Friday, 3 June 2016

The last Grey Day?

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret here!

Well, it didn't rain today, so that is an improvement! OTL says that tomorrow we should see sunshine. So, while The Missus is 'Glue Sloshing' we might be having a swim!

We met up with the gang and had a good game of 'Chase' on the beach. I had a little game but got a bit nervous when the all chased me!

High Speed Chase!
 Of course, when we had to go, guess who decided to 'Do a Freddy'?

No, I ain't going!
 Little April was taking every opportunity to ride in the ferret bag while May insisted on running around and digging!

I just got out of breath, honest!
 Back in the car they both snuggled down into their 'Cuddle Cop' for a snooze on the way home!

Hurry up, we are getting hungry!
 Back home we got a big warm bowl of chicken. Holly was the first into the kitchen and woofed it all down in no time at all!

I went in a bit later and with the door closed, enjoyed a very relaxing meal which was finished off with a very tasty teeth cleaning chew!

Back down on the beach at lunchtime, Freddy started off digging a long trench which Wendy decided to help but really, she just got in the way!

Shift over girl, I'm in the groove!
Both Fred and Wendy love ferreting in the grass and today they both ran all the way back to the car, pausing every twenty feet to have a ferret!

Now that's OK but Wendy was telling Freddy that he was sniffing all the best sniffs  and leaving  the old sniffs for her!

She wasn't going to put up with that and told him off!

...and another thing, leave some sniffs for me!
Freddy always does what he is told, providing it is Wendy who is doing the telling!

OTL has been looking at where we will be going on our autumn holiday and he says that there is a river with stepping stones which should be fun trying to cross!

Holly says she will take the long way around thank you!

Google 'Bolton Abbey' and you will see the stepping stones!

See you all tomorrow!


  Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret!


  1. Evening all. Loved the pictures today, it might be a bit grey but it did look like fun down on your beach this morning. April looked quite comfy in the ferret bag watching all the goings on. Ooohhh that big bowl of warm chicken sounded good, shame I've been found to be allergic to chicken or I might have nagged my mum to cook me some. Freddy and Wendy look like a pair of real diggers there on the sand. Hope your Mrs TM has a good day glue sloshing tomorrow. My mum has got me some hair stuff to work out any matts I might get so that I don't have to fight against the comb or the brush, Boris' dad told my mum all about it cos Boris used to get matts but now he doesn't with this wonder stuff. So when I see you next my hair will be all gelled and smart. My mum had to go to the vets today, I didn't need to go with her, it was to pick up some new medication cos one of my tests came back with some helicobacter stuff in it, so that's another tablet I have to take, I'm getting full up with the tablets but I can still manage to fit my scoff in as well. Mind these new tablets are the size of flying saucers and they can't be broken up so I have to be very good and swallow them down quickly, I ran and hid this morning so my mum wouldn't find me but she did. My boy is having a nice time across the pond. Have you seen the frogs in your pond since you've been back? Have a lovely evening, hope the weather improves quick. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. Even in the grey weather you manage to enjoy yourselves, hopefully we will have some good sunshine soon and you can have a nice swim. Make sure TM takes care of the new shiny floor in the village hall tomorrow perhaps she could employ you all in little socks to skate about at the end of the crafty day. Your breakfast sounds very nice and luckily you didn't have that Holly nose poking into yours. Enjoy the sun tomorrow, I loved reading your holiday tales and now it seems you are off for some more, I will have a look. xxxxxx