Tuesday, 10 May 2016

The Weather Man says Changeable!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret back again!

Yesterday was great, sunshine and more sunshine, today?


Miss May got soaking wet 'cos she just loves the wet grass. April stayed in the ferret bag and kept warm and dry!

Holly and I got wet!

Lunchtime was just as bad.


Both Freddy and Wendy got wet, so did Holly and I!

Old Two Legs got wet as well!

Not the best day we've had this week!

Tomorrow it will be better, or else!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret.


  1. Evening little damp mates. Now why can't OTL get you and Holly those harness's that have a little brolly attached so that you can stay dry while you walk or did you get wet because you went for a dip? I was lucky I managed to get an early walk in before it started raining and I'm waiting until it stops before I have my 2nd walk. I don't like going in the garden though so I've been carried out and dumped at the bottom so that I can wee on the way back to the house. That's cheating. Glad Miss April managed to stay dry but sorry to hear that Miss May, Miss Wendy and poor Freddy got wet. Hope you manage a few muggings this evening to make up for the wet day. Stay warm and dry this evening. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. Oh dear Daisy, that sounded like an ultimatum to the weather, behave or else. I don't know what you will do if we have more rain, except of course...............get wet again. I was a bit wiser than you only getting a little damp, the rest of the time I looked out of the window at the damp but then only having two legs does have advantages!!!!!! Hope you have had a warm and cosy evening with some little treats to make you feel loved, I opened a packet of Cadbury's Chocolate Chip Cookes, well I did get a little damp and watching the TV with all the TL's making little chocolates made me hungry. If I had thought of it before I could have saved you one, they were very nice. xxxxxx

  3. I'm sorry that you all got wet today. We had another sunny, dry day although it was a little cooler. Mum was wearing her sleeveless top and trousers that looked like they'd shrunk in the wash - I think she calls them cropped - well it sure did look like someone had taken a pair of scissors to them and chopped of the bottom bit. She must have all the children laugh at her all day.
    Anyway,we are off for a mini holibob this weekend. Apparently, the place where our TL'S bought the Tardis caravan have given 100 of their customers a free holiday at Coniston water in the Lakes. Theirs even free scoff, free bar and a free trip on the Steamer on the lake. I hope we get free doggy scoff too.
    OUR BIG NEWS: We are going to have a new puppy woofer coming to live with us. Bella is another Yorkie like us but she is a Biewer Yorkshire Terrier so is White with black and tan on her face and a tiny black spot on her back. Mum shows us videos and photos of her and makes oohs and ahhhs. She will be 4 weeks old on Saturday so won't come to live with us until 2nd July. We are very excited to see her. I stayed with her parents when I went to Glasgow and they were lovely woofers so I'm sure that she will be too. I must go now as it's late again. Love, wags, woofs and licks from Izzy xxxxxxxx