Sunday, 3 July 2016

Home Alone Again!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Mr Freddy de Ferret here!

Today should have been a lazy day, weeing, pooing and snoozing with a slight pause for some nibbles!

Instead what did we get?

It started off with Miss May getting lost, well, she was nowhere to be seen this morning after getting out of the cage for breakfast. It wasn't until Old Two Legs heard some noise coming from the office rubbish bin!

Loads a Stuff in Here!
Of course it was a game trying to get May out of the bin! Once she was extracted and dug out of the plastic bags she was all for going back in again!

Come on! I want to get back in again!
 By the time she had finished she was ready for the final treat, a Slurp of Ferretone!

Come on, get the bottle out!
 OTL left the bottle next to the post weighing machine and by the time she had finished, the cap was bone dry!

This is the best treat!
We headed off to the beach and I spotted the best ship this week!

It's a Cruse Liner!

If you look carefully on the bows you can see 'The World', dunno if it's called that though!

The World heading up The Thames!
We got back and after cleaning the ferret cages both OTL and The Missus said 'Bye Bye' and flew out the door!

 We sat up at the window for a bit but they didn't come back. I went off to snooze on OTL's trousers he had left on the bed. Holly stayed looking out the window for half an hour before joining me on the bed!

Waiting for my Two Legs to come back!
 Auntie Sheila came over to let us out in the garden for a wee but it wasn't really the same as being down the beach!

It seems that TM and OTL were off to see young Dawn christened, do you know that TM is a 'Great Grandmother' and OTL is a 'Great Grandfather' but by marriage only!

Come on Great Grandfather get the font ready, I want a paddle!
It wasn't too long before they arrived back home and Holly and I went a little potty as they came through the door!

OTL gathered up the ferrets and we were straight out for a walk along the beach!

It was all thirsty work but very enjoyable!

I really need this!
 In the new car we are banned to the back seat, which is folded flat! OTL says that he will get a Woofer Bed to make the ride a little softer. Let's face it, anything is softer than a Doggy Towel!

A New Car, you'd have thought he would have got a proper bed for us!
 Well, that's it for now, we are off to watch the F1 race that TM recorded today.

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Mr Freddy de Ferret.


  1. Evening little neglected home alone maties. How come you and Holly chops didn't get invited to the christening? My mum says they have scoff at christenings. Wow that was a big boat you saw today, did they all wave at you? I think word is getting around now that there are celebrities living near the seaside and they are getting boats to bring tourists along so that they can see you all. Lovely photos today, poor Holly looks a bit sad at the window waiting for Mrs TM and OTL to come home. I don't blame you for going for a snooze Daisy, smart thinking to leave the guarding to Holly. Well I've had fun in the garden today, in between being locked in while my mum cut the grass and put up some screening. My mum has used a sink pedestal for the frogs to have a nice tunnel and hide, she's going to do things to it to make it weather and get moss and stuff to grow on it, I thought perhaps she could have a word with Mrs TM and put some glue and glitter on it. I'm really enjoying my garden and I love my weeing tree. The frogs all seem happy with the pond being moved and the plants in it. We spotted 3 newts last night. The garden man is coming tomorrow to do some more jobs for my mum, he's going to fix the conservatory roof so that it doesn't leak when it rains and he's going to clean all the gutters on the house and conservatory, my mum said I should be very careful to look up when I go out just in case there's some stuff coming down. My boy is going to be looking after me tomorrow for most of the day cos my mum is working in the morning then going back late afternoon, I suppose it will save me from being home alone. Hope you got some decent scoff. You've got a lot of room in the back of that new car but a nice cosy bed will make it a softer ride. Have a lovely evening all and happy muggings. Love, lick, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. So now as I predicted you have cruise liners passing by savouring the delights of seeing you, Holly and the little furies, did they have their binoculars out? Today we saw a lifeboat at Queenborough, they had a demonstration but as we walked down the long pontoon it was called to a stricken yacht and went. About an hour later it came back towing the yacht, moored it, called by for four lifeboat men in an inflatable lifeboat and WENT. We saw some rescues, a man in the full wet suit jumped in, floated and the inflatable lifeboat circled around and rescued him. When he came ashore he said his wet suit had developed a hole and he was wet through! Fancy Miss May discovering the bin and preferring it to her usual play things, a nice long slurp put her back on the straight and narrow. Beautiful baby but if you had gone nobody would have noticed her, they would have ooh and arrd at you. You did your job well though, I hope they bought back a doggie bag for you two. How many boats do you have left on your list, we shall have to wait. Have a good washday Monday, Andy Murray playing tomorrow so that will keep the great grandmother busy, have a nice day. xxxxxx