Monday, 4 July 2016

A New Woofer!

Hello my merry Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Mr Freddy de Ferret back again!

Now, first of all, sit up straight and listen!

We have a new Woofer to say hello to!

May I introduce little Miss Bella, the latest addition to the Hamish & Izzy family!

Miss Bella!
Wot a little darling!

We look forward to meeting her if she comes down this end of the world or maybe we will meet when we go North later this year!

Holly was playing 'Hard to Get' when she saw Bert on the Sea Wall. Poor lad was all excited and looking forward to rubbing noses but Holly stayed on the beach and wiggled her tail at him!

I'll wind him up today!
We saw a ship sailing by but couldn't properly identify it, Old Two Legs said it looked like a Sea Going Tug but couldn't be 100% sure! Maybe next time we'll get a better view!

A possible Sea Tug.
In the afternoon we saw a big container ship heading up the Thames, big but not the biggest we have seen!

Heading up the Thames to Tilbury Container Docks.
One of the best things was the tide, it was right in and just calling out for a swim!

You just can't beat a cooling swim!
I was straight in and splashing about chasing twigs that OTL had found on the beach!

Holly decided to keep out and although they were warm both ferrets said they prefer a shady spot under the Sea Kale Plant!

This afternoon OTL headed off to see the Accountant to take a load of paper for him to sort out, something called VAT!

We decided to stay at home but we wished we hadn't 'cos OTL stopped off at the Doggy Shop!

He loaded up with 'Pet Disinfectant' and Doggy Biscuits and Chicken Strips, for the ferrets.

Then he got a whacking big bed that is big enough for both Holly and me to lay down in, at the same time!

So now it looks like we are banned to the back seat with the ferrets!

Mind you, we will be able to transfer it to the Big Car when we go on holiday!

Now we are off to see if we can mug OTL for some of his Bambi Burgers!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Mr Freddy de Ferret.


  1. Evening little maties wot spot boats down by the seaside. Well wot lovely news, Izzy and Hamish are very lucky to get a new woofer, she looks very pretty. You're really getting a lot of ticks on your boat list. Now my mum says that VAT is short for vodka and tonic and that when you visit accountants you definitely need a strong drink afterwards. That Holly chops is a right tart. I'm pleased to hear about this new bed for the back of the car, sounds like a nice cosy ride now. Hope OTL shared his bambi burger with you and that you also got to do quality control on all the treats he bought today. Good to see you enjoying your swim even if the others stayed in the dry. Have a lovely evening all. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. How pretty is that new woofer, so beautiful, Hamish and Izzy are very lucky indeed. Nice warm high tide, just the job and, just right for big boats, you continue to tick you're list. That big bed is just right and it sounds as though little Archie will fit in when he visits but your neighbours dog will have to walk! I hope OTL took his vodka and tonic home to drink after his shopping spree and I hope they were your favourite snacks that came back with him. I expect tomorrow we will get a full report of the big bed including colour, softness, coolness, cosyness and fit, marks out of ten. xxxxxx

  3. Hi Daisy, Holly, Miss April, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Mr Freddy de Ferret, OTL and Mrs TM. Well what a busy few days we've had getting to know our new little friend, Miss Bella.
    Well she is a little live wire and I have given her the new name "Bouncing Bella" because she keeps bouncing over to me. Mum calls me a whimp because I keep hiding under the kitchen cupboards or jumping up on the sofa where she can't reach me. Then she has the nerve to bark at me because she can't jump up. At least she sleeps through the night in her big cage. Hamish seems to get on with her although he doesn't like her bouncing either. One good thing about having Bella is that she gets fed lots of tasty things like chicken, and minced beef and mum always does a little bowl for Hamish and I too. I've also discovered that I like cottage cheese. She has this because it has Calcium in it for her bones. We have had a good run around the garden playing with her today and on Thursday she will be able to go on her first walk. I think she may be less bouncy once we start walking her little legs off.
    And now back to you. What a lot of new boats you've seen. That container ship looks very, very big. The sea looked very inviting for a swim and you are very good at fetching sticks. I hope OTL survived his visit to the accountant and that his wallet is not too empty now. Your new big bed for the new car sounds very comfy, especially for your drive up to Yorkshire for your holiday. We haven't been out in Dad's new car yet but hopefully we'll get out for a drive soon.
    Must go now as it is bed time. love, licks, wags and bouncing sniffs from izzy, Hamish and little Bouncing Bella. xx xx xx xx