Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Cold, Wet & Windy!

Yo Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret back again!

You know, just for a change, the Weather Man was right about today's weather, it certainly was cold wet and windy!

In fact, Old Two Legs lets May and April off the run along the Sea Wall because, as he said, it was 'Inclement Weather'!

Inclement? It was Booming Freezing!

We even needed our rain coats on!

Down on the beach OTL was trying to play tricks on us. There we were, sniffing our way along the beach when OTL calls out 'Eagle'!

Now, both Holly Dog and I know that the chance of seeing an eagle in North Kent would be pretty rare. So we both chose to ignore his joke and carried on sniffing and refused to look where he was pointing..

No eagles around here!
After a while Holly sort of turned her head around and whispered to me, 'Look, Brent Geese, OTL is going Potty!'

Eagles they ain't!
The Postman brought Wendy's new collar tags today and OTL fitted one to her harness. Now she will look dead smart going our for a walk with us all. She was using Snowflakes old tag and while she said it was an honor to wear it, she would rather have her own tag!

April was off down the vet's today for a checkup and to get a new supply of pills for her heart trouble. The vet said he was very pleased with her progress and she was looking good and had even put on some weight!

He gave OTL a big box of pills and said he didn't need to see April again for six months! Then charged him a fortune and tickled April and May under their chins!

May was all for giving him a 'Playful Nip' but decided against it 'cos he may charge OTL even more next time!

OTL says it's called 'Blood Money'!

Lunchtime we were going to wake Fred and Wendy up so they can come with us on our walk but OTL said it was too cold and they wouldn't enjoy it because of the muddy path and the cold wind.

That means we get to choose the path and of course we went around the long way!

Looks like rain!
The tide had just 'Turned' but it was still bashing away at the Sea Wall and there were a couple of times when the water came over the top of the wall!

Looking at the sea you could see that it wasn't really warm enough for a dip!

Cold wet and Nasty!
 A bit further on we met that woofer who just loves to get a stroke from OTL but he really is a wimp! I mean, we go dashing up to him giving out 'Hello Matey' type woof and he goes rushing off to his Two Legs saying that we were woofing at him!

I mean, what a wimp!

They're woofing at me Mum!

Back home we went off to our cushions and enjoyed a super afternoon snooze while OTL finished off his 'Book Keeping' stuff.

We had a look in the ferret cage and see that May had kicked her Poo Pot upside down and emptied all the contents over the floor. So, OTL, being a bit put out, took the poo pot out and brushed all the litter into one corner saying that they could 'Get On With That!'

When they both saw what OTL had done, both ferrets migrated up to the top shelf and went to sleep in the corner hammock!

Let's see just where they leave their poo now!

OTL ordered up the new Travelling Cage last night and it is on its way, in fact it was shipped last night! Speedy service or wot? Archie Babe said he had his old one he used when he was a puppy and we could have it for the ferrets but OTL had already ordered and paid for the new one! Still, if we get any more ferrets I think OTL will be in touch with Archie Babe!

By the way, this is wot the new one looks like, but I think it is a bit smaller than this one!

SMALL Petmate Vari Kennel for small dogs, kittens, cats, pets - Cream Linen Colour
You know, that woofer looks a lot like my Mum, my real Mum that is, not The Missus!

The cage is approved for air travel, so who knows, we could send the ferrets on holiday by aeroplane instead of in the back of the car!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret!


  1. Yo little cold maties down there near the sea. I agree with you about the weather today Daisy, it's been really miserable, I didn't even want to go in the garden for a wee or read my paper this morning. It's alright for them furballs, snuggled up inside a bag keeping warm and cosy but some of us have to get our paws cold and wet. And then, when you and Holly put up with all that silly OTL tells you there's eagles flying around ....... tsk. Glad to hear that Miss Wendy has her own tag now but it is indeed an honour to have been able to have worn Snowflakes tag. We're all pleased about the news on Miss April and hope that Mrs TM doesn't have to get rid of some of her crafting stuff to make room to store Miss Aprils big bundle of pills. I bet Freddy and Miss Wendy were just pretending to snooze when OTL went to take them out, I bet they hatched a plan and said if he found them snoozing he'd go without them ...... wot a crafty pair. Doesn't that little woofer know he was in the presence of celebrity woofers who wouldn't hurt a fly? That Miss May is a naughty little furball, fancy having poo on your floor ....... I like the look of that new cage. I'm so glad when you said that woofer in the picture wasn't Mrs TM cos I didn't think she looked very much like her either. My mum said she'll bring that cage down next time she comes, OTL can have a look and if it's any good as a spare he can have it, it's too small for me now. I like my bigger cage cos I can see out all the way round. I haven't had any adventures today apart from playing with my boy and sneaking into his room and pinching some of his things. He's back at work tomorrow so I'll miss him. Have a lovely evening all, stay warm, dry and cosy. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr (that cage couldn't hold me) Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. Hello everyone, including Archie and his mum, when I am first to comment here I have to come back to see what Archie has said. Kind of him to give his small cage to you, not strong enough for Nipper but Freddie is more gentile. Well it wasn't as windy as I expected but then I didn't go to the beach, only Iceland and I drove all the way.
    So happy for little Missy and I bet OTL didn't mind paying for those pills because she is worth it to see her running around all happy. You all seem to be winning with this poo pot lark, well mostly just some little glitches for variety. You didn't fool me into thinking that TM had changed into another doggie, no room in that cage for her gear, hers would need to be the size of an elephants cage but with two floors. Do Amazon sell them, probably do but I think OTL would find himself living in it?!