Saturday, 2 July 2016

A New Car and OTL looks at New Ferrets!

Hello all you Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Mr Freddy de Ferret here!

It's been an 'Odd Ball' type of day today!

We started off down the beach this morning and you know what? There were no ships passing by!

I see no ships!
 Holly and I decided that as the tide was out and the ferrets were digging holes, we would have a rest on the beach and enjoy the sun!

Pass the Factor 35 Sis!
 Back home Old Two Legs finished the cage cleaning and 'De Poo'ing' then went down to watch the F1 practise but I just fancied another trip down the beach!

So, I started to 'Talk' to OTL!

It's a special sort of voice I put on and to anyone else it would sound like 'Yoururinnyummarniner' but OTL knows it means 'I wanna go our 'cos I'm bored with this motor racing and on top of that I fancy a wee'!

So, off we went!

I was rewarded with another boat and this one is classed as a 'Leisure Craft', so that's another Tick in the book!

Holly and I did our 'Waving' bit but there was no response from the Captain!

Too posh to wave at us!
 I went off to have a dip while Fred and Wendy were rooting about in the Sea Kale plant looking for Shrews that were supposed to live there, according to Miss May that is!

I wonder if there are any crocodiles here?
 After getting back home we expected OTL to fall asleep in front of the TV but instead he waved us 'Good Bye' and headed off to a local school where they don't allow dogs!

He met up with Roy and Christine from the Harrietsham Ferret Rescue who were putting on a Ferret Racing Demo and of course, talking about how wonderful ferrets were!

OTL didn't take his camera, just his phone, but he got a shot of this young ferret who pinched the bottle of Ferret Oil and refused to give it back!

Got it!
 OTL said that he had cuddled some very young ferrets, all of nine weeks old and of course, he fell in love with them and just couldn't stop himself from giving each of them a cuddle!

The Missus had told OTL that he could go and see Roy and Christine to pass over the donation to the Harrietsham Ferret Rescue from The Allhallows Croppers who did that Card O Thong thingy! Plus there were donations from Elaine (Archie's Mum) and Jeanette (Izzy and Hamish's Mum).

Roy and Chris said that they were so grateful for the cheque and it would help so much with the upkeep of the 'Rescue'!

OTL came home and showed us some pictures of the ferrets and he said that he had been given a 'New Sort of Ferret' that was coming to live with us and share Holly and my bed at night!

Then OTL showed us a picture of this 'New Ferret'!

He is sleeping on his own tonight!

Then Holly and I found out it was a 'Tricksie' program OTL had got on his mobile phone and he was just 'Pulling Our Tail'!

Just wait until dinner time!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Mr Freddy de Ferret.


  1. Evening little maties down by the seaside where there might be a crocodile lurking under that stuff that Daisy was near. Well, you have had an interesting day. Glad you managed to tick another boat off your list even if the captain wasn't friendly. I reckon he was just too shy to wave at the celebrities on the beach. That OTL is a naughty chap, fancy telling you that green ferret was sleeping in your bed tonight. Everyone knows that ferrets sleep in their own beds and not with TL's or FL's. The weather has been quite nice today although I got caught in a heavy shower on my 2nd walk. I wasn't much impressed, I don't do WET! Well my garden is finished apart from a few finishing touches that my mum has to do next week. It's very nice. I was locked in when the garden man released the box of frogs, my mum said they went crazy, but most of them jumped into the pond. My mum has put some nice new plants in for them and she has bought a nice piece of grating to go over the top to stop the leaves falling in and there's some nice slate round the edges so that they can get in and out and some hides close by so that they can shelter from the rain. When my mum was sorting out some of her tubs she found a big tub with loads more frogs hiding in the bottom, even more than was in the box. They all jumped out when my mum tipped it on it's side and they were hopping all round the garden. I went out and some were sitting along the side of the garden but they hopped away when I started sniffing along. Then, do you know wot, well, there I was sniffing away for a spot to wee in and all of a sudden this frog attacked me, boy did it make me jump, my mum was laughing at me. It's been a very busy afternoon sniffing all the new sniffs in the garden and all the shrubs have been taken away from round a cherry tree, so now I have my very own tree to cock my leg up, a woofer can't get better than his own tree. Hope you all have a lovely evening, I hear that Mrs TM had a really good day at her glue flinging group. Pleasant muggings to you. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. I don't fancy that new ferret and sharing your bed, no way! If you hadn't gone to the beach you might have missed ticking another box, what will you find tomorrow maybe that half boat that disappeared from your beach. TM has had anotHer good day throwing all the glue and glitter about it is amazing that it goes in such nice patterns, the hall caretaker would not appreciate it all over that smart floor. I wondered if OTL had been dreaming of the patter of tiny feet in his office but he would need to get rid of his desk or filing cabinet so perhaps not. Glad he was able to take them a cheque to help and he did get cuddles. Archies garden is coming along, poor little chap being scared by a little frog, hope his tree is along way from the water. F1 on tomorrow so you must plan your walks and ship spotting carefully, also tennis which should be fun chasing all those yellow balls, get some nibbles in and enjoy. xxxxxx