Friday, 13 May 2016

An Alarming Day but sunny!

Yo Woofers!

It's us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss may, Miss April, Miss Wendy and not forgetting Freddy de Ferret!

Old Two Legs was up early this morning to look at his weather monitoring machine thingy wotsit! There he was, eating his bowl of rabbit food and milk and telling the ferrets all about the wind direction and humidity!

As if the ferrets were interested!

Still, it keeps him out of trouble, which is more than can be said for Wendy and May!

Every morning OTL lets May and April out of their cage and April goes straight to her medicine bowl which has her heart tablet crushed and soaked with antibiotic, then topped up with Lactose free milk, (two tea spoons full) and a squirt of diuretic and finally a sprinkle of Ferretone which is a sort of cod liver oil!

Now, if that lot was presented to me in a bowl I think I would kick it over and walk out of the office!

Not April, she just loves it and slurps down every last drop!

Maybe she knows that it is keeping her fit and healthy and mending her sore paw!

Down on the beach Holly was soaking up the rays and telling May all about the times she has been on holiday and the fun she and I have had chasing rabbits!

.....then Daisy went around one side and I went the other way to trap the bunny!
Unfortunately, ferrets have a very short attention span, a bit like OTL, and it wasn't too long before May said she just had to go for a run up the beach!

Back home we were waiting for some workmen to arrive. OTL had booked them to come and give the house alarm system a check over and to re wire a power supply. Of course, Holly and I got in their way by sniffing all of their tool boxes and bag looking for and food we could mug!

No food, seems they were on a diet!

We left them to carry on while we went for our lunchtime wander.

Now normally Freddy gets a carry all the way to the beach but today he just needed to get his paws on the ground and as soon as he had done a wee, he 'Fell Over' saying he couldn't go any further!

Wendy said that he was getting 'Just Too Embarrassing' and left him in the middle of the path!

That ferret is just too much!
In the end OTL gave him a carry to the beach 'cos we just couldn't wait any longer!

While we all had a game Freddy found a shady spot under the Sea Wall and fell asleep!

This is the life!
You know, he didn't even tell us his legs were seized up, he just crashed out and before long was snoozing!

It don't get any better than this!
You know what? OTL had to pick Freddy up and carry him to the Grass Path before he would even try walking again!

It was terribly slow going waiting for Freddy to walk along to the bench. Holly and I got a move on and before long we found a cool shady spot under the bench, just right for waiting for Freddy to arrive!

I don't know why he tries it on all the time, you think he would have learnt OTL is not going to carry him!
Back home it was fun, the engineers were testing the alarm system and they set it up while Holly and I ran from room to room setting off the PIR's! In the end we got locked in the bedroom and told not to move!

Tomorrow The Missus is off to her Master Class so we have a day of fun with OTL!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss may, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret.


  1. Sounds like you've had some fun today. Loved all the pictures. I wonder wot the ferrets think when OTL is explaining to them about the wind speeds and directions. Holly looks like she's really enjoying telling April and May all about the bunnies on holiday, maybe she's going to get them to help you both catch them. I don't think Freddy will be much help catching bunnies, Miss Wendy might join in though. Freddy looks like he's having a lovely dream down there in the shade of the sea wall. Glad you tormented the work men, they should have brought a sarnie at least to bribe you with. Now make sure that OTL checks that there is enough space for your chicken fillets, we know that Mrs TM takes up lots of the spaces in the caravan but your fillets are very important. I expect OTL will be quite busy tomorrow making last minute checks for your holibobs. I expect you're all getting excited as it's nearly here. I think I might speak to my mum about us going on a holibob adventure sometime. Have a lovely evening and make sure you manage to get some muggings in. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. Freddy does take the biscuit, his first live is sleep, then eating, then snoozing, then digging then napping, he is so cute, I hope he likes his holiday. I hope you weren't getting in the way when you were setting off the alarm, I hope that you were just testers, after all it must be efficient so you were doing good work. Have a lovely day with OTL while TM is away playing. We have Daisy Girl visiting for the weekend while her mum does a "Moon Walk" in London, she is arriving tomorrow before her mum and dad go to the preparation, her dad is just driving around in his car, he isn't doing any extra walking. Have a lovely weekend, I will be showing Daisy your pictures, she loves seeing them and remembers meeting you all. xxxxxx