Tuesday, 5 April 2016

We got visitors and OTL disappears, again!

Hi Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret!

We have had a great day today, well us woofers did but Old Two Legs has been dashing around like a Blue Tailed Fly!

It started off when we were out on our morning walk, OTL gets a panic phone call from one of his customers and has to dash off as soon as the ferrets cages had been cleaned!

While we on the beach May was dashing about all over the place and went hunting in the sea weed.

OTL said that she looked just like Snowflake did when she was hunting in the sea weed!

Could even be Snowflake!
 Before we headed back home Holly and I were sniffing out and interesting new sniffs for our visitors!

Here's an interesting one for our mates!
I found a really good one that was 'Super Smelly' and I was almost tempted to have a roll myself!

Oooo! This is SUPER!
 OTL disappeared to go and see his customer while Holly and I settled down to wait for our visitors.

Now, we have met Izzy before when she was down here a few months ago but we were expecting to see Hamish who lives at the same house. We also were looking forward to meeting Rizzo who lives just a bit down the coast from us. Now, she should be at home with the sniffs from North Kent!

Finally they arrived and off we went to the Sea Wall and we were off  'Sorting Sniffs' !

Just to the right is a real sweet stink!
 Down on the beach we had a great time investigating all the sniffs Holly and I had marked this morning. I was dead impressed with Rizzo who has a super sensitive nose and she even found a couple Holly and I missed!

Us on the beach checking the sniffs!
 Little Izzy was having fun chasing Holly and Hamish then running back to be picked up for a cuddle!

Cuddle Time!
 I tried to get everyone in for a swim but it was only me who likes water, all the other woofers didn't want to even get their paws wet!

I LOVE a good Splash!
 We found out that OTL had got home just before we did 'cos he had taken Freddy and Wendy out for a run on the beach. They haven't been out for a couple of days so they were in need of some fresh air!

Unfortunately he didn't take the camera so you have missed out of seeing Freddy surfing on the waves and Wendy playing Paw Ball!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and 'Super Surfer' Freddy de Ferret!


  1. Yo maties. Sounds like you've had a really lovely day wot with super sniffs and woofer mates to share them with. I hope you'll save some sniffs for me when I come down next. Loved the pictures of you all playing on the beach, that Izzy is sweet, of course you and Holly are my most favouritest woofers of all though. Shame poor OTL got called out today. I would have loved to have seen Freddy the surfer surfing the waves and Miss Wendy playing paw ball, did she score any goals? Now I haven't had such a fun filled day ......... I got taken to the groomers this morning where I was bathed and then clipped, Mr Nipper keeps laughing and calling me a skin head! I'm not too happy, I've only got curls in my tail and on my ears, everywhere else has been cut very short ...... my mum says it's so that I don't get itchy and if I do she can get the stop the itch stuff on me. I've been taken out to do a couple of marathons again, it might be sunny bit it's a bit chilly when you've been half balded. I was so cold that when my mum went up to change the bed, I got into the duvet cover with the duvet. Good job I managed to find my way out before my mum did the buttons up ........ I'm getting the feeling my mum is cruel. Anyways, I better go and see that she feeds my boy and doesn't starve him as well as me. Have a lovely evening all, love, licks, sniffs and sobs from little Arch and Mr (glad I don't go to the groomers) Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. What a smashing day you have had today with all these visitors, did they come by Pony Express or did someone bring them, I bet it is something to do with TM, they all had a good time especially with all those sniffs you found for them. So pleased with you for not rolling in the super sniff, that would have spoilt it for them and you would have been "in the dog house again" and maybe barred from playing with your friends. Glad OTL sorted out his customer, customers can be very useful at times but sometimes they are not so useful, if you get my meaning (OTL will). What pictures there were are nice and yes, that could have been dear little Snowflake having a rummage. Another warm day for a dip, Daisy girl is coming tomorrow until Friday and we have to take her to her swimming class on Thursday where she will be going into the next group. If she doesn't go this week then it will be summertime before she can "go up" as she missed lessons after being scalded she will be kept back again. I can imagine Freddy surfing and Wendy playing Paw Ball but look forward to some evidence. Have a super Wednesday, xxxxxx

  3. What a fantastic, happy time we had today. Hamish, Rizzo and I had such a great time finding all those super sniffs with you. There were some really good ones, weren't there? Hamish says that your beach is brilliant for running along and Rizzo loved the grassy path through the woody part and I had such fun running up and down,. Wasn't it amazing when we saw that super fox. He looked very strong & healthy...but I'm glad that he was away across the grass as I think he could have eaten my for dinner. What a shame that OTL couldn't join us today. I think Hamish would have liked another male along on the trip as he had three two-lega and 4 lady woofers on our walk. I think that you were very brave going in for a swim today. It looked quite chilly! Mind you, not as chilly as poor Archie Babe after his haircut. He needs his mum to buy him a wooly jumper like Hamish and I have. We're going for our haircuts on Saturday so we'll be chilly penguins then too. Please say a big Thank you to TM for the chicken and for the carrot sticks. They were delicious. We are heading back north tomorrow and I hope that the weather is as hot and sunny as down south. Love, wags, woofs and licks from Izzy, Hamish and Rizzo xxx