' days, you know, wake up and 'Oh No!' Holly has eaten my carrot! Then you roll over on the bed and 'Oh No!' The Missus is still in bed and there is no room to stretch out!

Then you go out the front door for a walk and 'Oh No!' It's Raining!

Back home you head for the kitchen for some food and 'Oh No!' it's Doggy Scoff!

Back up to bed only to find 'Oh No!' Holly has pinched your favourite bit on Old Two Legs side of the bed!

Mind you, the ferrets were all in a good mood, Freddy and Wendy have been chasing each other around all over the house and Freddy has been rolling around on the floor with Wendy jumping on him!

May and April have been play fighting as well, April has been back to her old self although her intake of food isn't as high as OTL would like but you just can't force her to eat!

Still, OTL will be home on Sunday, so he can have a word with her and see what can be done!

Holly and I will be glad to see him back and then we can get cuddle at night when we go to bed.

OTL and Alun have been exploring the town of Stromness today and the streets look so very narrow, a real old maritime town!

Yo Ho Me Hearties Yo Ho!
 OTL made this one look like an old photo but he had to rub out the telephone line!
Looks old?
 Then Alun found the Khyber Pass and insisted he takes a picture. Mind you, they both kept their eyes open for the Berbers!
Up The Khyber Pass!
 Down the very end of the street was an old well that has been in use for hundreds of years and the notice tells of some famous ships that loaded up their water barrels from it!

Just water, no beer or grog!
In the afternoon OTL went off investigating Iron Age Buildings and boring stuff like that! Mind you, he did see four Grey Seals playing about in the water just in front of the car!

OTL has now packed up all his dirty washing and will be heading home tomorrow, well, the first part of the journey. They will overnight in Perth then back home on Sunday.

The Missus says that she is looking forward to OTL coming back 'cos she is fed up with Poo Pots and she has heard that OTL will be bringing a Woolly Jumper that was made with the fleece from Doris The Sheep!

OTL says you can still sniff the sheep in the wool!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and cuddly Freddy de Ferret!


  1. Oh no Daisy, wot a disappointing day for you. Sorry to hear that Holly has eaten too much carrot, wot does too much carrot do to her? I could eat carrots until the coos come home. Don't tell me that Mrs TM is laying in bed of a morning, she's usually up with the larks. Why doesn't Mrs TM do cuddling and snuggling with you like wot my mum does? Sorry to hear you had rain, we had lots of cold but no rain. Doggie scoff....... yukkkkkkkk, I bet OTL will be cross when he hears you were given doggie scoff. Then to add insult to injury Holly beats you to OTL's spot on the bed!!!! Don't worry, you'll soon have OTL back to claim is side and snuggle you and feed you nice scoff. It's good to hear that Freddy and Wendy are playing nicely now. Maybe Miss April doesn't feel too hungry at the moment but it sounds as if she is enjoying her play fights with Miss May which is good. Love OTL's pictures, he sure does know how to get the best of a shot. He's had a very interesting week up there in the north. Now I'm surprised he's only bringing home the jumper and not Doris and friend as well. I bet Mrs TM has enjoyed her time being chief poo pot picker. Safe journey home to OTL and Alun. Have a good evening all. My boy has got a whole week of work next week so lots of playtime with him and more Nipper training. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr (oh ho) Nipper

  2. What a no no day it has been and the crowning glory of it all was the doggie scoff, I should withdraw my services and refuse to act as guard dog and ferret watcher. OTL has been on a real explore, I don't suppose he had to remove the double yellow lines from that road, it doesn't look wide enough to drive along it. I bet he managed to take some seal pictures as an added bonus. Just one jumper from Doris the sheep, knowing how OTL only does things in twos he must have bought himself one as well or ............ as Archie wondered is Doris herself coming home with them? Not long now, they will be back at the B&B tomorrow and then home to his favourite little friends and TM of course. I hope she has managed to carry out her duties well, a little slacking I note this morning, poor thing she must have been tired. Any way Daisy has gone home with Sparkle and Flower, they have woken up Michael in the night with their antics on the satellite dish and big wheel, we miss her, we love having her stay even with her new animals. Sleep well and stand your ground. xxxxxx

  3. Always enjoy reading your words Daisy! And what a treat to read the comments here! Sure puts a smile on!!