Thursday, 21 April 2016

Today the Workmen came to call!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret here again!

We had a super sleep last night, no snoring from The Missus, and, we got to sleep on her side of the bed as well!

We still had to put up with Holly snoring but that is normal for her!

We were up early 'cos May and April were fighting in their cage. Just 'cos they didn't have their full quota of rampaging yesterday!

OTL let them out for breakfast and to give April her medication after that they went potty running all over the place!

In the end they were exhausted and climbed onto my cushion for a rest!

A nice soft Woofer Bed!
 We were soon off down the beach, just in time to see the sun climb up over the horizon.

Good Morning Sunshine!
We didn't see any woofers on our way out to the beach but we did hear some woofing noise in the distance!

Who the Woofing Heck is that?
April and May were charging about on the sand and OTL caught May having a roll in something sniffy!

Just give me a moment and I'll get out of this sniff!
May then went off hunting. She started off looking for Slimy Minsters but then decided she would go hunting Nargles!

Needless to say, she didn't find any Nargles!

There must be a Nargle somewhere around!
Back home it was all rush and tear around getting cages cleaned and stuff like that 'cos we were expecting some workmen to arrive to give all the double glazing windows and doors a good servicing. Some needed re hanging and some required new handles and some just needed re aligning so that the all shut properly and stopped all the draughts!

OTL insisted that we went up to his office and have a snooze while they were working 'cos he didn't want us playing with their tools!

As if!

Lunchtime we were back down the beach with Freddy and Wendy. Holly and I found some sniffs that had been brought in on the high tide and although it was a little blowy, it wasn't too cold!

and there's another sniff here!
Both ferrets decided to have a game in the Sea Kale and little Wendy was even prepared to set up a bed in there!

Can I stay in here for a snooze?
 OTL wouldn't let them stay and instead marched us all back to the car!

Oi! The sniffs are better over here!
Back home we all fell asleep, except OTL who was working on his Tax Return!

You know, that always makes him grumpy, you see, he is not an accountant and he needs to pay close attention to what he is writing in the little boxes!

Now, we are glad to hear that Archie Babe is making a good recovery but sorry to hear he had to have a wash. I mean, dogs only get wet when the go for a swim or get caught in the rain!

Now wot's this allergy bit? I mean, a woofer has got to have some pleasures in life! When I have to have tablets, OTL does his best to hide them in all manner of stuff from cheese spread to a dollop of ice cream!

He has even been known to crush a tablet, shove it down the front of a plastic injector thingy and then back it up with some ice cream, then he shoves it down the side of my tongue and squirts it down my throat!

He don't half get a surprise when I spit it out again!

Oh! The little pleasures of being a woofer!

Keep yer tail up Archie Babe!

Right, we are off to see what OTL is going to cook for himself tonight and find out if it is worth mugging him for some!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret.


  1. Evening little maties down by the seaside, Arch's mum here again. Sorry to say that little Arch had a relapse this afternoon and is now back in the vets on a drip again, not sure what colour bandage they will put on but Arch is not amused. He might have to stay for a few days so I'll be visiting with all your news. I know he sends his sniffs and love to you all but I'm afraid he's out of wags at the moment. What a busy day you've all had. Did Miss May have to have a wash to get the sniff off her? Honestly her and Miss April should be more ladylike, fancy fighting. I take it you've told all the ferrets about nargles but forgot to tell them they don't live down your way. Good to see Freddy and Miss Wendy enjoying the beach, loved all the photos. Hope there are no draughts anymore. Enjoy snoozing on Mrs TM's side of the bed and keep it nice and warm for when she comes back from playing with the little TL's. I'm sure OTL will cook something nice and tasty and muggable. Take care all. Love from little Arch's mum and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. It is a comment of goods and bads tonight!
    No draughty, possibility of muggable dinner and more sunshine. On the bads side, no TM and poor Archie back at the vets, I can't believe it about Archie, lots of hugs to him.

    xxxxxx and must send more xxxxxx

  3. Poor Archie Babe! Still, he is in the best place and he has a drip to feed him fluid if he forgets to drink! Loads of licks from all us this end Archie, and you know what you do with yer tail!

    Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy, Freddy de Ferret and OTL!

    1. Many thanks Daisy and co, I'll tell him when I visit later. xxxxxxxx