Friday, 11 March 2016

OTL has a new Dead Rat Microphone!

Hi Woofers!

It's Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and 'Fall Over' Freddy de Ferret!

Another super day today!

It was a bit chilly to start but once the sun got up it melted all the frost and warmed everything up!

Both May and April said it was too cold to begin with and elected to stay in the ferret bag!

May likes riding in the bag but she keeps sticking her head out and talking to Old Two Legs!

No, it's OK, I'm standing on Aprils head!
 Most of the time she is what OTL calls a 'Back Seat Driver'!

Keep to the left and mind that rabbit hole over there!
 Down on the beach April said that she was still cold and could she have a cuddle please? Of course, OTL picked her up and she got a ride in the bag until we got to the grass path where she did a bit of sniffing!

I'm cold, I need a cuddle please!
 May spent some time helping Holly and me search for the sniff from yesterday but we didn't find it so we reckon it got washed out to sea!

Not even a sniff of a sniff!
 When we got back there was some horrid Doggy Scoff in the bowl, phew! I've sniffed better sniffs than that!

Looks like we are going hungry again today!

The Postman called and delivered OTL's new microphone for the video camera. It looks dead smart and all professional looking. It also has a filter thing to help stop the wind blowing across the microphone and making a terrible noise.

OTL said we will try it out on the lunch time walk.

Holly said that although it looks professional, it also looks like a Dead Rat!

So, that's what we are going to call it, OTL's 'Dead Rat Microphone'!

Dead Rat or Hamster?
 So, Dead Rat or not we went out to try it out and we all gave it a good test!

Dead Rat

Well, we reckon that OTL's laboured breathing and the crunch of his boots on the sea shells may have added a bit of realism but we prefer the new microphone!

Next we will see how The Missus sounds when she does the next 'Glue Slapping Video'!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret!


  1. Yo maties down there near the sea. Glad you've all had a super day, it was quite cold here first thing and very foggy. Doesn't April mind May standing on her head in the bag? Wot a shame that super sniff got washed away, do you think some French woofer is rolling in it now? I like the look of OTL's dead rat, I could have fun with that. Loved the video, plenty of Freddy and Wendy and you and Holly in it. I hope that ball stays safe in the hole. You are good to let Freddy take over your hole. Not sure how you managed to get a dip in that cold water without freezing your tail off. In one bit of the video I thought I noticed OTL had his feet on the wrong way round. I noticed Freddy trying to get an early lift back into the bag. Did Holly chops manage to top up her tan? Now, wot I want to know is, was that Mrs TM playing the guitar while you were out walking and being filmed? Now Daisy, I've got an idea to stop Mrs TM putting doggie scoff in your bowl ....... wot you need to do is, next time, take out a decent sized chunk of the scoff, take it in to the living room, drop it on the floor then roll in it. I think you might just cure her from buying it. I'm off to see my boy now cos Mrs Boy is not well out in America and he's a bit worried about her. I'm going to give him some cuddles, it's a shame I can't give Mrs boy some cuddles as well cos I think it might help her feel a tad better. Have a lovely evening all, stay warm and snuggly. Love, licks and wags from little Arch and Mr (ohhhhh now I could go a sink of me teef into that rat microphone thing) Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. Love the photos of May doing her back seat driving. Looks like she is a really useful ferret navigation system. Just watched the brilliant video of you all. OTLs dead rat is quite cute looking (not like the giant rat that was found in London today - four feet long apparently - depending on your view!). Anyway, OTLs dead rat is really good sound wise for the videos. Little Arch's idea to solve the doggy scoff problem is a good one. Perhaps you could also ask your honorary woofer sisters and brother to hide some doggy scoff in some of their favourite places, such as OTLs filing cabinet or TM crafty drawers. Once it starts whiffing a bit TM might think twice about buying any more. Just a thought x

  3. What a nice video of you all, I hope you manage to keep that ball for a good while. I don't like the idea of that doggie scoff it sounds or perhaps smells like a different one. You get ideas from your other fans so I will keep quiet but I wonder if you could enlist your little furries to get some extra food for you and hide it away. Once the frost and mist went it brightened up and we enjoyed picking up our van and working out how the locks and lights worked, very interesting. xxxxxx

  4. Corr that video is seriously high definition Daisy, sound good too. Fat Freddy's coat looks amazing. Love the pics of May looking out the bag x