Monday, 21 March 2016

Spring iz Sprung, The Grass is Riz, I Wunder where the Bunnies Izz?

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April Miss (I gotta sore tummy) Wendy and of course, Freddy de Ferret here!

Another exciting day.

Miss Wendy got taken to the vets first thing this morning to get prepared for her operation.

May and April missed out on their morning walk 'cos Wendy had the travelling cage all to herself for her visit!

So, that means we get to choose where to go for our walk and we didn't have to worry about Freddy falling over or May fighting with Holly for possession of a sand hole or April sneaking back into the bag or Wendy telling Freddy off 'cos he was too slow!

It was just Holly and me and Old Two Legs on our own, doing the 'Long Walk' all along the Sea Wall and back again!

Mind you, we were all a bit worried about Wendy and her operation and the 'Knock Out Drops'.

So, it was great when Old Two Legs got a phone call from the vets to say the operation went well and Wendy had been awake, eating and drinking and had just gone back to sleep again!

Down on the beach we had a game of 'Hunt the Ferret'. Now this is a sniffing game 'cos we have to  not only find a ferret sniff but we have to name which ferret it is!

Now, Freddy is no problem and  Wendy is easy, but May and April are really only for the 'Expert Sniffers'!

Being sisters it is very hard to separate them and it's only Aprils medication that gives a hint!

Phew! This one is a Freddy Bomb!
We really needed the ferrets here with us to confirm our sniff  'cos they know their sniffs just a bit better than us woofers!

This is a May, I think!
Lunchtime we met up with three strangers on the Sea Wall and while we sat on the beach looking at them, they were all going potty woofing at us and OTL!

They really thought they were the 'Dogs Whatsits' and one even said she would 'Sort us all out'

Yeah! As if!

I'm a Big Mean Woofing Machine!
We all thought they were terribly rude and turned our tails towards them which in Doggy Speak is a big insult!

That sorted them out!

It's strange that just 'cos it's the second day of Spring, the blossom seems to have burst out all of a sudden.

Of course, OTL just had to take a picture to prove it!

He needs his Macro Lens really!
 When he had finished with the blossom the next bit was the buds bursting out!

Buds Bursting Out All Over!
Just to show we are just as good as the flowers, Holly and did some posing up on the bench at the top of the hill.

First it was Holly.
Do I look good or Wot?
 Then I did a pose but I must admit, Holly has 'That Look' where I just seem to glare!

Me looking 'Serious'!
In the afternoon OTL had to go out to do some work but half way through the job he left off to pickup Wendy and take her home.

She was very sleepy and OTL has made her up a super soft bed in one of the holiday cages so she can be quiet and snoozy and get some peace and quiet for a few days.

She has some medication OTL has to give her 'an hour after eating'!

Just how do you make a ferret eat?

No, neither does OTL or us!

So, in the morning he will try her with a bit of Chicken Strip and mix the medicine in a drop of Lactose Free Milk and see what happens!

This stuff is to help calm down any sore bits she may have and wot is worse, it is meant for cats!

Holly said something we sort of noticed but didn't notice, if you know what I mean.

The Spring is here but the rabbits seem few and far between.

We used to see loads of them and have great fun chasing them around all the bushes but over the last two weeks or so we have been lucky to see one!

Where have all the Bunnies gone?

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret.


  1. Evening all. Lovely pictures today, love the posing from you and Holly chops, even those woofing woofers pics came out well. I think those woofers are jealous cos you and Holly are famous. You are good a naming sniffs. Glad to hear all went well for Miss Wendy and hope she isn't too sore after her operation, I bet she's glad of a nice snuggly bed but I reckon Freddy the smooch will be missing her to snuggle up with. It's still a tad chilly here at the moment but I've been walking faster to try and keep warm. My mum was working this morning and this afternoon so I had to rely on my boy to keep me amused and give me my scoff at scoff time. When my mum came home I told her my boy hadn't fed me and he ate my scoff, my mum gave him a good telling off. We had a good time though while she was working, Mr Nipper was flying all around the living room, he's a bit tired now so he's having a bit of a snooze. I think I might join him soon, it's very tiring being a hooligan. Have a good evening all and hope Miss Wendy snoozes well so that she doesn't feel uncomfortable. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr (wheeeeeeeeeeeee watch me flying) Nipper xxxxxxx

  2. Hi there my southern friends! Sounds like you had a really good walk today. Bit shocked to hear about those new bozos, I'm glad you sorted them out. We all send Miss May lots of love and wish her a speedy recovery from her op. We had a lot time in the garden yesterday as mum and dad prepared the caravan (AKA The Tardis) for our Scottish beach holiday. I kept jumping in and out to make sure they packed everything properly. When it was all aired and I was happy with the packing, Mum & Dad dressed up as spacemen and went out on the motorbike for a meal at a lovely pub WITHOUT US and they said that Dogs Were WELCOME! Dad has said that he might make some special boxes so that we can travel on the bike with our heads sticking out. I don't think I like that idea much!!! My hair would get all knotty. I'm looking forward to the Easter holiday and spending all the day (& night) with mum & Dad in the Tardis. I hope Wendy has a rest full sleep and that you have a good evening. Love, wags, woofs and licks from Izzy xxx

  3. A bit like old times before Snowflake found you, it must have been strange and maybe you wondered if you had dreamed the whole ferret episode like the shower incident in Dallas! As far as the sniff test goes just who is going to judge if you are right or wrong? Hope Miss Wendy is feeling OK and doesn't hold it against OTL too much, he had better keep his fingers safe until she forgets about her visit to the Vet! How dare those strange woofers think they can dominate your beach, glad you turned your tails on them, that told them good and proper. Loved the pictures, Holly has that queenly look so you must practise in front of the mirror, nice to see the blossom and it has warmed up a lot, we are off to the seaside with Easter Eggs and hot cross buns and going to see cars wearing their "Easter Bonnets" so hoping it stays fine and warmish. xxxxxx