Saturday, 5 March 2016

Out again!

Hi Woofers!

It's Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Wendy & Freddy de Ferret here again!

Well, this morning was a bit cold 'cos of the overnight frost but May and April decided that they would come out with us.

The Missus was out early to get set up in the village hall for her 'Master Class' in Glue Slapping!

Once we got down the beach both May and April decided to stay in the bag until we got to the beach!

OTL got them both out and they agreed to have a run but got Old Two Legs to promise that they could get back in the bag when they got to the end of the beach!

End of The Beach, right?
Then May spotted the Weeing Rock but it had been broken in half! We all came up with suggestions on how it got broken, most of them were rude!

It's only half the size it was!
We all sniffed our way down the beach and at the end the ferrets reminded OTL of his promise! True to his word he picked them up and into the bag they went!

Come on, it's the bag for us!
OTL is sneaky though 'cos as soon as he got half way up the grass path he got them out again and made them run up the hill!

April didn't think much of that but as OTL put her back in the bag at the top, she forgave him!

Back home we were presented with a bowl of Doggy Scoff which is not what we wanted on a day like today!

OTL sneaked off to do the ferret cages while Holly and I jumped up onto the bed for a snooze!

Lunchtime Freddy and Wendy decided that their bed was better than a walk in the cold so when OTL suggested a walk they both ran back into their Snuggle Bed!

Holly and I had fun 'cos without the ferrets we get to go on a longer route and we have time to run on the beach and along the Sea Wall!

Come on, don't hang about!
It was beginning to get chilly so we didn't hang about too much. I found some smelly's to roll in but got caught by OTL before I managed to get it all the way down my back!

I had to have a wash when I got home which didn't please me too much!

Holly Chops on the other paw, she stayed away from the sniff and kept posing for OTL and the camera!

All I heard was, 'Look at me!'

She can be such a poser sometimes!

This is my 'Far Away' pose!
 Back home OTL has been playing with the printer and some of the pictures he took in Orkney, he has set them up as 'Antique Plate' which means Black and White with a sort of old brown tinge!

Whatever turns you on!

OTL has got curry tonight, so I don't expect any more than a soggy bit of Nan Bread dipped into the sauce!

Not exactly a feast is it?

I may even have to eat that Doggy Scoff before going to bed!

OTL is going to be busy next week, he has to go to the hospital to see if his eyeball is OK to operate on and next Saturday he is back down there for the operation! That is on top of another visit to the vet with Miss April to get some more pills and a checkup!

On top of all that, he has work as well!

Busy, Busy, Busy!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and the famous Freddy de Ferret!


  1. Evening girlies and Freddy the smooch. Well it looks like you had better weather than me today. Glad the page 3 girls got out for their walk this morning. It was very cold here, the snow fairy came for a few minutes then a big rain cloud chased her away. I had to wear a fleece under my raincoat because it was so cold. Glad to hear I wasn't the only woofer in the dog house for having a roll today ...... I got really dirty, my mum called me lots of names. I think Freddy and Miss Wendy had the right idea, stay home, warm and snuggly. Now who left you doggie scoff? Wot a cheek. Loved the pictures today. OTL sounds like he's going to be rushed off his feet this week, good luck with his eye. My mum has to go back to the dentist this week so our TL's seem to be wearing out a bit. My mum has been slapping paint about today. Hope your Mrs TM enjoyed her glue slapping day. Paws crossed you get a bit of naan bread and some decent scoff. Stay warm and snuggly girlies. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. Please don't let OTL get mixed up between his eyeball and the vet, goodness only knows what might happen! TM happy with her glue and glitter day, they always produce such wonderful work you must be very proud of her. OTL going all antique and brown tingy, as you always say "what ever turns you on", doggie scoff is not something that turns you and Holly on but somehow a bit of soggy naan bread doesn't strike me as something tasty even dip in sauce. Poor little you two, perhaps Holly should have a special treat as she didn't roll in the smelly stuff! Silly Daisy, you can't resist a little roll and always think OTL is too silly to notice, his poorly eye doesn't mean a poorly nose. Maybe it means a more sensitive nose for smelling smelly doggies. xxxxxx