Sunday, 17 April 2016

Bye Bye Lucy.

Hello Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret!

We have had a good day down on the beach today but this afternoon we heard that Lucy, (Woofer with Woolly Jumper) suffered a heart attack and has slipped away. Such sad news on such a sunny day.

Lucy has not been well for a little while now and has been putting up a brave fight. We know what it's like to lose one of the pack and our thoughts are with her family.

Down on the beach this morning we found a sand castle that had been left there over night.

Sand Castle or the start of a Mott-and-Bailey?
Holly, who is into ancient monuments reckons it is a Mott & Bailey but May says it is a sand castle and the best thing to do with a sand castle is to jump all over it!

This is wot you do!
 I must admit, it certainly looked like a sand castle, so I jumped in to help!

I'll under mine it from here!
 It wasn't too long before we reduced it down but we left the last bit for Miss April to finish off!

Come on April, it's your turn!
 April is all for some fun and jumped on top and was kicking the sand all over the place! I got covered and so did May but it was good to see April enjoying herself!

Going, Going, Flat!
 Back home The Missus had prepared some chicken for us, so it was 'Nose Down and Tail Up' until it had all gone!

While we were sorting the chicken out, Old Two Legs was clearing the ferret cages. I know what I would rather be doing!

Miss May thinks it great fun to sneak up on OTL when he is on his knees and his head inside the cage. She comes charging into the office and jumps on his back and runs up to his shoulders and back down again!

Poor OTL always gets caught out and ends up banging his head on the cage!

Lunchtime we decided to go out a little earlier 'cos OTL and TM wanted to watch the F1 Racing that had been recorded.

Freddy and Wendy were awake and waiting and pretty soon we were back on the beach again with Holly and I sniffing the sniffs while the ferrets played Bulldozers in the sand!

Brrm, Brrm!
 Holly reckoned that the ferrets had a super way of diving in with their noses and digging into the sand.

So, she was going to have a go!

In she went.

Not exactly Ferret Fashion but she tried. In the end there was more sand up her nose and in her eyes!

Well, I tried!
 I wasn't so daft as to try, instead I found a bit of sun dried sea weed and had a chew while Freddy started to build 'Freddies Wall'.

It's a bit like Hadrian's Wall but smaller!

This is how it's done!
Back home we had a snooze while the F1 Racing was on. There were some crashes and bits falling off the cars but in all it was a good race, as far as F1 goes!

I think that Russia is the next host, so that should be fun!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret.


  1. Evening all down by the seaside, Archie's mum here again. What a sad day for Lucy's family and we send them our love as well. I'm afraid there's a little bit more sad news but not as bad as Lucy slipping away, little Arch is spending the night in the Royal Veterinary College, he's been very sick today and now has a grumbly tum. He's on a drip at the moment and not too bad but they are going to make sure he has enough fluid and give him something for his tummy, he was very sad at not coming back home but he should be home tomorrow. We're not sure if it was all the medicine that he was on that was just too much for his little tummy to cope with or if it was the shock of hurting himself the other day or just a mixture of things, but he is going to get lots of cuddles along with his fluid and it won't be the same as cuddles at home but he'll soon make friends and I'm sure he'll cheer up a little bit. Glad to see you've all had fun on the beach today, digging and jumping on sand castles is such good fun. That Miss May is very cheeky making OTL jump by sneaking up on him. Hope you all enjoyed the racing and so glad to hear of the decent scoff you got. Take care all and I'm sure little Arch will be sending his love and some new sniffs to you all. Little Arch's mum and Mr (I miss the little chap already) Nipper xxxxxxxx

    1. So sorry to raed this as well as the very sad news about Lucy... Give little arch a big cuddle from me when you go to pick him up today ... fingers crossed it IS today you go to pick hm up xxxxxx
      E xxxx TM

  2. Oh dear two sad events. Very sorry to hear about poor Lucy. Our sympathies for her family . I'm sure she will be greatly missed. Poor Archie being so poorly that he has to stay at the Royal Vet Hospital. I hope they sort out his grumbly tum and medicine soon. We all hope that you get better soon, Archie.

    You all seem to be having a lot of fun with sand castles. Those little Two-Legs have been very busy on the beach. We've had a couple of busy days in the sunshine up here, although the hailstones were a bit painful now we've had our hair cut, then it snowed and then it was hot sunshine again.
    Love, wags, woofs and licks (especially for little Arch) from Izzy and Hamish xx xx xx xx xx xx

  3. Love and hugs to Lucy's family... so very sad after her very brave struggle.. at peace now little one xxxxx