Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Wet, Cold and Windy!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret here again!

Well, I thought it was supposed to be Spring now with Daffs and Bird Song and Buzzing Insects and Chirping Chicks an.................

It ain't!

As the weather man says, 'Today it will be Wet, Cold and Windy!

We were out first thing with The Missus and it was raining, so, we all did the 'Fast Trot' around the Farm Field and were back home in no time!

The ferrets had only just got out of bed when we got back!

Holly and I had a game of Paw Ball, you know, it's a bit like your Football but we use squeaky balls and woof a lot!

Well, that is until TM takes the ball away and chases us upstairs with the jet powered vacuum cleaner!

Now, what's all this about a new van Auntie Sue? Outside shower? Won't that be a bit risky? I mean, there you are washing your back and getting a good lather on when the wind blows, up goes the curtains, whoosh goes the lather and your looking at your pitch marker together with the rest of your neighbours!

I'd use the on site showers if I were you!

Talking of Showers, we went out at lunchtime with Old Two Legs 'cos he had seen an 'Window' in the showers on the Rain Radar Thingy and blow me side ways, he was right!

It rained all the way to the Sea Wall, stopped when we got out and didn't start again until we were back in the car and heading back home!

Sometimes OTL gets it just right!

We were walking along, sniffing the sniffs when Holly asked me what I had been sitting in? She reckons my tail end sniffed of something strange!

'ere Wot You Bin Sitting in?
What she didn't know was I had been sitting on TM jumper and she sprays this perfume stuff from a bottle over her and her clothes, sniffs terrible but her jumper was so nice and soft!

Down on the beach we found a couple of sniffs but decided not to do any rolls 'cos we didn't fancy having to be washed when we got home, so we just enjoyed the sniffs!

Nah! I'll pass on a roll today, too cold!
Out on the mud there was a Curlew tapping the mud with his foot pretending it was raining! We have seen gulls do that as well and it is so the worms come up to the surface thinking there was water and food there but instead there is nothing there except Curly The Curlew!

Here Wormy Wormy!
Back home the ferrets were still snoozing, you know, I reckon they have the best time really, I mean, sleep for twenty hours a day, now come on, is that some life or wot!

With a bit of luck we will be getting some of TM's special 'Slimming Dinners' tonight, it's all full of meat and veggie and while we can eat the meat, the veggie gives us the wind, so we tend to leave that stuff to TM!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret!


  1. Evening Miss Daisy, Miss Holly chops, page 3 girls, Miss Wendy and smooch Freddy. Well it sounds like them ferrets have got it right, stay home and rampage around the house while the woofers get wet and windy. I suppose you had to do speed weeing again this morning. Luckily when I went out there was no rain, just wind, I saw them black wheelie bins go flying up the street. I'm glad to hear that OTL judged the midday walk right and it was at least dry, also glad to see you had your coats on. Oooohhhh Daisy, innit nice to sit on a nice soft woolly jumper, makes your butt feel all kind of fuzzy and snug. Miss Holly was being a bit personal about your butt sniff though. Was that Mrs TM's new jumper you were sitting on? Probably not a good idea to roll today, I bet OTL was keeping an eye open just waiting for you to have a roll in a super sniff. Now girls, you have to eat your veggies they're good for you, don't worry about a bit of wind, your tail is well stuck on. Now I was thinking about Mike and Sue and their out door hot and cold shower, I agree with you, the thought of a summer breeze blowing at the wrong moment, in the wrong direction could be very embarrassing. Loved all the pictures today, have a warm snuggly evening. Love, licks, sniffs and wags from little Arch and Mr (I'm keeping my mouth shut) Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. Now this outdoor shower is just an extra for boots and dogs, there is another shower opposite the cocktail cabinet that has a door so no need to worry, I was so amused by it though. That weatherman of yours is very good, he is amazing, does TM know how fortunate she is to be living in the same house as such a genius? Hope you are not moulting like the ferrets or your fur would give the game away on the scented jumper, was it Doris that you were squashing or another? Why is TM taking you out in the morning, she seems to have taken over the early shift since the away time, perhaps she felt it so wonderful to go out in the wind and wet across the fields that she has fought tooth and nail to continue! Glad the little ones are enjoying the warm whilst you are doing wind tests, better stay away from too much veg we don't need more wind. xxxxxx