Saturday, 30 July 2016


Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret here!

What a day!

We haven't been able to take Old Two Legs out for a really good rampage along the beach, we got visitors!

That means we have to be good girls, no mugging and no woofing at the local cats!


Still, we got our morning run and managed to stay out of the showers!

Chance of occasional showers!
We were not allowed to go in the water, well I wasn't and Holly wouldn't!

There were a couple of Bozo Woofers who did go in and all we could do was watch!

That looks fun...........Nah, that looks awful!
Now, enough about us being all negative about our boring day, how about some really good news?

Remember we told you about Rufus the ferret that was handed into the Harrietsham Ferret Rescue who had a big swelling around his tummy and how the money donated by the Allhallows Croppers was going to be used to finance his vet bills?

Well, this is him when he was handed in.

Rufus with The Lump!
 The vet did the operation and after a while it was pronounced as a success and he was allowed back to recover at the Rescue Centre.

There is was........Gone!
We can now report that Rufus has fully recovered and is now a happy little ferret and enjoying life to the full!

Ferrets are very sociable animals and what a ferret needs is another ferret to cuddle up to when they go to sleep.

Roy and Chris at the Harrietsham Ferret Rescue will now be 'Introducing' him to other ferrets they have to see if he finds a friend to share a cage with!

At the moment he is all over Roy and keeps kissing him!

He really needs another ferret to kiss!

So, the fun and games start!

I'll let you know how he gets on over the next weeks and who he ends up cuddling and Rufus sends a Whopping  Big Thank You and a Great Big Kiss to all you lovely ladies at the Allhallows Croppers!

Our Little Miss April has not been so lively over the last few days and has spent more time being carried in the ferret bag than walking with us. OTL says it is because of her heart condition and has had a word with the vet when we went down there to get stabbed!

The vet says that he will give her a check over when OTL goes down to get a new prescription for her and her medication is now getting low.

So, claws crossed!

Well, that is all for today, it been a boring and good news day and it didn't rain on us!

Tomorrow The Missus is off to the village hall for one of her master classes and we think we may get to meet a 'Little Woofer' if we are lucky!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret.


  1. Good news about Rufus!! I'm so very sorry to hear about Miss April, prayers for her

  2. Good news about Rufus!! I'm so very sorry to hear about Miss April, prayers for her

  3. Evening little bored maties down by the seaside. Now you didn't mention anything about your visitors or if they gave you any titbits. Glad you managed to get your walk in this morning but sorry you didn't get to have your dip in the sea. Love the picture of you and Holly looking at the bozo woofers. It was nice to see a picture of Rufus, that lump looked very nasty but we're all so pleased here to see the after picture showing him as he should be. We're very pleased that he has fully recovered and is now hopefully going to find a little friend to cuddle up to. Sorry to hear that Miss April is not feeling so good, we do hope that when she goes down to the vet he can do something to help her feel better, we all have our paws crossed here for her. I went down the shop this morning and had a cuddle with Brenda. My mum bought some plants to put in the garden, now she knows I don't like things being planted so she made sure she only got plants to grow in the pots. She bought some sunflowers and some nice white flowers called Chinese bells. I have to say the leaves on the sunflowers are very tasty. I've been in quite a bit of bother for nibbling the leaves but I don't know why she's moaning cos so far I haven't bitten the heads of the flowers............ you just can't please some people. Barbara from next door came round to look at the pots, she told mum to put some small gravel round the bottom of the plants to stop the slugs from eating the leaves, my mum told her that gravel doesn't stop giant furry white slugs! Wot a thing to say! Hope you did get some treats from your visitors today. Have a lovely evening all and happy muggings. Tell Miss April we are all thinking of her and keep her tail up. Looking forwards to hearing your adventures tomorrow. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little (giant white furry slug) Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx

  4. So it was secret visitors today you never told us who they were only that you were to be seen and not heard like Victorian children. Sounds very intriguing, will we ever know? Our Daisy has gone home now, her dad collected her this afternoon but we will see them Wednesday because Ian is on holiday next week. That is good news on Rufus, that was some swelling he had and what a wonderful job the vet did, you see they are nice people really. I was sad to hear that Miss April is not doing so well and hope that the heat hasn't harmed her, paws crossed that she will get back to her old self. xxxxxx

  5. Archie: What a thing to say, you are not a big or little white slug.