Wednesday, 6 April 2016

A Lazy Day.

Hi Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and of course, Freddy de Ferret!

Well, today we have been lazy, it started this morning when we decided not to wake Old Two Legs up until six thirty. Poor old duffer was all worn out by the running around yesterday!

Today there are no appointments, so he can carry on plonking away on the computer with no one to disturb him, except us of course!

Down on the beach this morning, I fancied a really good run so I told OTL to get the ball out!

He didn't have the ball with him, so, I gave him another option!

Throw the Woofin' camera!
Well, that didn't work!

May and April decided that instead of digging holes, they would have a bath in the Sea Kale plant that is still growing on the beach!

Better than a Wet Bath with Soap and Water!
Back home we had some Lambs Heart waiting for us!

Both Holly and I almost finished the whole bowl! Mind you, we left a few scraps for later on this evening, if we can wait that long!

OTL has been keeping an eye on the weather 'cos we are expecting rain. Using the computer we can see where the rain clouds are and with a little bit of luck, OTL works out when it is safe for us to go out at lunchtime!

Between the showers!
We had some fun winding Miss Wendy up! We told her that OTL just loves to see us all digging in the sand and to get on his good side we needed to throw some sand about!

She fell for it!

OK, OK, I'm digging!
After a while she stopped 'cos we were making so much noise giggling!

Wendy was not a Happy Ferret and said she would bite our tails off and use them for tooth picks!

OK, I'll get my own back, just wait and see!
The Postman arrived just after lunch, he had two parcels for The Missus which were full of Crafty Stuff which made her very happy!

OTL wasn't so pleased with his post.

He got three invoices and a Tax Return Form from the Inland Revenue!

That has made him grumpy 'cos as well as the VAT calculations, Income Tax Form really confuse him!

Poor Lad!

Not sure what is for dinner tonight but Holly and I reckon we will do some serious mugging, just to get a bit of nibbles to add to our Lambs Heart!

We reckon that we are lucky 'cos we don't have to go to the Poodle Parlour until later this month, so with a bit of luck it will be warmer than it is now!

Poor Archie Babe, Izzy and Hamish are all freezing, we reckon that is terribly cruel to have to get a hair cut this early in the year!

Right, we are off to see what is cooking!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret!


  1. Afternoon little maties. A lazy day sounds just the job. I've had a pretty lazy day as well, I went down the vets to get weighed, am loosing a few more grams, then popped to the shop to get a nice big juicy carrot to munch on while my mum went shopping in town. The weather here can't make it's mind up, but I've managed to dodge the showers, thank goodness, I'd freeze if I got caught in the rain. I had a siesta with my mum and snuggled up tight cos I was finding it a bit chilly. Good to see the page 3 girls having fun in the kale. Poor Miss Wendy, you two don't half wind her up. Keep a close eye on your tails though. I bet you enjoyed your scoff today, hope there are some nibbles to be mugged with it tonight. Poor OTL, my mum feels sorry for him. Lucky Mrs TM, hope she enjoys playing with her new goodies. Have a lovely evening all, love, licks, sniffs and shivers from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. Greetings from the norf! Yes we are back home in the cold and wet. Think mum needs OTL'S gizmo that tells the weather because it poured down just as she started to unload the car lol! I'm glad you had dry walks and managed to have a lazy day. Hamish and I were lazy, sleeping on the passenger seat for 5 hours while mum drove. It looks like April & May found the special sniff that I left for them in the sea Kale. Poor Miss Wendy being teased by you all when she's only just returned to walking with you. Poor OTL with all those forms to fill in. I'm sure you could help Daisy, the Inland Revenue will appreciate your special help. Your paw print will make a brilliant wax seal. Lucky TM with her happy post. She can do some glue and glitter slapping now. My mum had lots of parcels waiting for her from that website called we-say! We blame TM because she grabbed the 'puter as soon as she got in from the masterclass to order lots of things so now we are expecting her to be slapping glue and throwing glitter everywhere tomorrow. It better not land on me! Your lambs hearts sound tasty. Thanks for sharing some of your carrot sticks yesterday...they were very... erhm... delicious. I hope it hasn't given our Mum any ideas. Hope you have a lovely evening and that OTL gets his forms finished and handed in. Thanks again for a lovely day yesterday. Love, wags, woofs and licks from Izzy, Hamish and Rizzo-now I'm left all alone xxx

  3. I shall read this when I am feeling better as I have a terrible cold caught fro Michael and I can't see to read it, lots of his xxxxxx xxxxxx

  4. Nice to see you had a lazy sort of day yesterday but OTL's post wasn't the sort of post he likes to receive especially as TM received some nice crafty goodies. OTL will have to get his thinking cap out of the cupboard and fill in those forms to the best of his ability, um don't know how good that will be. They won't believe that he lost £2,000,000 since February! Still the up side you missed the showers perhaps he should get a job working for the Weather Man to subsidise his income so that he can afford to pay the bills. That Sea Kale is really a big hit with the furries, do you and Holly like it or is it scratchy? Feeling a lot better but beginning to falter. xxxxxx