Thursday, 28 July 2016

Another Ship Spotting Day!

Hello you Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret here!

You will be pleased to know that Old Two Legs has stopped sobbing and has told us that if any of us woofers, including the ferrets are going to be ill, then we are on our own!

We don't believe him especially as we have got to take Miss April in to see the vets in a week or so to get some more medicine!

I can't see him telling April she has to use her own money!

We got down to the Sea Wall and found that the tide was right in, so, I was heading towards the water while Holly sat on top of the Sea Wall mumbling under her whiskers that I was as Potty as a Ferret!

She is so embarrassing sometimes!
 Miss May was having a great time singing her ears off while having a Sand Bath!

As Potty as a Ferret?
 I spotted a Sea Going Tug heading up the Medway, so I can give the book another tick!

All the way from Gravesend!
While we were having a sniff in the sea weed OTL saw another of those 'Floating Bricks' bringing more cars into Sheerness.

A ship full of Brrrmm Brrrmm!
Back home OTL had his Poo Shovelling jobs to do. You know it is amazing just how much poo those ferrets produce in a day!

It certainly beats us woofers!

Mind you, when they get the run of the house the first thing they do is to find our dog biscuits which we call Brambles Biscuits 'cos Brambles loved them!

Well first of all they chomped on a few of the biscuits then they will snatch a few and store them in their 'Hiddy Holes' all over the house. You know, all of our ferrets seem to prefer the Brambles Biscuits over the best Ferret Biscuit!

As soon as they got out of the cages they were dashing about all over the place with mouthful fulls of purloined biscuits!

Of course a ferret has a fast digestion, so withing a couple of hours, what goes in has to come out and being a ferret, they like to go in the same place, so OTL knows just where to go to find The Pile!

Us woofers just need a bit of long grass and an OTL standing there with a Poo Bag!

Not sure what is for dinner tonight but we reckon OTL will share it with us!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret.


  1. Afternoon little maties down by the seaside. Now I can't see OTL making you pay your own vets bills, I reckon he's just feeling a tad sorry for himself after being mugged yesterday. If he is serious then you need to put your rates up for guarding and all the other duties you perform. Glad you managed a morning dip, poor Holly chops, I can just imagine her sitting on the wall mumbling away to herself. Miss May certainly knows how to enjoy a good sniff. I've managed to have a few rolls in some sniffy sniffs today. I met up with Boris the bounce again this morning, he stops bouncing when my mum picks me up and lets him have a good sniff of me, then I can get down and have a good sniff back, his dad calls me a mini me, you see apart from the fact that Boris is a giant, he looks exactly the same as me. When I was in the sweet shop having a good sniff around, my next door neighbour dragged her TL in so we walked home together. Thank goodness it hasn't been so hot here today, it's been sunny but not baking. Hope you get some good muggings from OTL tonight. Watch out that he doesn't give you short rations. Good to see that you're still finding boats to cross off your list. Have a lovely evening all. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. Well we came to your beach and were most disappointed to find the sea had gone and you nowhere to be seen. Daisy Girl kept looking out at every woof but a great assortment of woofers but no Daisy or Holly and not a ferret in sight so we finished up in the Coop buying an ice cream. Granddad told her that when she visits at the end of August maybe we can see you, if your minders are not busy. We saw a big ship on the horizon too far away to see what it was a nod there were lots of little TL's looking for crabs and monsters. Lunch in the Fenn Bell Inn was good but a distinct lack of wildlife because as yet the zoo has not long had its planning permission. Great discussion on poo today, your Diary is always so informative on such things. I wonder if you are all to be given pocket money so you can save up for such things as food, if you and Holly shared the purchase of poo bags then OTL would need to be told not to fritter them away. Enjoy your Friday we have another Daisy Girl Day, she has built a Lego Motorhome towing a boat on a trailer, it took her and Granddad a few hours to build, it has a solar panel that stores on the roof together with a couple of trees. It seems a useful idea to carry trees with you, perhaps you could have a couple of trees fixed on the caravan roof, you never know when a good tree will come in useful! We had to explain what a solar panel does and when she next visits us whilst in our van we can take her to see solar panels in use. xxxxxx