Thursday, 18 February 2016

OTL's Dream Came True!

Hi Woofers!

Here we are, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and the cuddly Freddy de Ferret!

It's been good today, sunshine and good food! We got chicken this morning, all tasty and not 'Caramelized'!

There has been loads of young Two Legs running around, so it must be half term! I don't mind them so much but why must they make so much noise? I mean, they make more noise than Holly on a bad day!

We had a word with Old Two Legs who is still on Orkney. He told us about him seeing the Aurora last night and getting frozen by standing in the garden for hours taking photos!

Here are three he has sent down.

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 OTL says that he has waited all his life to see the lights!

Getting excited now!
 The only thing missing was the 'Curtains of Light'

There is a little curtain on the left hand side.
 So, we have a 'Happy Puppy' who now has seen the lights. What we want to know is 'How long before he comes home?' All us woofers are missing our cuddles, especially the ferrets. I mean, The Missus is OK but OTL just has the knack!

Today he went off again and stopped at places along the coast to photograph the waves, and do they look big!

Wet and Windy!
 He also said he saw 'The Old Man of Hoy', who ever he is!

In the photo he can be seen poking his head around the cliff to see OTL!

Can you see him?
 OTL then says he went up to see Lord Kitchener's Monument, but there was no one there, except a couple of rabbits that OTL says were almost as big as Holly and I!

OTL says that they had to walk about two miles to get there and when they did get there, it was empty, no one was at home!

Lord Kitchener's Monument and Alun!
So, that is about it today, TM didn't take any photo's of us, so blame her!

It's a good job OTL has sent some down to us or it will be just writing and that does get a bit boring sometimes!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss (Poo Pot Kicking) May, Miss April (Assistant Poo Pot Kicker), Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret.


  1. Well do I start by saying that OTL has finally seen the light, must mean that it is all good doggie scoff from now on! Oh well, my little friends, you can but dream!
    Lovely photos sent southwards today, TM is forgiven for not taking any pictures it must be very hard work looking after the brood, she deserves a rest when they finally come back. I can se in my crystal ball some really big cuddles around, OTL will have to hand out tickets for cuddles so you all get a fair share. Today we went to Knole Park and Daisy saw baby deer, lots of them, first time she saw some without big fences, she said. Have a fun Friday, I am sad because Daisy is being collected by her daddy. xxxxxx

  2. Well, wot can we say about OTL's pictures, they are fantastic, love the lights in the sky. I hope he decides to come home soon and not stay up there with them lovely lights and old ruins. He must be missing you all and all the cuddles he usually gets. I wonder if OTL had a tasting at the distillery he went to the other day. Glad it was a sunny day, we was expecting snow but it didn't come, thank goodness. So Mrs TM is making a big effort for you, cooking you chicken the way you like it and taking you out even if there are lots of noisy little TL's around. I'm surprised Mrs TM hasn't trained Miss May and Miss April out of kicking the poo pots around, I wouldn't want to mess with Mrs TM. Good to hear Freddy De Ferret is cuddly, I reckon I'm cuddly, my mum says I'm fat but I prefer the term cuddly. I met up with some of my woofer mates this morning, little Alfie the pug and Rollo the chocolate Labrabozo, we all had some good sniffs to chat about. I bet Sue and Michael will miss having little Daisy and her hamsters around but the Easter holibobs will be here soon enough. I'm waiting for my boy to come home from work so I can mug him for some of his scoff, oppppps my mum saw that, she says I'm not allowed to mug for scoff. Right I better go guard the front door and get ready to give some licks and cuddles. Have a good evening tonight and a good day tomorrow down there and up there. Love, licks, sniffs and wags from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx

  3. Well how is OTLs ever going to get better photos than the ones he has sent down to you today? (Well he might if you, Holly and all the honorary woofers are in the frame with TM photo bombing). Fantastic photos of the lights and its great OTL's dream has come true. I would love to see the lights. The crashing waves shot is great too (and Alun and Lord Kitcheners monument of course!)I bet OTL will get right old ear licking from you all when he gets back.

  4. Wow! My mum is very jealous because she's always wanted to see those pretty lights in the sky. What fantastic photos from OTL today. He sure is having fun. I hope he remembers to come home so that the ferrets get a walk soon. Then they may kick the poo pots less. TM needs to train them better. She should use her "don't knock over the glue & glitter pot" voice that she uses with her ladies! TM is forgiven for not taking photos today especially if there were lots of noisy little two legs around. We've had a very quiet, sunny day today but it was still freezing cold. Hope you got good scoff tonight. Love, wags, woofs and licks from Izzy and Hamish xx xx xx xx

  5. Fantastic pictures and I'm so pleased that you managed to see the Aurora! Daisy said hurry home now!