Saturday, 11 June 2016

It's Saturday, the Football starts and then there is F1 Racing!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret here again!

Well, this weekend is going to be fun, loads of walks and Football and F1 and The Missus will have to watch it all on recordings 'cos she is out most of the weekend!

We will have fun eating nibbles on the sofa and spreading crumbs all over the carpet!

Now, we read that Izzy's mum is spending all her day on the floor throwing Hamish's toys at the walls! It's a bit much spending all day on you back snoozing, even us woofers don't get that luxury!

Old Two Legs says that when he is feeling achy a large Malt Whisky before bed gets him through the night!

I wonder if a large whisky gets you through the day as well?

This morning we dropped TM off at the village hall and Holly managed to get a run on the newly varnished floor but I had to stay in the car and guard the ferrets.

Down on the beach we met up with Max and Oscar and as normal Max wanted to taste a ferret!

So, that was it, OTL had to carry them both up the grass path until it was safe for them to get back onto the ground again.

Here, wot about this sniff!
 Before that Holly and May were investigating sniffs on the beach and Holly even found a feather from a gull that she tried to throw into the air but it kept on sticking in her whiskers!

After that May headed for the Sea Kale and had a good ferret around looking for mouses or shrews but as normal, nothing!

Come on mouses, I know you are in here!
 Both ferrets tried a bit of rock climbing and ran across the bottom of the Sea Wall while Holly and I crossed the beach and up the concrete stairs.

I'm glad we are roped in!
 Miss April was in fine condition and she ran and walked all the way back to the car!

Back home there was some chicken waiting for us and Holly and I were nose down and tails up!

OTL left us on our own for a while 'cos he had to drop some stuff off but he was back in time to take Fred and Wendy out for a wander at lunch time!

After a dig on the beach we started to head towards the stairs that take us to the grass path, it was then that we noticed Poppy and Bo watching from the Sea Wall!

You have the big one and I'll take the small!
They were trying to decide who has wot ferret so they could take them home with them!

As Holly says, 'Nice idea woofers but they are coming home with us!'

I'm sure they were joking but I know that every Christmas Poppy puts A Ferret on the top of her Christmas List to Father Paws!

Back home both ferrets were a bit warm so they both decided to roll over in the water they spilt from their drinking bowl!

TM came back from her day at the village hall and has immediately gone out again for a meal with her mates!

So, we have the evening with OTL watching the England game on the TV!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret.


  1. Don't you have a hard life, how come Holly got to run on the new floor as she is heavier than you, was it a sort of test to see how the village hall floor stands up under the strain? I hope OTL's whiskey isn't from from of those jars, someone here has some Snow Groose whiskey from Scotland and says it is very nice! Please for Miss April she sounds as though she is enjoying life with you even if she has admirers she doesn't want. Now I suppose TM has to get the turbo charger out on those crumbs, how about getting the ferrets to earn their keep by hoovering up after you. They could a couple of doggie treats each as long as though don't make a mess themselves. We had rain here at 5-30pm and it is cooler, tonight we are playing "Play Your Cards Right" and eating Hot Dogs with onions, sorry Daisy it wasn't my idea and I don't think the butcher in Faversham uses real dogs in his sausages! Hope the football and F1 are good, home tomorrow. xxxxxx

  2. Evening little maties down by the seaside. It's been another hottie here today. Loved all the pictures, Poppy and Bo look funny on the sea wall deciding which ferret to have. Poor Poppy, fancy santa paws not bringing her a ferret for Christmas, she looks like a good little woofer. Sorry to hear that Izzy's mum has to lay on the floor because her back hurts, hope it gets better quickly but while she's down there she might as well throw Hamish's toys for him. Ooohhh wot will Holly say when she reads wot Sue says about her testing out the floor in the village hall. I bet OTL gets the hoover out after you've all finished your snacks. Do you think he might have a nip of his favourite tipple to enjoy with the football? Hope Mrs TM enjoys her night out. I hope that the butcher doesn't use real dogs in his sausages, bad enough putting real bambi in them. Enjoy all your sports viewing and have a lovely evening. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx